50 IS NO OLD | HOW TO EXTEND YOUR WARDROBEI have been thinking about Christmas and how it is now different as an adult. My son was just talking about how he remembers Christmas being more “fun.” He liked coming home and the tree being up and decorated, presents wrapped and under the tree. Christmas dinner with all the relatives and Santa Claus handing out a couple of presents that he could open up on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning he would get up and all of Santa’s gifts were under the tree, put together and ready to go.50 IS NO OLD | HOW TO EXTEND YOUR WARDROBENow, he is a husband and father and his Christmas is very different. Lol! He now has to drag the tree out of the garage and help put up all those decorations. He now has to go shopping and help pick out all the presents and he has to PAY for all those presents. He now has to be the one to put together all those Santa gifts and put them under the tree. Lol! That is what happens when you quit believing in Santa Claus. ?50 IS NO OLD | HOW TO EXTEND YOUR WARDROBEI wanted to wear my LuLaRoe dress today, it is the Julia. There was only one problem, it is short sleeved. I went in search of a cardigan or blazer to wear with the dress but I found this mustard sweater instead. I pulled it on over the dress and I have a whole new outfit. I bought the sweater years ago at Old Navy. I love the cable knit but the cropped style is hard for me to style. Here I wore the mustard sweater with red. I think I like the green with the sweater much better.

50 IS NO OLD | HOW TO EXTEND YOUR WARDROBEI have NO plunder on today! I love my Plunder but today I went with some vintage bakelite bracelets. I bought all these at different times at vintage fashion shows and on the 127-yard sale. The carved ones are harder to find and of course are more expensive. The necklace I have on is by Premier Designs and is called the Kaleidoscope. It is one of my favorite Premier Design pieces because it is so versatile. 50 IS NO OLD | HOW TO EXTEND YOUR WARDROBEMy legs are snow white since I have not been using any faux tanning lotion so I wore tall knee boots so they would not blind you. Lol! These boots are by Marc Fisher and I like them with the dress but they are not the ones I wanted to wear. I looked and looked for an Italian pair that is fur lined. I can’t find them anywhere or a pair of open-toed blue booties that I have. The last time I wore them I was in Tennessee so I either left them there or they are in a tote somewhere that I haven’t seen. Since Mom hasn’t told me I left anything, I am betting they are stuffed somewhere. How does a person lose a couple pair of shoes????

50 IS NO OLD | HOW TO EXTEND YOUR WARDROBEHere is a prime example of stretching your wardrobe. This is a dress but it looks like a skirt in the photo. You can do this with almost any dress you own unless the dress is so bulky that you can’t put something over the top of it. I didn’t take a picture without the sweater but the next time I wear the dress you will be able to see the neckline, sleeves, etc. If the dress was a solid color it would be easier to wear as a skirt or top without anyone knowing the difference. If this was solid black, then I could add a sweater for 1 look, add a different skirt for look 2, add a blazer for look 3, or wear alone for look 4. Be creative, shop your own closet and make it work for you! 50 IS NO OLD | HOW TO EXTEND YOUR WARDROBESeveral of you asked about my Sweet Potato Crunch recipe, so here it is:

Sweet Potato Crunch

3 cups cooked mashed sweet potatoes

1 cup sugar

½ tsp. salt

2 ½ TBSP butter melted

2 eggs slightly beaten

½ cup milk

1 tsp. vanilla

Crunch Topping:

2 ½ TBSP butter melted

1 cup brown sugar

1/3 cup plain flour

1 cup chopped pecans

Mix potatoes, sugar, salt, eggs, butter, milk, and vanilla together, blend well. Pour into greased baking dish. Cover with crunch topping and bake at 350 for 35 minutes.

We like lots of topping so I add extra!!!

This is one of our favorite holiday dishes. This is almost like dessert. Lol! My daughter-in-law Kayla LOVES this. Kayla is one of the pickiest eaters out there, but she will always eat this. I hope you enjoy this recipe, let me know if you fix it.

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  1. jaymieashcraft wrote:

    Love the polka dot dress!!

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  2. Caroline wrote:

    Tania you are spoiling us with all these gorgeous outfits! I rarely wear my dresses because I worry that I will look too overdressed but the sweater makes them smart but casual enough for every day wear, what a great idea. I agree with your son, things do change when YOU become ‘Santa’ ?

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      That is how I felt about going to the lake also, Caroline. It was WAY more fun as a child than an adult. Lol!

      Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  3. Lori wrote:

    Hi Tania…I wanted to try the rodan &I fields eye cream. How do I place an order with you? Thank you!
    Love your blog btw, you have such an uplifting personality, it’s such a joy reading. Sunday post are always a fav. So glad I found your blog?

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Lori, thanks so much for reading my blog. I try to keep a positive attitude and I am thankful that most days I can. ? I am excited that you want to try the R & F eye cream. I really love my R & F products, which is why I signed up to sell them. To place an order through me you go to If you are interested in becoming a PC (your order totals at least 80.00) then I can offer you an additional 10% discount off your order. Let me know if you would like more details on how that works.

      Posted 12.21.16 Reply
      • Lori wrote:

        Yes, may I have more info on that. Thank you so much. Also, I wanted a bit more info on some of the other products. I have been hearing a lot about them lately and I’m very interested. I would like to try other products in addition to the eye cream. Thank you for your time!

        Posted 12.22.16 Reply
  4. Kerry P. wrote:

    Tania, What a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing how to be versatile with your wardrobe!

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks, Kerry!

      Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  5. Donna wrote:

    Love that idea! I would never have thought of expanding the options with a dress that way!! You are the best!!?

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I have played with this option for a while Donna, but this was the first time I actually put it into practice.

      Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  6. Lynn wrote:

    love this look! You pushed me out of my comfort zone with mixing colors and that has extended my wardrobe. i no longer look for matches but items that “go with” each other and I use the color wheel.

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Awww, thanks, Lynn.

      Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  7. Audrey wrote:

    Great post! I am going to have to try that recipe although it doesn’t look diet friendly… which is why it looks delish!

    I have several days off and plan to organize and purge the closet. It will be painful but necessary. Your outfits give me great ideas. I hope Santa brings me a pair of boots just like yours.

    Have a wonderful blessed holiday!

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Audrey, at this time of the year I just go with the flow. I want to enjoy everything but not go overboard. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Santa finds you a pair of boots. ?

      Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  8. Yvonne wrote:

    This looks so cute Tania – love the spots on your dress and how lucky the jumper is exactly that colour!


    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  9. Pauline wrote:

    That outfit looks fantastic !! Did you call the dress green? as it looks a sort of teal in the pictures and those two colours always go well together, they are my sort of colours as I am an Autumn.

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      It does look teal in the photos but it is more toward a hunter or forest green. I don’t think there is any blue in the color.

      Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  10. New to your page. Love your posts! Tell us more about your handbag please ?

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  11. andreaswellnessnotes wrote:

    Great look! I love wearing cardigans and sweaters over dresses to create a whole new look. Yours turned out fabulous.

    And isn’t it the truth that Christmas is very different when you are in charge of putting it all together!

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  12. Sandy wrote:

    Got your Grundy Golden Wave colors on today!!!! You go gurl!!!!!!!!

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  13. Kathy wrote:

    I love this outfit! So unusual, it is a perfect color for you, you look great.

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  14. laurieopop wrote:

    SUCH a super cute dress with the unexpected sweater. Great idea! LauriePOP Ideas That POP

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  15. Mandy wrote:

    I think I want to sign up as a Plunder Stylist under you. If I take your link in yesterday’s post – will that do it? Thanks.

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  16. Robin Staley wrote:

    I love this!

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  17. Those pieces look like they were made to go together. What a great look!


    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  18. Penny wrote:

    Love the outfit as always and your hair is rocking! I’m probably way to old to say that, but it is! Love, love your blog . ?

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  19. Connie R. wrote:

    Love this fun look especially the vintage bakelite! Your dress is a happy print that suits you well. Enjoy your Christmas as we countdown to the day.

    Posted 12.22.16 Reply
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