Fashion Blogger Is Not Old is wearing a navy and white striped top with wide cuffed jeans, a camel colored crossbody, and neutral espadrilles


I am so thrilled that all of you loved the YouTube vlog on how I do a photo shoot. So many people think that being a fashion blogger is glamourous, but you would be surprised at how Un-glamorous it really is. Changing in the back of a car with people walking all around you takes getting used to. Lol!


Fashion Blogger Is Not Old is leaning on a post while wearing a navy and white striped top with wide cuffed jeans, a camel colored crossbody, and neutral espadrilles


Wearing coats and boots in the middle of the summer and styling short sleeves in the winter is normal for us. We have to style what is coming, which usually means being uncomfortable for a little while to get the photos. Right before this session, I was traipsing through high grass and trying to watch out for snakes. A fun time was had by all!!! Lol!


Fashion Blogger Is Not Old is wearing sunglasses with a navy and white striped top


Tomorrow I am headed to Atlanta to visit my sister and shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Those of you who are email subscribers will be getting a special email today that shows you several curated outfits in the sale. I hope to make this a part of my regular Saturday email, but using different sales or retailers each time. Be on the lookout for the email, it might be later in the day, or it could even be on Sunday if I have issues.

The top that I am wearing today is from my J.Jill try-on haul. I love the navy and white stripes since they are a classic look, but I really love the material. This is part of the Wearever Line, and it is perfect for traveling since it is wrinkle-free. I also love the feel of the material against my skin, which I always look for. I like softness against my skin. I am wearing a medium, and it fits me great.

Fashion Blogger Is Not Old is looking out over the fence while wearing a navy and white striped top with wide cuffed jeans, a camel colored crossbody, and neutral espadrilles


Here is a back view so you can see how the top and jeans look from the rear. Not my favorite view of myself, but I know that you ladies appreciate seeing how the items look from this angle. #anythingformyreaders


Fashion Blogger Is Not Old is styling Ray-Ban sunglasses while wearing a navy and white striped top and a camel colored crossbody handbag


The sun was playing peek-a-boo with me all day long. One minute it looked like it was going to storm, and the next minute I was being blinded by the sun. I had my Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses for me, so that worked out fine. These are lightweight and don’t hurt my nose, so that is a big plus in my book. Plus, the colors are fantastic looking through these.

Funny story; I just bought these glasses the other day for National Sunglasses Day, and I thought I had already lost them. Hannah (my helper) found them in a purse that I had carried for another photoshoot; then, she laughed at me. Lol!


Fashion Blogger Is Not Old is wearing wide cuffed jeans, a camel colored crossbody, and neutral espadrilles


This tan leather crossbody is a new purchase. I love this color, and it will be perfect for carrying all year round. They call this a medium size, but it is a lot smaller than what I am used to carrying. I wish this bag was in the Nordstrom Sale, but it isn’t. Either way, I am keeping the handbag because it truly is a bag that I know I will carry repeatedly. I’ll probably even carry it to the sale when I go shopping.


Fashion Blogger Is Not Old is wearing cuffed jeans, a camel colored crossbody, and neutral espadrilles


These neutral-colored espadrilles are also a purchase that I have worn over and over again. I don’t keep everything that I show you, not because I don’t like it, but because I don’t need it in my wardrobe. I probably already have one or two similar styles, and my closet is already busting at the seams. I am trying to be more selective on what I am keeping.

These espadrilles made the cut since I knew that they were a shoe that I could wear with shorts, jeans, dresses, etc., and I would wear them often. They run true to size, and I am wearing my usual size 9. These also come in a couple of colors, just in case you don’t need another neutral pair of shoes.


Fashion Blogger Is Not Old is styling a navy and white striped top with wide cuffed jeans, a camel colored crossbody, and neutral espadrilles


I saved these Jag jeans to last for a good reason. Don’t they say that you save the best for last? These jeans are AMAZING!!! I absolutely love them, and I ripped the tags off of them the minute that I pulled them on. When I say “pulled” them on, I mean that they are pull-on jeans. I tried several times to unbutton and unzip them until I realized that they are pull-on. These are the best-looking pull-on jeans that I’ve ever seen. Plus, they fit like a dream and feel amazing.

I decided to do a large cuff today for a different look. The jeans have a 32″ inseam, so they are the usual length that I wear. The straight-leg style looks fabulous with flats, heels, and boots, so you will find this pair of jeans very versatile. I ordered my usual size 30 and also a size 31, just in case. The size 30 fits great, so I think these run true to size.


Fashion Blogger Is Not Old is wearing a navy and white striped top with wide cuffed jeans, a camel colored crossbody handbag, and neutral espadrilles

Have you watched either of my two YouTube videos? I’ll add them below, and you can watch them if you choose. Here is the one on how to shop the Nordstrom Sale.


And, here is the vlog on my photoshoot the other day.


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  1. Rebecca wrote:

    Cute outfit! The link for the jeans said they come in 6,8, 10 etc instead of the 30 and 31 you said you ordered. I just wanted to make sure they were the same jean. Thanks for all your great ideas!

    Posted 7.10.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Hmmm, I’ll have to check it out. I thought that was what I was wearing.

      Posted 7.10.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I guess that I was wrong. It is a size 10.

      Posted 7.10.21 Reply
      • Rebecca wrote:

        Thank you for checking!

        Posted 7.11.21 Reply
  2. Nancy Onorato wrote:

    I’m subscribed to your youtube channel and love your videos, Tania! I just watched “How NOT to Apply Makeup” with Emerson applying your makeup and I must say, “What a hoot!”

    Posted 7.10.21 Reply
  3. Janice wrote:

    Hi Tania. Really enjoyed your vlog. I am a big fan of J.Jill and just made another purchase last week. I especially enjoy your casual outfits. How do I add a photo to my comments?

    Posted 7.10.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Janice, I am not sure how to add a photo.

      Posted 7.10.21 Reply
  4. Mary Ann wrote:

    I’ve looked everywhere for how to set your double points ahead of time. I even googled it and can’t find the answer. How do you set double point days?

    Posted 7.10.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Mary Ann, I think that you have to set the points on the day that you are shopping. So, the day you are going to shop, you need to login, and set that day as a double points day, then go shopping.

      Posted 7.10.21 Reply
  5. Linda wrote:

    Love the outfit! You look amazing! I subscribed to your YouTube!

    Posted 7.10.21 Reply
  6. Lisa wrote:

    Cute outfit!! Love my Jag pants especially their jeggings!!!

    Posted 7.10.21 Reply
  7. Marie wrote:

    I like the cuff on the jeans – I’m going to try it!

    Posted 7.10.21 Reply
  8. Tammy Brown wrote:

    Love everything about this outfit!

    Posted 7.10.21 Reply
  9. Janice C wrote:

    Great casual outfit and I loved your photo shoot video…kudos to you for managing to look so cool in 98 degree heat!!!!!

    Posted 7.10.21 Reply
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