50 IS NOT OLD |HOW TO WEAR A PONCHO SWEATER FOR A FLATTERING LOOK | FASHION OVER 40Finally, I am home from Atlanta!!! I loved spending time with my mom and my sister and her family, but I missed my normal life in Virginia. I didn’t have any animals that were aggravating me to be fed, and I didn’t have Joe giving me any funny blog stories for everyone. Usually, when I travel, Joe “punishes” me for being gone without him by leaving the house in shambles. Can anyone else relate?
50 IS NOT OLD |HOW TO WEAR A PONCHO SWEATER FOR A FLATTERING LOOK | FASHION OVER 40But, I had high hopes that he wouldn’t leave the house in a filthy state since we had company coming. But, because I wasn’t sure if he would oblige me, I hired a lady to go on Monday and clean for me. Remember, I left last Thursday, so I knew that the house would be in bad need of cleaning. I was so pleasantly surprised when I walked into a clean house last night, the animals fed, and no funny odors. Lol! I underestimated Joe’s cleaning abilities, but now that I know that he CAN clean a house, I might have to start expecting more from him. He has already warned me not to hold my breath, especially since I have another trip coming up in a couple of weeks. Lol! He is also muttering something under his breath about changing the locks on the door. Hahaha!
50 IS NOT OLD |HOW TO WEAR A PONCHO SWEATER FOR A FLATTERING LOOK | FASHION OVER 40I felt just like a “real” blogger when I had my sister take these photos for me. How many bloggers have you seen where they take their picture in the middle of the street? I know that I have seen hundreds of photos like that, so when my sister suggested that we walk down to the mailbox to take pictures, I readily agreed. What you can’t see is that this is a dead-end street, so I am in no danger at all. Lol! But, hopefully, you enjoyed my “artistic” talents in this shoot. The sweater is a new purchase that I made on Sunday. My daughter found several similar tops, but I liked the handkerchief hemline of this poncho sweater. I love how it is flowy, and it doesn’t touch me anywhere. Because there is no waist definition, you assume that I am smaller than I am. The dolman sleeves are what make the sweater so flowy. This style might be harder for large-chested women to wear, but you could give it a try. I bought this sweater at the Loft, which is having a huge sale that ends tonight, so be sure to check the sale out. Here is the link to the sweater, and here is a link to the sale.
50 IS NOT OLD |HOW TO WEAR A PONCHO SWEATER FOR A FLATTERING LOOK | FASHION OVER 40My slightly distressed straight leg jeans are also from the Loft, but I have had them for a while. I like the small amount of distressing, and I know that a lot of you are more comfortable with this small amount, instead of large gaping holes. I also like the length because it is perfect to wear with ankle boots. I am wearing my usual size 10, and you can see that these jeans are not the skin-tight, and I might have worn a smaller size. However, I like owning a few pairs of jeans that fit loose since there are days when I might need a little extra room. Here is the link to the jeans.
50 IS NOT OLD |HOW TO WEAR A PONCHO SWEATER FOR A FLATTERING LOOK | FASHION OVER 40Once again, I am not wearing any additional accessories: no earrings and no necklace or bracelet. I didn’t take a lot of jewelry with me since I knew that I would mostly be wearing vintage jewelry there. The ankle boots that I am wearing are one of my favorite pairs. They are an older purchase from Old Navy, and these boots have held up great since I wear them so often. These are a faux-suede, but they have been treated to withstand most water and stains. Even though they have a 3-inch heel, it is chunky and comfortable. Here is the link to the booties.
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    • Tania Reply

      It is very soft. That is why I bought it, even though a turtleneck is not my normal style. The turtleneck is not tight, so it works for me.

  1. I am seeing turtlenecks around everywhere. I love them and practically lived in a black one with black pants when I was younger. Might be time to revisit. I really like this one all soft and oversized. I like this color too. Don’t be too hard on Joe. Alpha males do have some redeeming qualities.

  2. Nice casual outfit. What could be more comfy than a poncho! No real need for additional accessories/jewelry with the turtleneck & dolman sleeves, as well as the added interest at the hemline. Love the neutral colors. This time of year, there’s no need for us to compete with Mother Nature.????

  3. Susan Harper Reply

    I love that sweater but I wish it came in more than two colors! Also, may I request some holiday party styles in the future for more mature ladies–not you of course, but for me.

  4. Susan Stancliff Reply

    This is the perfect outfit! I love it from your head to your toes. I totally get leaving the man home. You never know what you will find when you get home

  5. What a great happy you have! I hope you did something special for him too. of course we all know we can’t expect others to do those kind of things. I think it’s amazing that he doesn’t mind all of your traveling too.I’m glad you made it home safe. I love that poncho it’s very flattering but stop putting yourself down. You are not fat and you are beautiful and have so many incredible talents. And I absolutely love those jeans because they are the perfect length I will have to check them out. Could you please tell me what is your most favorite comfortable pair of booties? I desperately need some new ones but all of mine are too high heeled and not comfortable.

  6. Nancy Scott Reply

    Oh my goodness, this could not have come at a better time! I just bought the same poncho, in the petite version, but in navy blue! Have not taken the tags off of it yet and was wondering what the best way to style it would be. I think you have just answered my question!!! thank you! yours looks awesome on you! Someone commented that they wished it came in other colors. We have it in cream, navy and black.

  7. Just curious- what socks do you wear with your boots? I’ve tried no-show socks but either you can still see them with cuffed jeans or they are too no-show and always come off and end up bunched up around my toes.

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