I think that I need a swift kick in the rear. I was doing so well with intermittent fasting, and I was starting to feel better and see changes in my body. I didn’t lose a lot of weight, and my clothes still fit me the same, but I was looking thinner. Unfortunately, just like a New Year’s Eve resolution, it has fallen by the wayside.

I blame COVID-19 for my issues. I had a routine of weighing every morning, eating at the same time of the day, and stopping eating at the same time of night. But, once I had to start cooking at home every night, it threw me into a tailspin. Do you know how as soon as you say the word “diet” then all you want to do is eat? For some reason, that is how I’ve been lately. I keep telling myself to stop eating at 7:00 pm, but then all I want to do is grab one more thing, and then another and another. UGH! But, I am drawing a line in the sand!!! I stepped back on the scales this morning and was not surprised to see that I am back at the same weight I was in January. All of my hard work has been erased, and now it is time to start all over again. Anyone else feel my pain? Got any suggestions???

This t-shirt couldn’t have come at a better time. I just looked at the weather forecast, and it is calling for thunderstorms for the next 10 days. This shirt is perfect for wearing when you want to keep your spirits up when it rains. I have sunshine on my mind, and I am hoping that the forecast might be just a suggestion instead of a fact. Lol! My shirt might not usher in the sun, but it sure is cute. Since the shirt has a different color for each letter, you will be able to wear this with lots of different items. Today, I decided to wear it with jeans, but the next time I wear this, it will probably be with a pair of shorts. I am wearing a size large, and it fits me perfectly.

In case you wanted to see the length from the rearview, here you go. You can see that it has excellent coverage.

I love this style of sandal. The madras plaid is a pattern that I am on the fence about, and I can’t decide if I like it or not. However, I love these sandals, and I think that the pattern is super cute. I also bought the same sandal in navy, and I am trying to decide which one to keep. I don’t need both shoes, and I know the navy would be the most practical. I am wearing my usual size 9 in these sandals, and they fit great. This pattern is sold out in this sandal, but I found a few other madras plaid items that might grab your fancy.

Because this is a casual, run- around town kind of outfit, I have on very minimal jewelry. I added the AVI large hoop earrings in gold, and the Beckett gold link bracelet. I think that jewelry and accessories make an outfit. Accessories make an outfit look put together instead of just thrown together.

I love these girlfriend crop jeans, and I am always pulling them out to wear. I loved them so much that I went in and ordered the other two colors that they are available. The two darker colored crops don’t have the distressing, so for those of you who are not fans of distressing, you will be happy. I am wearing a size .5 in these jeans, and they fit me snug, but I love the way that they fit.

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If you are ready to get started, but not sure which regimen is perfect for your skin:

???? Redefine for fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness – this is the one I use the most!
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Psalm 3:4-6

4 I call out to the Lord,and he answers me from his holy mountain. 5 I lie down and sleep;I wake again, because the Lord sustains me. 6 I will not fear though tens of thousandsassail me on every side.



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  1. Ronni wrote:

    As soon as you finish dinner/supper, brush your teeth. It’ll keep you from wanting to snack and having to rebrush!

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      That is a wonderful tip. I’ll try that!

      Posted 6.29.20Reply
  2. Patti Smith wrote:

    You still look really cute. I’ve been walking. It helps with weight loss and it helps my spirits.

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I need to become more active. I sit all day for my work, and I need to set aside time for me.

      Posted 6.29.20Reply
  3. I think this is not the best time for a det. We all need comfort food in the weekend.Keep Both sandals!

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      There is never a good time for a diet. Lol!

      Posted 6.29.20Reply
    • Joy wrote:

      Oh, believe me – I am literally in the SAME spot. I gotta pull the hand brake and get back on track! It’s a new day!!

      Posted 6.29.20Reply
  4. Holly wrote:

    Love the Bible verse.

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks, Holly.

      Posted 6.29.20Reply
  5. Becca wrote:

    I go to the gym 6 days a week & do a body pump class 3 days a week. Diet is a dirty word. lol I eat healthy but if I want a cookie or something sweet I eat it. Just keep moving!

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  6. Wendy Baxter wrote:

    You always look great Tania! Keep active & drink your water XXX

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  7. Denise wrote:

    Don’t give up on IF…it has tremendous health benefits! Maybe use a free app to track your window like Life or Zero. Also I highly recommend Gin Stephens new book Fast, Feast, Repeat…filled with information and very motivating! Also, they say IF is a lifestyle, not a diet, so you never ‘fail’, you just have longer windows some days!

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  8. Mary wrote:

    those plaid sandals are just enough to put the look over the top, not too much plaid and in soft colors. keep them!

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  9. Beth wrote:

    It’s hard to follow something so regimented for some people. My days are never the same so to try and eat at the same time would be impossible. I would suggest exercise, exercise, exercise. So many more health benefits aside from weight loss. Lifting weights is so important as we get older too. Good luck!

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  10. LuAnn wrote:

    It’s ok. You drew the line in the sand it’s a new day! Review the book again! You got this!????

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  11. Tania, you look fabulous. I have put on ten pounds recently on top of the ten I was carrying around. I’m starting the free Loose it app. My friend has a lot of success with that. I did NOOM last year which was similar and successful but I’m trying the free app this time. Yesterday I got a bit down about the weight gain but then I remembered what you said a while back….Dress the body you have right now. Good advice from you, so I’m going to dress my current body, eat better and log my food. Exercise is not hard for me, I weirdly love it but I love food more ????

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  12. Lori Mills wrote:

    You can do this!! Just start again! I have been doing IF since January as well. Most days about 15 hours is all Im able to do, and Im good with that! On occasion, I have a snack after 8 and on occasion I have to have a bite of something before time to officially time to break my fast. Most days it works though! And I don’t seem to notice a negative effect to the occasional cheat. We are human after all!!!! I, agree, I feel better than ever so just hop back on and give yourself some grace!! You got this Tania!!

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  13. Lisa wrote:

    If you need some inspiration to continue with intermittent fasting, try listening to Gin Stephens’ podcast Intermittent Fasting Stories.

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  14. Linda wrote:

    I battle the number on the scales as well – In summer I do try to have fruit for dessert and snacks and I don’t seem to want other things I shouldn’t have. It’s also a great time to get some extra activity in – walking, biking, swimming ! And you are still looking great ! Thanks for all you do for us !

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  15. Sher wrote:

    Covid was bad for all of us with our diets. I think I fell into the mindset…”if I’m going to die, I may as well eat!” I got on the scale, finally, because I avoid, up 8 pounds! So back to my fasting too. I do keto. I stop eating Sunday after dinner. We eat early, as that is best for us. So I stop after 4pm dinner, fast all day Monday and do not eat again until dinner on Tuesday at 4pm – 36 hour fast. It jars my metabolism, reduces bloating (tummy goes down) and makes me feel great. I still walk my 2 1/2 miles daily. I drink black coffee, lots of water (with electrolytes – Ulta brand)…surprisingly, the longer I don’t eat, the less hungry I feel. Let my body eat itself! 4 pounds off…4 more to go now.

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  16. Liane wrote:

    Dear fellow IF traveler,
    I say traveler because it’s not a quick fix trip but rather a marathon. I’ve read the book that you mentioned in the past and I rejected it as an method because it simply won’t work long term as you know. The biggest problem is that it doesn’t address sugar metabolism and hunger as a result of being In a sugar burner mode. The single and only successful way to control your appetite is to go low carb and to increase the calories from fat. That way you can go to bed satisfied and stay that wall until lunch.

    For me what that looks like is either no breakfast or a late one consisting of quality protein, with a handful of spinach or kale in a smoothie. Lunch if I eat it will be a huge (big ass lol) salad. Dinner will be two kinds of non-starchy vegetables and a generous serving of meat.

    I’ve had great success with using a low carb diet and managed to keep off 50 lbs for over 20 years. There no magic ingredient or willpower involved. But it’s extremely difficult if you keep starchy foods and snacks in the house. We don’t. You won’t find any pasta, rice, beans, sugar, cake mixes, cookie mixes or candy.

    If it’s too hard to go whole hog on this I’d make two suggestions — two books. The first is based on paleo principles, and it’s by noted author Diane Sanfilippo. The program is 21 day sugar detox. I got it on amazon years ago. If the idea of paleo and going dairy free is terrifying another choice is the newest book by Dr. Arthur Agaston, the Keto Friendly diet. He’s the guy who developed the South Beach diet that I used 20 years ago. His plan has evolved over the years and he no longer recommends consumption of fake foods and super processed foods like low fat cheese and margarines. Eat real food and enjoy it!

    My final recommendation for weight loss in general is eliminate ALL industrial seed oils from your diet now and forever. This means even more cooking from scratch lol but it makes all the difference in the world. Seed oils promote weight gain whereas natural ones from olives, avocados and beef do not.

    Think of removing foods from your diet as part of being healthy, not as a means of quick weight loss. It’s a totally different mindset. But trust me please! Staying home (I’ve had a WFH hubby underfoot since Mar 8) means keeping to a strict schedule and not ever ever letting yourself snack between meals even if said spouse does. Mine is 6’ tall and eats nuts all day and doesn’t gain an ounce. Me, I’m a can’t eat just one. I used to think nothing (actually wasn’t thinking) of eating an entire can of planters cashews or bbq flavored lays or can of pringles. So I recognized that trend in me and quit having that stuff in the house.

    So lace up those marathon sneakers because this is a long road race — you’re not sprinting.

    I’m can send you a list of people who I feel are trustworthy and experts in the field of ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting to use in tandem. The keto kills the appetite and the IF allows you to use up the fuel in the bank. As Mark Sisson so aptly put it, eat your backside first.

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  17. Melesa Garrison wrote:

    Tania, I did the same thing! I was doing the intermittent fasting and I lost about 14 lbs, had more energy. Why I totally fell off the wagon? Idk!!! I desperately need to get with the program. Find an accountability partner. Would Joe do that with you? It’s been so dreadfully hot and windy here that my walking has gone on the way side as well. I do walk on pretty evenings.

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  18. Eve wrote:

    Minimize meat and dairy. Maximize fruit and veggies. Don’t eat junk food. Eat less. There. Fixed it for you. LOL

    I wore tee shirts and jeans, boots or flip flops for the first half of my life. I switched to shirts when the girls went south and sandals or flats but basically that’s what I love to wear. I do like pretty blouses in summer but anything fitted drives me nuts. Bomber jackets or denim jackets I love. I was country when country wasn’t cool. ???? I love your casual looks.

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  19. Tania, I have been doing intermittent fasting for two years and have slowly lost 11.5 lbs, and I am still losing weight. In the beginning it was about 2 lbs a month, then it went down to 1 pound a month, now it’s about 0.5 of a pound a month. My eating window is from 12:00 – 8:00. At 12:00ish I eat a hearty and healthy meal. At 4:00ish I have a cup of coffee and a treat – a cookie or two or a small piece of cake or a small dish of ice cream. At 7:00ish I eat dinner – whatever I would normally make for my husband and myself. I do not eat after 8:00 unless it is a special occasion. There aren’t many of those these days. I noticed that I gain a pound or so if I eat too much fat. I cut back for one day and I lose the extra weight. I also have a glass of wine in the evening nearly every day. Before 12:00 I have black coffee with cinnamon. It definitely takes patience and finding the right eating times. Good luck!

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  20. Sandy wrote:

    It is so easy to get off track. I started intermittent fasting in January . I felt to much better then after cooking more I struggled. My weight is back where it was before. I’m really trying to get back on track.

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  21. Marilyn wrote:

    Tania, I love those Girlfriend jeans too! They’re my go-to jeans this summer. FYI, I did Keto, Intermittent Fasting etc etc with not a lot of success but I have lost 20 pounds on Shibboleth. It started in Georgia. I do it online. 10 more pounds to go. It’s faith-based, very effective and economical too. You can find everything at your local grocery store. Google it and check it out.

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  22. Julia Purtill wrote:

    Oh Tania, now you see how many of us are in the same boat! I don’t know of one woman who doesn’t fight weight! I agree with you that quarantine was a lot more stressful than we realized. Our whole world as we knew it was upended. We are going to sort out but we may never go back to “normal”. You always look pretty but if you have a goal I know you will work toward it. It made me renew my goals too.
    On t-shirts. I fall into the same category as Eve. I don’t like that hugged fit anymore. I’m 65 and I just can’t pull it off anymore. I found LINEN is my fabric at this age. I have the time to iron it now and it actually soothes me to iron! Haha! Yikes. Anyway. We love you because you love us. We are sisters together fighting coronavirus, weight, sin etc. but at least you keep our spirits up while we do it!

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  23. Doris wrote:

    Love the madras plaid sandals, they are different and still will go with lots of jeans, etc…. I say keep them.

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  24. CINDY GUNVILLE wrote:

    So the jeans your size, is it equal to a size 10? How high is the rise? Love the T but no job yet for my hubby can’t justify 49.00 at this time. ???? It is cute though…

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  25. First of all, you don’t need to lose weight. You look fabulous! However, I know the feeling of going into a tailspin! In 2018, I lost 35 pounds and in 2019 I gained 40! I was just starting to be motivated when Covid hit and I felt like I had to cook for the hubby every day because he was home. I know it is a mindset thing, and if you can’t “get your mind right” it is impossible. Good luck! Cutting out all sugar and all sweeteners but stevia helped me lose the last time. Try that:)

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  26. Jeanne wrote:

    Cute outfit, I love the shirt and the sandals. I have also been up and down in weight, so frustrating, it is between 8 pounds up or down… Ugh.. I am not happy with the next – how many days of rain.. I want all of this to be over soon.. Have a great week..

    Posted 6.29.20Reply
  27. Elizabeth wrote:

    Those sandals are adorable!

    Posted 8.7.20Reply
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