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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old and her husband are hugged up for a photo. She is wearing a bright pink paisley midi dress and gold espadrille sandals Look who is joining me on the blog today! It is rare for Joe to let me take a photo with him, and even rarer for him to be the one that says, “let’s take a picture together.” He drove up while I was out on the porch taking photos, so he decided to walk over and join me. I love spontaneous photos, but he always gets on my “good side,” and I don’t take a good picture when he does that. Lol! Then, when I made him let me stand in front of me, he started giving me the Heimlich maneuver, which had me cracking up.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright pink paisley midi dress and gold espadrille sandals I have a question for all of you. Many of you know that I have a birthday coming up next week. It is one of those BIG birthday’s. ? I am turning the big 6-0 come next Thursday!!! How is that possible? I get a lot of people asking me if I am going to change the name of my blog when I hit 60, but I usually tell them, “No. Now, 50 is really not old since I am 60.” But, I do own a couple of other domain names such as taniastephens.com and stylishatanyage.com. I can make it where you still go to my website, no matter if you type in 50 is not old or if you type in one of the other names. I am also looking at doing a website renovation, so why not do it all at once? Lol! What do you gurls think? Should I keep my name as it is, or look at changing it? I am 50-50 on the decision right now, and I really hate leaving it up to a coin toss. Hahaha!
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright pink paisley midi dress I have told you before that I get in moods where I wear a particular color or wear a specific style. Right now, I am in a dress kind of mood. I love wearing dresses, and it seems like I am finding the cutest dresses this year that keep calling my name. The bright color was what I was drawn to, and I like the caftan vibe that it is giving off. I am wearing a medium, but this is still very roomy on me. I could probably order a smaller size to make it look slimmer, but I like this look. It reminds me of going on a vacation resort and heading to the spa. Lol!
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing gold espadrille sandals I just had to show you how this dress has two splits up the front of the dress. They are both tasteful, and you won’t be showing too much leg. Lol! Just enough for a glimpse, but be sure to shave those legs just in case. Hahaha!
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright pink paisley midi dress with a side slit and gold espadrille sandals I know that you are getting sick of these shoes, but until you place your order, I am going to keep on linking to them. Lol! Honestly, I do like these shoes because of the color, the style, the fact that they go with so many things, the fact that they are affordable, and the fact that they are comfortable. Come on!!! What else do you want? I am wearing my usual size 9, and they fit me great.

Scoop Pink Midi-Dress  //  Scoop Ella Espadrille Sandals
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright pink paisley midi dress posing with her husband

Did you notice the death grip that he has on my hand? I think that he thought that I might be going to do a little “pay-back” for his Heimlich moves earlier. Lol! I hope you have a great day and don’t forget to comment about the blog name. I know that it sounds weird, but nothing would change too much. If you typed in 50 Is Not Old, you would still go to the blog, no matter if the name was changed or not.

ALSO, if you are on Facebook, PLEASE share my posts. You would not believe the difference that makes in getting people to my website. And, keep pinning my photos on Pinterest, because other than FaceBook, Pinterest is the next biggest referrer to my blog! I appreciate all of you who help me out!!!

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Psalm 139:4

Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely.

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  1. I think you should keep the 50. If you move to 60 you will lose the 40 somethings. Staying 50 you can pick up the 40’s through the 60’s. Just my opinion.

  2. Meg Ishikawa says:

    I just “found you.” Love how you have Psalm 139:4 posted here and not the other verses that most women “run to.” Jen Wilkin has a great teaching on PSALM 139 – it is a Psalm about the Lord and not us. It seems like you “get “ this. Thankful. Hey, just remember my “over 60” life verse:” Though the outer man is decaying, the inner man is being renewed day by day.” 2 Cor. 4:16

  3. NAncy Fitzgerald says:

    Love the pictures of you and you husband! What a happy couple! I like the name “Stylish At Any Age” which would encompass your new age group. I enjoy all your blogs even though I am “a petite plus gal and a little over 70”!! Being vertically challenged and plus size is difficult when looking at fashions for my age group even though I could pass for a lower age group!
    Happy Birthday!!🎉🎉

  4. Keep the name. It’s your brand, and you worked hard to build it. It’s your business, which means YOU choose who runs it. I haven’t stopped buying Elizabeth Arden (it’s now run by Revlon), I occasionally tune in to MTV (even though there isn’t much music), and I still check out Forever21 (I haven’t been 21 in decades). Haters gonna hate. Your loyal readers will support you. You inspire millions of women to remember our value, and to know that beauty and self-care have no age limit. Enjoy your birthday and keep up the great work!

  5. Keep the name as that way you will attract women that are in their late forties to those that are older than 50. I think you will find changing the name will limit the age of women that view your site to those that are over 50 and older. I myself am 58, but I have been following your blogs for a while. Just a suggestion.

  6. I like Stylish at any Age! I am 67 and, while I still feel 50ish (even 40ish), having 50 in the name made me think the clothes would be too “young.” Although I love your style!

  7. I like “Stylish At Any Age”. I think the name is more encompassing than “50 Is Not Old”.
    I turned “60” in March, so welcome to the “60’s! Born in the ‘60’s and now we’re 60!

  8. Pam Brigmond says:

    Since you look GREAT at 60, I suggest 60isnotold. All of us will still follow regardless of the name you choose, but newcomers will be intrigued by the title and definitely inspired as they follow !

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I agree with others….50+ Is Not Old

  10. Love your blog and this dress. Please let us know details. I WANT IT!!!
    Since you will be 60, maybe Stylish at any Age might work better. Either way, keep doing what you are doing!

  11. Patty Neal says:

    If you think in the long run you will get more readers with styleatanyage go with that. Sometimes it just comes down to a business decision over the emotional attachment. You’ll do good whichever way you go and we will follow you.

  12. Sara Nance says:

    Love your posts – I really like stylish at any age kind of says it all for me and doesn’t limit it to a certain age group

  13. When I turned 60, I had a blog with the title “Traveling on Fumes”. LOL Yet here I am at 77 and still care how I look. Guess I had more gas than I thought,
    You look so good in any color but pink does look particular good on you. I like this dress because it looks so comfy. Joe looks like an alpha male. I have one f those.

  14. You and Joe look sooo happy & the shoes are always fabulous! Always look forward to opening your email & love love your Sunday posts ? Nancy’s idea 50, 60 with slash through 50 says it all!! Stays true to your self and yet you’re rolling with the changes! An early Happy Birthday from a fellow 60 something ?

  15. Hi Tania! I haven’t been following you too long……so I really thought you were 50ish. (Ha! Guess you are for a few more days!) I really do like your fashion sense. I’m 61 and nice to know us girls can still look fabulous! You talk about Joe, so It was nice to see him. (You do make a cute pair!) I think Stylish At Any Age would be a great name. We unfortunately are not in our 50’s any longer (don’t feel my age!), but a girl always wants to look good. Happy Birthday early!! You have a wonderful blog. Thank you!

  16. Keep the name! I would have NEVER guessed you to be 60 soon. You and Joe are simply adorable! very handsome couple. You are an inspiration and truly stylish whatever your age is! Happy Early Birthday!

  17. Beautiful couple! I think you should stick with what you have. There’s value in a name and you worked for it. It’s like “branding”. I would think more people search for “over 50 styles” than 60, 70, etc. You can put a subheading under your logo “stylish at any age”. It really isn’t about the #, it’s about the look. You look great Tania. I turned 60 in January and I’m enjoying this new decade, unique start that it has with our world health. Life is still good. God has the lead.

  18. Love the name as it is Tania. It’s my go to blog every day so please don’t change xx

  19. Keep the name. I found your blog and I am 70 years old. The name “50is not old” implies the blog is for those looking for fashion ideas for those who are 50 and older. Thank you for your style inspiration that is suitable for people over 50. Your fun personality shines throughout your stories about Joe, Emersyn, and of course clothes. Thank you.

  20. Happy early birthday – you look fabulous! And thanks for sharing the great pics of lovely you and your handsome hubby 🙂

  21. Teri Pool says:

    Great pictures with Joe!

    That’s a hard decision to make about the name. On one hand, you have so much equity in the name, and you certainly don’t look like you’re in that next decade (which I already am). But your style and freshness speaks to people like me who are (a little) older, in that you clearly demonstrate that age is not a factor in looking modern and being ready to take on the world.

    I don’t envy your decision. I would say that after several decades in marketing from which I am now retired, I would suggest a melding of the old name and any new name, if possible. And possibly, without a number attached so that it remains ageless–which you apparently are!

  22. Keep it the same, I am 58 and holding….lol!

  23. You look beautiful as always, but you have a special glow when Joe is in the picture!
    I am 48 years young and enjoy your blog! Change is good, so my vote would be to roll with whatever you feel inspired to do.

  24. Keep the name. I found you last year and I’m 70. The 50isnotold just implies that it is a blog about styles that would interest those who are 50 and older. Thanks for all your style inspiration.

  25. I’ll follow no matter the name, but I like it like it is. Love this dress also.

  26. Was 33 when I got married, my first his second. Couple of months later he threw me a 34th surprise birthday party telling me enjoy it because it was all down hill after you turn 35. It will be 23 years in May and the best 23 years of my life. Don’t change a thing! Happy birthday and remember age is just a way of keeping score

  27. Melesa Garrison says:

    You and Joe are so darn cute! You don’t look 60!
    I like the same name or you could call it, We are not old ;-D

  28. Elizabeth says:

    I’d keep it the same.

  29. kristin greene says:

    Loved seeing Joe join in for the day. Name change decision…. for me I will keep following you no matter the name of the blog. I would vote for updating the blog to the slash 50 going on 60 idea.

  30. Yesterday was my BIG 60. Everyone says its “just a number” while it is “just a number” It’s a BIG number.
    I struggled with it and took the day off from work because I knew it would be tough. My 30 was tough and 60 was a BIG struggle. I don’t feel 60, don’t look 60 (that’s what I’m told) So today is the start of the rest of my journey in life even when it starts with a BIG 6 🙂 Thank You for sharing your journey. I look forward to your antidotes each day and for keeping us laughing at your “real” life.

  31. I like the idea slash 50 going to 60 gracefully. I love your taste in shoes! Could you find deals on comfort shoes? Such as Clarks, Born and so on?

  32. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Leave the website as is. “50 (strike through) 60 is not old”, would work for a name change to celebrate the milestone, but please don’t make other changes.

  33. Keep the name. Love the shoes if only they came in a shorter heel. I love your blog.

  34. The name of your blog is for women visiting it, not for you. It lets people know that if they are struggling with what to wear as they get older, they can turn to your site. It is not so much about a specific age. 50 is a nice median age that many age ranges feel close enough to, to feel relevant. If you change it, you will significantly lose readers as many in their 40s, like me, would feel strange reading a blog that is directed for women over 60.

  35. Enjoy your birthday!?
    Thanks for all your inspiration!?
    God bless!?

  36. Linda McCormick says:

    I like Stylish At Any Age. I look so forward to your email everyday!! Keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you for sharing your faith.

  37. Love the dress and the shoes. You always look great in whatever you style. Nice pictures of you and your hubby. I like your current name domain. I hope you decide to keep it. Whatever you decide, I too will still follow you because you keep things real.

  38. Happy early birthday Tania!! I vote to keep the name. After all, you can easily pass for 50. My next vote would be Stylish at Any Age. Hopefully your more professional blogger friends can help here. You and Joe look great together in these photos! As much as I love those shoes, not sure I can handle a 4″ wedge these days. But at only $21, it sure was tempting! All the best.

  39. On another note, I am liking the idea of midi lengths coming back around. I remember when I was in high school purchasing a midi length dress and skirt. It was an exciting new look in 1977 with espadrilles with tie around the ankle straps. I would look to see some drawstrings skirts (in all lengths) and some midi options. I just saw a drawstring knee length chambray linen look skirt. I love skirts with a T or tank and a cardigan, if needed, for summer. Thanks.

  40. I can’t believe you are going to be 60 – you look amazing – I thought you were my age (51). I like Stylish at Any age and if you are going to do a revamp, go all the way. Loyal followers will find you no matter what. Keep up the great work and it might not be the birthday party you were expecting, but have a great day!

  41. Love the pictures of the two of you. Such a handsome couple. I vote to keep the same name.

  42. I really like the suggestion of slashing the 50 and placing 60 next to it.

  43. Change the 50 to 60. Be proud of your age and the styles you share. You look great and are inspirational to so many. Happy birthday early.

  44. I like the name Stylish at Any Age! It’s not as limiting and more inviting to both The older and younger crowd! My two cents!
    Great pictures of You and Joe! Always a nice memory!

  45. I Would keep the name and update a quote on the header that lets everyone know your 60 now. That way you will still have the new 50+ Audience, Heck I’m 40 and still take your fashion advice, don’t matter what age you are, but if you do up the age I may not have actually found your blog had I not known you cause I would not have been looking at 60+ fashion.

    1. if it ain’t broke don’t fix it LOL – keep the name the same 🙂 Love this dress wonder if it comes in a petite for us shorties –

  46. I say Go for it! I like the name Stylish at any Age. It covers a wider range and age is just a number, right?
    Welcome to your 60’s! I’m in my mid 60’s and have no complaints, I certainly don’t feel my age!

  47. Leave the name the same. I agree that 50 is the new 60 especially because I turned 60 a few years ago?. Love the color of the dress! Great pictures of you and Joe! Have a very happy birthday!!

  48. You look great! I would be proud to use 60 just to show the world what R and F will do for you. Plus good genes? Hi, sweet Joe! On plane to Mn.

  49. Leave the name the same. It is you! 60 is a great year. It is very liberating! Happy Birthday next week. 50 err 60 is not old!

  50. 60 is only a number, so keep it the same! Your dress looks so fun….just like the pic of you and Joe!
    Besides, the new 60 is 50, isn’t it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Pat Ferguson says:

    Love the dress and the fact that the BIG GUY joined you! I knew there was a reason I really like you and your style….. We have the same birthday!! I am a year ahead of you…Tania remember; it is just a number!

  52. I would keep the blog the same..look at how many know you by that name??? ? but if you are to change, I love the 50 with the line through it, 60 idea.
    You absolute glow when you wear pink or blue

  53. Catherine says:

    What a beautiful couple! I am waffling on the name change. I can see advantages both ways so no good advice from me. Either way I will continue to follow my “sister in colour”! Love the vibrant dress!

  54. There is no hurry, but I think you should change the name, I agree that Stylish at Any Age would be work great. As others have said, I like that in your blog you are real and share your faith.

  55. Hi Tania you look amazing and it goes to show you age is just a number it’s a hard one I like your old blog name but I also think it’s nice to shake things up a bit not much help am I ? go with your gut your “gurls” will still love it no matter what it’s called it’s you that make the blog not your age ?

  56. I say keep the name the same. I found you because I was looking for styles for women 50+ on Pinterest. If you changed it, it would be less clear. I enjoy your style – youthful without looking like you’re dressing “young”, if that makes sense!

  57. Keep the name the same. Happy Birthday next week

  58. Great dress and I’m not tired of the sandals. I want a standby that works with most outfits and these do.
    As for the blog name, although I like Stylish at Any Age, I found you originally because it was when I was over 50 that I started looking for others out there to connect with and all I was seeing was 20 year olds I could no longer identify with. Yours was the first one I found when I searched womens fashion over 50. Funny, I think “60” would have felt it wasn’t for me (funny because I am now 60 too and still not sure I identify with that number either!). I think “50” might give you a broader reach.

    1. How about “50+ is not old” , whatever you decide we will follow!!! Love your posts! Happy Birthday to you early ! I love Birthday month so let the celebrating begin!!!! ?

  59. Stylish at any age is good, what about Tania stylish at any age? I am with Cindee, I look at your pictures from this week and I think there’s no way you are 60. I hope I age as well as you, but I am not the far behind, so I better do more than hope!

  60. I say keep the blog the same name. That way you’ll always remember how it came to be.

    1. I actually liked the 2nd photo of you & Joe!
      I don’t think you need to change the name. I’m turning 65 in September and still relate to your style. I started following you because I liked your youthful, fun approach to fashion ?

  61. Hi Tanya, First of all I can’t really believe your going to be 60.. JS.. And if you want to change the name, I also like the idea of doing the 50 slash/60 is not old. I hope you have a Wonderful Day, you look beautiful as ever! I am loving all of these dresses on you!

  62. Y’all are the cutest! I like Stylish at Any Age, that way you can keep blogging into your 70s 🙂
    As long as people get re-directed if they search the 50 is Not Old.

  63. Keep the name! But if you do decide to change it I like Nancy’s suggestion of a slash through the 50 and 60 written next to it. Love the dress!

  64. Keep the name, everyone knows that 60 is the new 50! Just keep doing what you’re doing its working beautifully!

  65. Stephanie J says:

    I would keep the name as is. It doesn’t mean you’re not happy to be 60. It just means you’re stylish and not in your 20s or 30s. Love your blog and the pink caftan is super cute on you!

  66. Connie R. says:

    Change it and own how good you look at 60. We will find you. Great pictures of you and Joe. The bright colors always pop on you. What I like best about your blog is you being so authentic. We know who you are. So many bloggers try to be something they are not. Stay true to your story.

  67. I like Stylish at any age! I would change the blog name and do a big promo. I like To embrace change as we are constantly changing and adapting. 60 is a milestone. I’m 63 so I can safely say I’m not the same person as I was at 50 and my body has changed. I had to adapt to dressing differently. I usually search for fashion over 60 not 50. I love your blog and read it daily since your initial launch so just my two cents worth….Best…Kathy

  68. Ruby Hostetler says:

    I feel eventually You should change the name so why not now? I’m 65 an loving my life . Own your age ! Which I feel you do well and you look great!!

  69. Sandra Nelson says:

    60 is the new 50

  70. margie Lewis says:

    Do not change, you are still 50 just a little older.

  71. I think you should keep the name the same. It is how we all know you, how the world knows you.?. Your blog is my favorite. I love that you keep it real..

    1. Good looking couple! My vote is no change or as Nancy mentioned 50, 60 is not old. With a stripe through the 50.

  72. Judi McCulloch says:

    You are so fab! Keep it the same and keep bringing your looks! Can’t wait to see them and look forward to my new fun styles! And yes I’ll have the shoes this weekend ?

  73. Go for it! Change is good. New decade, new name! How about ABFAB@60? Happy Mother’s Day and very Happy 60TH Birthday ? to you!

    1. Deborah Broughton says:

      Adorable pictures! Can’t decide on the name change, just let us know how to find you!

  74. Hi Tania, don’t change the name of your blog. It works really well, it is very distinctive and is synonymous with you, so why change?
    Happy Birthday for next Thursday xx

    1. Hi,Tania,keep the name the same it works for all of us whatever the age Happy early Birthday hope it’s great and by the way you are as beautiful as you were at 50 age is just a number loved your pictures today you and Joe are such a cute couple.

      1. I turned 60 in February! I am for changing the name; everyone knows 50 is not old, right?? However to be 60 and as stylish and beautiful as you, that is definitely something to flaunt to the whole world!! Newcomers would assume you are in your 50s and it is much more inspiring to know you can be so fashionable and youthful at 60.

  75. Keep the name the same for now. I am thinking about the shoes so keep showing them. Lol!

    1. I like stylish at any age, you would draw some of the younger crowd that you might not have now. 1960 was a good year! I will be 60 in September. Hard to believe. Where did time go.

  76. What brand are your shoes? love them,w would go with alot, neutral!! Love the bright dress… keep the name the same…

  77. Mm, a difficult one. I mean a blog name is your name. It feels strange to change it. On the other hand you’re not on your 50 s then anymore. What about 50, 60 is not old. With a stripe through the 50.

    1. You look great! I like Stylish At Any Age. That covers us all without mentioning a certain age.

      1. Debra Ann says:

        Exactly! Stay true to your story as you enter your new decade. Keeping the old name would be a bit deceptive for new readers who don’t know you.

        1. I like “Stylish At Any Age”! Sounds more positive to me!

      2. Monica Ercanbrack says:

        Just keep it the same since you don’t look 60 lol . I am going to be 62 this year that just doesn’t sound right.
        Happy Birthay Month ???

        1. Wishing you a great Birthday , next week. ??I like 50 isnotold !

        2. Tania,
          Our age is truly a reflection of our life experiences and wisdom. But I know that turning 60 carries a bit of “wait! How did that happen so soon!!!” It happened to me (2 years ago) and I felt a sense of dread when THE day hit. But, the earth didn’t shift, it didn’t rain and my family wholeheartedly celebrated with me and successfully turned that dread into awe and wonder. Embrace the blessing!

          I really like the suggestion of slashing the 50 and placing 60 next to it, giving a backwards “nod” to the 50’s and moving on to the bigger, better 60’s.

          You are a cheerful blessing and I look forward to reading your blog each and every day.

  78. Keep the blog name the same and to get in early…. Happy, Happy Birthday Tania for next week…. xoxo

    1. Jane Ladell says:

      Love your blog and I too am turning 60 on Monday. Happy Birthday!!

      1. Love you Tania!! You inspire me every day!! I love all the stories you share!! Have a wonderful birthday and know that you are loved!! Also keep the blog name!! It’s your gift to show people that aging is big to be feared!!

      2. I so admire you for inspiring us to stay stylish no matter how old we are. It’s so easy to get in a rut (especially when retired) and give up trying after years of dressing for work each day. But it’s also depressing to look frumpy and not care how I look because who’s gonna see me today? I’m 70 now but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. So keep up the good work and do what you want .. I’ll keep on following you!

  79. Keep the blog name the same.

    1. Gwendolyn Coleman says:

      Keep the blog name so people can easily identify what your posts are about. (How to dress when older, not specifically an age). I’d love to find those shoes in a lower heal height! I would have purchased them each time you wore them! I appreciate you & especially the way you share your faith ?.

    2. Beatriz Gonzalez says:

      Keep the blog name the same