12 Ways To Have A No Gain Holiday

DSC_0021Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day when we all take time to reflect on our many blessings. It is also a day when a boat load of food in consumed. I know this is a blog that is fashion focused, but if we don’t watch what we eat, we won’t be able to fit in those fashions. Lol!DSC_0028Okay, we’ll focus on the fashion part for a minute, then we are going back to the food. Did you notice I went to the hairdresser today? I never look quite the same when she does my hair, and it is always a little darker for a couple washings. I have on a dress that I got at a yard sale, down in Atlanta, for $5.00. It has a weathered texture, and what I am calling a tribal print. The label reads Nicola.  The neckline is a little large, so I am wearing a chambray shirt from Old Navy.DSC_0024I am wearing it over some heather brown tights. They were my fourth, (I think), pair I tried on. Let’s see, I tried a cream, brown, and a medium gray pair of leggings. But, I finally decided on the tights, even though they were thinner than the leggings. The suede boots are Clark’s, and they have a flat heel. They are VERY comfortable. The purse is vintage crocodile, and I have had it forever. I carry it sparsely, because I prefer larger purses. DSC_0026I bought this Xhilaration vest at TJ Maxx last year, however when I searched online, I could only find these at Target. It is very similar, just a little different color. Okay, now for the food part. I sat down a made a small list of ideas to try to keep me in check when it comes time for Thanksgiving dinner.

  1. Remember Thanksgiving is about Family, not the food.
  2. Thanksgiving only comes once a year, so don’t deprive yourself. But, don’t go overboard.
  3. Remember to drink lots of water. If you are hydrated, you will feel more full.
  4. Eat a small breakfast. Get the metabolism running by having a small breakfast. Plus, you won’t be famished by dinner.
  5. Pick the lower fat items. Green beans, white turkey meat, roasted yams, etc.
  6. Treat yourself to the foods that you only have once or twice a year, just watch the portion size.
  7. Take a small walk.
  8. Say NO to the alcohol.
  9. Don’t go back for seconds, and for sure no thirds.
  10. If you over indulge, remember tomorrow is a brand new day. Start fresh the next day.
  11. Control your stress level.

This next item is from experience. My daughter was born in October 1987. Joe and I had only been married a year, and his mother, father, and sister were all coming to our house for Thanksgiving. Since I had just had a baby, I wanted to try to watch my calorie intake. So I decided to make our Thanksgiving meal entirely from the Southern Living Light cookbooks. It was one of the prettiest meals I have ever made. It was also one of the most bland tasting meals I have ever made. With that in mind,

12.  Don’t do an all low-calorie menu from Southern Living Light.  Hahahaha

Come Friday, I am going to weigh myself. Then, I will take my chest, waist, and hip, measurements. Losing weight would be nice, but the ultimate goal, is to take up less space. So, I will add the measurements together, and try to reduce them. Here is the really scary part…..I am going to post all of the above. Some of you have asked about my size, well you are fixing to find out. The old Ray Stevens song just came to mind, “Don’t look Ethel”.  I really, really, expect you guys to help me along this journey. Don’t let me down!!

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  1. Being in my mid 40’s, I have found some extra weight I want to go away! You have inspired me to drop the extra fluff. Love the blog.

    1. Great Terri! We all need to encourage each other. Be sure to let me know how you are progressing.

  2. I think you look great! Love your blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks, Dani. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Good tips Tania. I am a Lifetime Weight Watcher and I have kept 78 lbs. off for over 40 years. The key is exercise along with diet. I am going to eat the turkey and salad. I finally sat down. My whole meal is prepared so we can go to America’s Thanksgiving Parade in downtown Detroit tomorrow. Tim Allen is grand marshall and the Jersey Boys will be in the parade as well. I think it is televised down there because my sister in Virginia watches it. Happy Thanksgiving and stick to your goal!

    1. That is fantastic, Sharon! I am going to try to start exercising. I was going to two classes on Tuesday and Thursday night’s, but my lower back started hurting. I’ll start slow this time. Hope you have a great time at the parade.

  4. I admire your bravery in sharing! I encourage you in your goal…I’m trying to tone up myself. I like your idea about taking up less space over losing weight. I have found the 50’s to be unforgiving in the losing weight area! But, I feel like I can do the toning thing. Let’s encourage each other!

  5. I love the dress. I have a similar one that I purchased at Stein Mart, last year I think.

    On your other topic, I’m a teacher and our school nurse is leading us on a No Gain Holiday Challenge. Our first weigh-in was the day before Halloween. We weigh in weekly. It’s keeping me on target, that’s for sure!! Good luck with yours! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  6. Angela Ross says:

    Good luck with your goal, I admire your bravery I could never do that, LOL! Have a Happy Thanksgiving