Fashion Blogger 50 is not old wearing a red sweater dress Welcome to my blog, won’t you come on in? You are always welcome here, and I hope that you come back daily. I decided to take my photos today in front of my front door, and who knew that Joe and Lucy would join me in my session? Look in the bottom window pane to the left, and you will see my baby trying to steal the show. LOL!
Fashion Blogger 50 is not old wearing a red sweater dress and a snakeskin scarf Talk about someone trying to steal the show; wait until later in the blog, and you will see another photobomber. I doubt that you will be able to miss the other one, it is pretty funny. After church, I came home and had a lazy afternoon. Joe built me a roaring fire, and I crawled into the reclining chair and slept for at least two hours. If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have seen that I asked for “firewood” for Christmas. Haha! I am willing to bet that I am probably the only one that you know of that asked for firewood as their Christmas present. A gentleman came Saturday night and delivered the wood, and I have had a beautiful fire ever since. What is the strangest thing that you have ever asked for as a Christmas present???
Fashion Blogger 50 is not old wearing a red sweater dress from Old Navy I wore this dress to church on Sunday, and I thought that you would love seeing how easy it is to wear this dress for any occasion or a Christmas event. Since the sweater dress is bright red, it is perfect for Christmas, but it needs some accessories to bring out its Christmas vibe. I love the way that this dress is made, especially with the cable knit design that only runs down the center of the dress. That brings your attention to the inside of the dress, and that helps to create a thinner look. Anything that brings your eye inward will be slimming. Even though my favorite neckline is a v-neck, I love this mock neck on this dress. As long as the neck is not tight, then I can adjust. The dress has long sleeves, and there is ribbing on the cuffs and the hemline. This is a beautiful thick dress, and it is warm and cozy. The dress is machine washable, and it is lay flat to dry. I am wearing a size large, and it fits me fine. I might have worn a smaller size, but I was afraid that my lumps and bumps would show if I went smaller. Lol! This dress is from Old Navy, and here is the link.
Fashion Blogger 50 is not old wearing a red sweater dress showing vintage Christmas tree pins Since the sweater dress is bright red, it is perfect for Christmas, but it needs some accessories to bring out its Christmas vibe. I thought that a Christmas tree pin would look great against the solid red background. So, if one would look good, then why not add three??? The two bigger pins are part of a series that Avon had several years ago. I have a third pin in that series somewhere, but I couldn’t lay hands on it, so I added another vintage Christmas tree pin. Here is where I would go to see if I could find those trees. The bracelets that I am wearing are dupes of David Yurman bracelets. Mine is beautiful and heavyweight and is nowhere near the cost. I am wearing the Brinkley cuff, and the Logan cuff with the pearl ends.
Fashion Blogger 50 is not old wearing a red sweater dress and black boots Did you spot my photobomber?? He is kind of hard to miss. I took my photos, and I went to edit and crop them when I noticed someone looking over my shoulder. Lol! I have been singing this song ever since.

Fashion Blogger 50 is not old wearing a red sweater dress with man in background Should I make this photo my profile picture? Lol! You can tell that I had no idea that he was anywhere around. Haha! He is a mess, but I wouldn’t have any other way.
Fashion Blogger 50 is not old wearing a red sweater dress and over the knee boots You will want to be able to wear the dress after Christmas, so I am going to show you how changing the accessories can change the look. I added a long snakeskin print scarf that has clear sequins attached for a different look. The scarf picks up on the black in the boots and ties the look together.  My scarf is from Black House White Market, but I can’t find the exact scarf on their website. So, instead, I’ll link to a few others that I found.

Fashion Blogger 50 is not old wearing a red sweater dress with black over the knee boots The black over the knee boots is a lifesaver in the winter months. I hate wearing tights or leggings because I have long legs, and they always seem to fall. But, I don’t want my pasty white legs to show either, so boots are my go-to when I am wearing a dress. Plus, I like the overall look, and I think it looks modern and stylish. I searched high and low looking for just the right pair, and these are the ones. They fit my calves, which must be a medium size, because wide calf boots are too big, and the regular ones are normally too small. These boots have the perfect amount of stretch, and they fit like a dream. I did have trouble with the string in the back, and Joe got a kick out of helping me tie them. Literally, I kicked him for trying to get “handsy” before church. LOL!!! Here is the link to the boots if you want to get your husband to help you tie yours. Fashion Blogger 50 is not old wearing a red sweater dress in front of a black door Here is a different look for wearing knee boots and a dress, but with letting some skin show. Let me know if you like no skin or just a tad bit of skin showing to break up the look.

Be sure to let me know what your strangest Christmas request has been. I get a kick out of reading all fo the comments, and I like knowing that we are all alike in so many ways.

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  1. I once asked for new lungs! Is that original or what. Didn’t get the though. Yes you should make that your profile photo!

    • Tania Reply

      Wow! That is an unusual request. I am sorry that you didn’t get those if it is what you need.

  2. Ann H Pavlicek Reply

    You look so slim. That dress and the black boots are very becoming. Love it!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Ann. I was surprised at how slimming the dress was once I put it on.

  3. I once asked for a new toilet seat! Ours kept breaking, and my husband kept “fixing” it.?. I did get it for Christmas that year.???

    That photo should definitely be your profile picture.?. You look beautiful in red.

    • Tania Reply

      ??? Gina, I am glad that I didn’t have coffee in my mouth when I read your comment. Even Joe got a good laugh at that because he knows that he is bad to do the same thing.

  4. You look stunning in that red dress!!! I think you should wear red more often too! Love your photo bombers! Haha! Glad you got your firewood for Christmas.

    • Tania Reply

      I can’t believe that I never would wear red in the past. Lol! I am getting ready to go and start a fire right now.

  5. Karen Miller Reply

    Cute dress! I need to get to Old Navy! ( I have one about 5 min from my house!). You look good in red! Your husband cracks me up?.

    • Tania Reply

      I don’t go to Old Navy, or anywhere, often since I don’t have any shopping near me. Thanks to online shopping, I can try everything on in my home. WIN!!!

  6. great outfit, I love my over the knew boots as well. this year I asked for fog lights for my car. my husband asked “is that a kind of boot?” he never thought I would want something that practical. (then they got ordered right away!) no take backs.

  7. I asked for meatloaf. Didn’t get it but would still be happy to get it from my sister who makes the best! Very pretty outfit. Maybe a bit of skin between boots and dress but both ways work.

    • Tania Reply

      Janet, your sister needs to share the recipe, and then you can have meatloaf anytime that you want. I might even fix a meatloaf tonight. Hummmmm.

  8. My crazy gift was for Mother’s Day. I got a pick axe and a sturdy shovel so I could I plant in the South Carolina red clay. Still a favorite every time I use it!
    I am to,short for over the knee boots. A little skin peaking out is fine with me!
    The look is great on you!

    • Tania Reply

      Sue, I asked for one of those little pickaxe tools also. I loved mine and used it so much that it finally broke. I had to go out an buy another one. Lol!

  9. 3 years ago I asked for my parents to have some holiday enjoyment after my brother passed from cancer. He is in a fabulous place but they have never recovered. On a brighter note, you remind me so very much of Neighbor Dorothy. She is the star of a couple of Fannie Flagg’s books and you absolutely must read one of them! She is one of my favorite modern literary characters.

    • Tania Reply

      I can’t imagine losing a child, so I can understand how hard it would be to move on. Hopefully, they will be able to find joy when thinking about your brother and the years that he had on earth.

  10. I asked for (& got) a riding lawnmower. This year, I asked to travel in our RV. I don’t need/want things from my husband. I would prefer ‘experiences.’

    • Tania Reply

      Travel sounds like fun!!! I hope that is something you get, as long as you can get wi-fi and continue to read my daily posts. LO!

  11. Love the pins. How do you pin them so they stay upright? Sometimes they just fall forward pulling the dress material with them.

    • Tania Reply

      Barbara, I know exactly what you are talking about. You have to get as much of the pin on the backside of the dress. That helps to keep it stable. Plus, I overlapped the pins a tiny bit, so each on held the other in place.

  12. Love the red dress on you. Color and fit are perfect. A couple years ago, before Christmas, I gave each of my sons and daughter in law an extra $100 dollars and told them they had to give it away to strangers who needed it. Then for Christmas, I wanted a letter telling me how they spent the money. One gave to a homeless family, one bought gloves and hats for the needy, one gave his to an adult education program for the poor. It was fun hearing how they spent the money and how they decided who should get the funds. Perfect Christmas gift for them and me.

    • Tania Reply

      Teresa, that was such a neat idea. I bet everyone loved hearing what the others had spent the money on.

  13. Karen from Como Reply

    Love the dress with the boots. You presented two quick change ideas for getting two really different looks – one timeless, one trendy with the snakeskin scarf. Both make you look fabulous and the Old Navy price point is appreciated.

    • Tania Reply

      It is so easy to change your look by simply changing accessories. And, accessories are fairly inexpensive.

  14. This is so classy, beautiful and screams Christmas! I would never be able to wear this dress, I am warm all the time and this would just make me way too hot. Love your photobombers, especially your adorable husband who just wants to join in on the fun! You look adorable in red and it would make a great profile picture!

  15. I got a cow from my husband for Christmas about 10 years ago but I actually wanted it! It’s a belted galloway, sometimes referred to as an oreo cow. It’s black with a white stripe around it’s mid section.

  16. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I’ve discovered your blog. I always look forward to your posts each day and to see what you’re wearing. I especially appreciate that you often have clothing that is both affordable and can be found in stores near me. I have bought several items after seeing them in your posts, recently I bought the reindeer sweater from the Loft. That is the first time I have ever bought from there!

    • Tania Reply

      MaryAnn, thank you so much for leaving this comment. There are days when you wonder if you are helping anyone, or if you are just playing dress-up like when you were a child. So, thanks for making my day a little brighter.

  17. Every year I ask for more firewood for Christmas. There’s nothing like the comfort, peace and calm of a fire in the fireplace. Guess what’s on my list again this year 🙂

  18. Elizabeth Kay Reply

    Barbara, I have used a “makeup round” either foam or cotton, on the inside of my sweater, to anchor pins. It actually makes a big difference! I have a lovely collection of pins from my late Grandmother. I enjoy wearing them often. They are fun!

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