50 IS NOT OLD | LONG CARDIGAN AND BOOTCUT JEANS | FASHION OVER 40 Fall clothing makes me happy. Just look at the smile on my face! In fact, Fall, in general, makes me happy. I love the crisp mornings and afternoons, and I love it when the mountains turn the gorgeous shades of yellow, orange, and red. I live deep in the mountains of Virginia, and the road snakes through the mountains for miles and miles. As soon as you go around a curve, you see another mountain in front of you. The view of the leaves is incredible when they are fully turned.
50 IS NOT OLD | LONG CARDIGAN AND BOOTCUT JEANS | FASHION OVER 40 There are years when the leaves strut their colors, and then there are years when then are blah. I read those warm sunny days with cool but not freezing nights, is what brings out the brighter colors. However, early frosts and dry soils can mute the colorful displays. We haven’t had any frosts so far this year, but until yesterday, it has been horribly dry. The leaves are still very lack-luster this year, but I have my fingers crossed that they will surprise me later. Those of you who live in the northern states like Vermont and Maine, let us know if the leaves have started to show their beautiful Fall shades.
50 IS NOT OLD | LONG CARDIGAN AND BOOTCUT JEANS | FASHION OVER 40 I liked this leopard print cardigan. It is what they call an eyelash style cardigan, which means that it is fuzzy. I ordered this when Nordstrom had their anniversary sale back in July. It was sooo hot then, but I am glad that I ordered when it was on sale. I love the casual look of the cardigan with a black camisole and jeans. It looks “put together” and causal at the same time. I am wearing a size medium, but I could have sized up so that it would be easier to layer under the cardigan. Think about how you intend to wear the cardigan before you order.

50 IS NOT OLD | LONG CARDIGAN AND BOOTCUT JEANS | FASHION OVER 40 You can’t see in this photo, but I am wearing the Bennett earrings. These earrings match the Cooper necklace that I have on today. Both of these items have the mustard feather, and this is a duo that you will see me wearing a lot this fall. My bracelets are the Kellyjean, (small leather) and the Rochelle, (leopard cuff), but the gold one is no longer available.
50 IS NOT OLD | LONG CARDIGAN AND BOOTCUT JEANS | FASHION OVER 40 Bootcut jeans are a favorite in the Fall and Winter months. I can easily wear boots under the jeans without the extra bulk. These jeans are by Kut From The Kloth, and I bought these at the Nordstrom sale also. I hope you gurls took advantage of the sale when it was running. If you didn’t take advantage of that sale, then make sure that you grab a few specials the next time they have a huge sale. Here is the link for Petite and Regular, and here is the link for Plus size.

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  1. Those jeans makes your legs look so much longer!

    Posted 10.9.19 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Nancy, I think the bootcut jean does help your legs to look longer.

      Posted 10.9.19 Reply
    • Debra wrote:

      I too love all things “Fall”! Cute outfit!!

      Posted 10.9.19 Reply
  2. carolyn H wrote:

    Great outfit! I have relatives near Fancy Gap, Virginia!

    Posted 10.9.19 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Carolyn, Fancy Gap is not too far off from where I live!

      Posted 10.9.19 Reply
      • Carolyn H wrote:

        Small world! My aunt and uncle are very involved in their church… wonderful Christian folks. Their mailing address is Hillsville, but they’re about 10 miles from there. Last name is Betts…

        Posted 10.9.19 Reply
  3. Janet wrote:

    I like every piece of this outfit!

    We get beautiful fall foliage in Ontario, Canada too, but as you said, it depends on the weather conditions how vibrant they will be. This coming weekend they should be close to their peak as it is usually around this Thanksgiving weekend.

    Posted 10.9.19 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I bet it is gorgeous where you live. My daughter was so disappointed when she moved to Alaska because they don’t get the fall foliage look. It goes from Summer to Winter there, with no beautiful displays from the leaves.

      Posted 10.9.19 Reply
  4. iamcoachkathy wrote:

    This is one of my favorites!!! Thanks! LOVE it!

    Posted 10.9.19 Reply
  5. Christine Irvine wrote:

    Beautiful foliage here in New Hampshire!
    The warmer days and cold nights have been good for our foliage season.


    Posted 10.9.19 Reply
    • Cathy wrote:

      Yes. I agree. Just returned from quick Fall trip to see my grown sons in New Hampshire (sea coast and White Mountains) and the multi-colored leaves were gorgeous.

      Posted 10.12.19 Reply
  6. Linda Lennon wrote:

    I miss the east coast foliage! Now that I am in the desert on the west coast I admire the mountains every day. Soon snow will be falling and capping the tops so while we’re warm and toasty down below, storm clouds blanket above. God knew what he was doing when he created this country!

    Posted 10.9.19 Reply
  7. Charlcy Green wrote:

    I love your outfit & am thinking I MUST go shopping. I haven’t bought any fall clothes & all my booties are outdated. I love Kut from the Kloth jeans too but you have to find them on sale! Another great brand I love is Lucky jeans. Such a cute necklace & earrings! Living in New Mexico we don’t get those beautiful oranges & reds that you do & I envy you. However, our mountains that are an hr. to the W. of here do get beautiful gold & an occassional russet foliage that I love to go see. Its certainly been chilly here the past few days!

    Posted 10.9.19 Reply
  8. Sue E. wrote:

    Great look today and perfect for Fall! I’m in NE Ohio and no color change here yet. We recently had a 35 degree temperature drop in 24 hours, so hoping!!

    Posted 10.9.19 Reply
  9. Nilda wrote:

    so i am 5′ and 143 lbs. need a styles that make me look slender and taller lol. can you give me some ideas please

    Posted 10.9.19 Reply
  10. evegpt wrote:

    Dig you don’t have a popcorn tree then you don’t get too many trees that turn here on MS Gulf Coast. Green is all we get and then the leaves fall. I traveled north a few times and I love the beautiful colors in person.
    This is a great look. I don’t own a leopard cardigan but I think this fuzzy one would fit my way of thinking to a T. Soft and comfortable and no need to iron. Perfect. I like leopard the best. Just can’t get into the other animal prints.

    Posted 10.9.19 Reply
  11. Melissa Parker wrote:

    LOVE it! I am happy to see it with boot cut jeans as I tend to always migrate to skinny jeans with this type of sweater or cardi. I need to broaden my horizons! I am already shopping for this cardi!!!!

    Posted 10.9.19 Reply
  12. I was just in VA yesterday doing the Va Creeper. Fun time and it certainly is gorgeous, even though the leaves haven’t turned much.

    I absolutely love fall and fall clothes and long cardigans are one of my favorite things.

    Posted 10.10.19 Reply
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