50 Is Not Old | Memorial Day FashionsToday I chose a dress for my Memorial Day fashion statement. It is not often that I wear dresses. I am not sure why; they are quick, easy, and comfortable. There is only “one” item to pick out of the closet, instead of two, and all you have to add is accessories. But for some reason, unless it is church, I choose to wear something else. 50 Is Not Old Memorial Day Fashion 1I bought this little dress a couple weeks ago, right after I came off my 40 day “no clothing” pledge. I saw the dress in the store, but turned my head the other way and walked away. When my pledge was over, I went back to the store to look for a purse for one of my friends, and once again saw the dress. I knew it would be perfect for me, so I decided to go ahead and spend the big bucks, $12.00. Lol!

NAVY SHIFT DRESS: SimilarSimilar | Plus

The dress is by Isaac Mizrahi, and it is really quite plain. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. There is no print, only one color, and no unusual design details (unless you count the lace overlay) in this dress. That is great if you have accessories to “spiff” up the dress. A scarf would be great, a nice printed blazer, or in this case, some cool jewelry.50 Is Not Old Memorial Day Fashion 2

I love this jewelry. It is made by Kay and Star, and you may have seen me wear their items before. Julie reached out to me to see if I would want to work together once again, and since my momma didn’t raise no fool, I said yes. Haha She told me to go to her Etsy shop and see what I would like. The red-white-and blue jewelry jumps right off the page at you. BUT, you won’t believe how nice it is when it comes in the mail. The stones just glisten; they are faceted to catch the light when you move. I like red-white-and blue jewelry, but this is so “rich”, it is hard to explain. My BFF Sandy immediately said, “I want that necklace.” Lol!50 Is Not Old Memorial Day Fashion 3

I wore this to church on Sunday, and I got a ton of compliments. Not only that, but my daughter-in-law came over to the house, and when I showed it to her, she immediately said I want to borrow that. Be on the look out for it to be on her blog today or tomorrow. She REALLY liked the other necklace I picked out (just a teaser of another upcoming post), and I foresee her borrowing that as well. Lol! Little did Julie know that she would get two bloggers for the price of one.50 Is Not Old Memorial Day Fashion 4

Since I was sticking to the Memorial Day theme of red-white-and blue, I went with a white purse and a pair of white Aerosole shoes. I looked back through my posts to see when I last carried this purse, and here is the post. I even have on bracelets in that post too from Kay and Star. The shoes are a recent purchase that I made on my trip to Tennessee. I bought them from TJ Maxx, but they didn’t have a very large supply of styles.

AEROSOLES: Same | Similar (on sale)

WHITE TOTE: Similar | Not even close, but I LOVE this purse50 Is Not Old Memorial Day Fashion 5

Be sure to look over Kay & Star’s shop on Etsy. If you choose the red-white-and blue items, you will be all set for the 4th of July. But these are so nice, you will find yourself wearing them all the time. The price point is soooo reasonable. All three of these bracelets are only $27.00. I have no idea how they manage to sell them so reasonably. BTW, these sweet ladies are going to supplying the next anniversary giveaway. Just another reason to check the out. Kay & Star

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  1. I have that dress in four colors,but I bought them on QVC. What store did you buy it at?

    1. I bought it at a local overstock store in town. It is called The Overstock Store. They have a Facebook page but not a website.

  2. I have this dress and love it , bought mine online from QVC , so spent more, but it’s worth it..Texture is one of the key elements of interest and this dress definitely exemplifies that. A great dress for the holiday…

  3. I would love to order the necklace that you are wearing, but when I go to the description of them it is difficult for me to figure out what it is actually called. Thanks. I love, love, love your blog!! Your outfits always knock it out of the park!!! I am however incredibly jealous of that darn QVC outlet store you get to shop at!!

  4. TTe ves espléndida con ese vestido!! el azul es tu color!! realza tu pelo, tus ojos, y te hace ver fresca y sofisticada a la vez

  5. I’ve just recently started following your blog. Thank you for posting where you purchased many of your clothes and I especially loved this past weekend when you posted good sales going on right now! I’m always looking for a bargain and love to dress well for less. Since I’m new to the blog, do you have any other posts that talk about how/where to find the best deals on the clothes you buy?

    1. I am always looking for a good bargain, and luckily I have three stores in town that carries QVC returned and overstocked items. All the clothing is $12.00 and the shoes are $25.00. You can buy a whole closet of clothing, for not very much money. And, I shop a lot at Cato, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, and Ross.

  6. Violet (Beth) says:

    Well, if you can get away with “no clothing” for 40 days, go for it. To each her own.

  7. I have a similar dress…green but boat neck and sleeveless. I plan to style it just like this for Wednesday’s Installation of officers for James River JWC. You are an inspiration! Thanks!

    1. Joy,you are always such a hoot. I think every couple of days about your’s and Fran’s singing at Convention. It was great!!!

  8. You look fabulous, I love your hair, I’ve got to try doing that with mine! You are looking tan, is that a sunless tanner? Just ordered the patriotic bracelets from the Etsy shop, can’t wait to get them!!

  9. What is your friends name if I want to order Plunder jewelry

    1. Go to Bertha Street, and shop her site. I actually have an open party going. So when you shop her site, go to the checkout and you will see a small box, mixed in with all the info you have to fill out, that say pick a party. My party will show up if you click that link. Thanks for asking.?

  10. What a beautiful blog! I am particularly taken by your choice of necklaces. They are perfect every time. Do you have any advice about what you look for when you buy one? (Maybe you can do a post with dos and don’ts.) I have a wide neck so have NEVER worn necklaces but recently bought four nicer ones at an estate sale. They are a longer length so look good. Thanks for all your hard work!!

  11. LOVE your hair that way! The dress is so pretty with the red, white,and blue jewelry. You made this look very classy!

  12. This outfit is totally cute for today! I visited the QVC outlet store in Lancaster and Malvern last week and so wish we lived closer. Such deals! Now I just need to find room in the closet for the additions. I am envious you can visit so often.

    That lace Isaac Mizrahi dress is just what I need for the summer and was able to buy it in white. I’ve not purchased his line before so will err on the larger end of the size range. I hope to style it similar to your photos.

    I checked out the tote mentioned that is more expensive and you’re right. Macy’s is running a sale and your link took me right to it. Looks like a shopping day!

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day. May we all remember the reason for this important holiday and have thanks in our heat for all who fought for our freedom.

    1. Audrey, I tend to size up when I am ordering online too. But I normally will choose a large for me, however this blue dress is a medium. You might want to order your normal size, and probably not any larger. I had plenty of room in this dress.

      1. The Isaac white lace dress came and fits perfectly in a large. For me, I needed that extra comfort zone so it wasn’t clingy. I found the sleeves a bit close to my saggy arms (ha,ha) so will find a scarf of something to help cover. I definitely recommend the dress to anyone interested. May be too warm for a hot, humid day but love how it can be dressed up or down.

        1. I’m glad you like the dress. I got a ton of compliments on it the day I wore it.

  13. I have this dress! Got it last year. Same color! I just wore it to a graduation Friday evening. I always get a ton of compliments on it?

    1. It fits so nice, and looks great on. Kayla, my daughter-in-love (I just love that new term) bought the same dress in a bright green (of course in an XS). It looks fabulous on her.

  14. Susan Smith says:

    Where did you buy the dress? I want one!

    1. Susan, I bought the dress from an outlet in town that purchases OVC overstock items. They sell ALL clothing and coats for 12.00. Shoes are 25.00, no matter the brand or material. I have purchased fabulous leather and suede shoes there for years.

      1. Susan Smith says:

        Tania, thanks for the info. on the dress. I sure wish we had a store like this near where I live [Winter Springs Fl.] I sure wish I knew where to buy this dress. I love it! You look so cute all the time. I love your blog.

  15. This is my kind of dress! Great price too. I have always liked your hair but you are doing something a little different; I like it even more this way Keep up your great work! Your blog is addicting! (Only in a good way?)

  16. Love your dress and your hair looks great! I llive close to any kind of shopping that you could want but I have never seen bargains like you find ?

  17. I like the dress and you look adorable. Enjoy your holiday.

  18. I have the same dress–not at your bargain price, though! It’s so comfortable. Let’s all remember those who served today!

  19. vanityandmeblog says:

    Beautiful dress, a lovely colour, and gorgeous accessories x

  20. Sue Robertson says:

    Your dress is lovely!

  21. Loovvee that dress and necklace, you look great! And looks like you’ve got a beachy curl to your hair, beautiful!

    1. I tried to do the beach curl. it was a little sloppy because I was running late for church. Lol!

  22. You look stunning in these dress – you should definitely wear them more often 😉 And I love your bag (again)
    And one big OMG – Kayla is your daughter-in-love? How come I missed that? :O I have her blog in my favorites since your Wednesday Link-Up Post 🙂
    Have a nice day!

    1. Yes, Kayla is my daughter-in-love (I LOVE that term, thanks). She is simply gorgeous, and just as sweet as they come.