Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright red ruffled cami with white jeggings and a navy short sleeved cardigan

Did you see my post yesterday? Here is the link if not, but I got a huge laugh, and I wanted to share what happened. I read Joe the first paragraph, the one about me joining the Circus. He laughed, and then told me that I DID join the Circus when I married him, and that I was now part of the show. LOL!!! ?

Yesterday, my DIL and I went to take a few location photos for some upcoming looks. It is finally summer, and going outside for photos is a little easier. It is always tricky though, you still have to contend with the sun being too bright, it being so hot that you start to melt, or the summer rains showers hit just as you are getting ready to take your photos.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright red ruffled cami with white jeggings and a light turquoise cardigan

I had thought that yesterday was going to be a great day for pictures since it was supposed to be cooler than normal and have overcast skies. My son was also on the early shift, so we had a babysitter for the kids which makes it much easier to concentrate on photos. Just as we pulled up to the location, it started to sprinkle. And, then, the sprinkles turned into showers.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright red ruffled cami with white jeggings and a white cardigan

I also tried changing clothes in the vehicle for the first time. My DIL has a mini-van, which did make it easier, but it is still no walk in the park. It was downright hilarious! Half of the time I was on my knees, sometimes I was on my back, and once I even had to hop out of the van before I could pull up my pants. So, if you see photos next week, and my hair looks somewhat droopy and I look like I’ve been in a wrestling match, at least now you will know why. Lol!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright red ruffled cami and a navy short sleeved cardigan

When I was trying to decide what color to wear with this top, it was incredibly hard. I kept finding so many things that would look good with the top, that I finally decided to take multiple photos.

If you ever see a blogger who has pulled out all of her hair, I bet that I know why. I bought this ruffled cami with the intention of using it to style a different take on wearing red, white, and blue. When the cami arrived, I thought that it would look so nice with so many things, that I decided to take photos with different colored cardigans to give you an idea on how to change the look of an outfit by using color. Then I edited the photos and uploaded them to the blog. Once I got ready to link to the cami, it is nowhere to be found on the website…gone…vanished! UGH!!!! So frustrating! At least the store does have several other cami’s that are just as cute, so I have them linked below. And, for size reference, I am wearing a medium and it fits me great.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright red ruffled cami, a navy short sleeved cardigan, and gold jewelry

The jewelry is the same in all of the photos. I just got this beautiful link necklace the other day, and it looks so elegant and expensive, that I wish that I had ordered it sooner. I will admit, the Beckett (here) necklace costs more than I normally spend on a necklace, but I justified it with the fact that it is something that I will be able to wear for years. I can at least save you 20% off your entire order (if this is your first time making a purchase with Kendra Scott) by giving you this link. (here) I added the matching Beckett bracelet (here), the Amiya gold cuff bracelets with a pearl (here), and the adjustable LOVE bracelet from Lilly Pulitzer (here). My earrings (here) match the Amiya bracelet, and my necklace (here) from The Styled Collection, matches the LOVE bracelet.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing white jeggings

I am wearing the same white pants in all of the photos. This is a pair the I recently bought from Chicos, and it is the No Stain White Jeggings! I LOVE these pants! They are pull-on, they fit great and have just the right amount of stretch and don’t leave knee puckers, and they are on sale for 40% off when you use the code 29238 at checkout. I am 5’6″ tall and weigh between 155-160 at any given time, and I am wearing a .5 size in these. Chicos has a different sizing chart, and even though I am normally a size 10 from other websites, I find that I need to size down in Chico’s pants. HERE is the link to these pants. Also, here are some other items in the No Stain family that you might like.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing white jeggings and cork sandals

I love these cork strappy heels, and so did everyone else. Lol! These were bought last year, and they are completely sold out on the website. However, because I think that this cork color is absolutely the best neutral that I’ve found, I am going to link to several other pairs in different price ranges and heel height. I hope that you can find a pair that you like. I am wearing a size 9 in mine.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright red ruffled cami with a light turquoise cardigan

I wanted to show you how long this cami was, and how it showed from under the cardigan from the back view. This doesn’t bother me, but I know that it irritates some people. So, below, you will see how I fix the issue.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a red ruffled cami and a light turquoise cardigan

You have all seen the front half-tuck, well, this is the rear half-tuck. I tuck the back of the cami into my waist, but I pull out enough of the sides so that it doesn’t look short in the front. What do you think? Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a red ruffled cami with white jeggings and a light turquoise cardigan

It seems like everything that I am wearing today is old, or sold out. This light turquoise cardigan is an old one from Maurices, and it no longer exists. But, that is not stopping me from finding you similar cardigans so that you could get the same look.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a red ruffled cami with white jeggings and a white cardigan

An all-white outfit is so classy. Normally, I’ll do a column of white, and then add a colorful cardigan or blazer. But, today, I decided to put the color on the inside, and keep the all-white confined to the outside for a slightly different look. You will have to let me know how you like the outside white look. I think that everyone should have a nice white cardigan for spring and summer. It will match anything, and it serves the purpose of keeping you warm, hiding your bra straps, and not showing arm flab. Lol! Maybe that was just my list of purposes for the cardigan. Haha! This sweater is from Talbots and it is on sale for only $24.50. I am wearing a medium and I think it fits me great. HERE is the link for the white cardigan, and it comes in a LOT of different colors.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a red ruffled cami with white jeggings and a navy short sleeved cardigan

I know that you are going to find this hard to believe, but my short sleeve cardigan is an old one, and it is not on the website. I laughed as I was typing that because it is so absurd. This is one from Joan Rivers that I bought YEARS ago, and I still pull it out because of the short sleeves. I did find a couple that is similar, check them out below.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing three different colored cardigans with white jeggings So, which look did you prefer? I am having a hard time picking one over the other. I love the bright color of the light turquoise because it is different. The white is so classy looking, and I love wearing white in the summer. But, you can’t go wrong with red, white and blue, so I am calling it a 3-way tie. That means that all of your comments will decide the winner!!!

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  1. I like the light, bright white look. Perfect for summertime. You look marvelous, darling!

  2. Penny Jo Grassedonio says:

    All 3 looks are beautiful – but the one that pops to me is the turquoise sweater and my favorite.

  3. Every day I’m like, “What is Tania wearing today?”, as I check my inbox! Love the tops under cardigans as I’m tall and feel cardigans look good on me. Love, love your outfit today. You’re really rocking!

  4. I like the white best!

  5. Love all three looks! Pinned the composite photo right away!

  6. Light blue is the winner with the white cardi a close second.

  7. I like the first look but I’m not unanimous in this. LOL That’s a line from “Are You Being Served?” My fav British tv series. I do think the dark has a more slimming effect but the pretty color of the second I really like and white is so classy. So there, Glad I could help you decide, you look pretty in all three. And those cork shoes are to die for which I would do If I tried to walk in them.

  8. All three look great, but my eye was drawn to the aqua cardigan. I love the pop of color next to the colorful cami and white pants. All three are great choices, so you can’t go wrong. Blessings!

  9. I love your posts and thank you for doing them! I have a question, instead of labeling each link HERE can you be specific such as TOP, SHOES, EARRINGS, etc? Sometimes i click on two or three HEREs trying to find one item.

    Thank you!

  10. Oh my goodness! I didn’t even make it through the whole post before I stopped and ordered those beautiful white pants! ?
    I love the turquoise sweater the best, and appreciate the tucking idea in the back, although most the time I like to have a little bit of my top show in the back.
    I got a kick out of picturing you changing in the minivan!
    Quick story it reminded me of… My sister needed to run in to pick up some nylons at the mall. She didn’t have enough time before her event to run home and put them on, so she hopped in her car and changed them in the car. After putting the nylons on she noticed her car looked slightly different and then discovered she had changed in somebody else’s car! Same make and model! Hers was down the row about five cars! ?

  11. Debbi Tidwell says:

    I definitely love the turquoise sweat with the cami! And i prefer the cami to hang out from the sweater. Great look!

  12. I love both the white and the turquoise cardigan look. Navy I don’t really care for at all. But you look great in all of them.

    1. The navy is probably my least favorite too. But, it would still work.

  13. Melesa Garrison says:

    I love white pants and I wear them all the time. Stain resistant sounds amazing. I personally like the navy, it just looks so pretty up against the white pants.

    1. Stain-resistant is amazing, especially when it comes to white clothing.

  14. Leslie Scarpa says:

    I LOVE your candidness! Is that even a word? As a new blogger (actually not even launched yet, but just a few weeks away), your genuine self makes me laugh, gives great insight and fashion help – which i desperately NEED! (I’m no fashionista). Have a great day!

    1. Good luck with your blog, Leslie. Here are some words of wisdom…be yourself (it is too hard trying to be someone else) and be consistent in whatever schedule you pick. It takes time, but keep digging.

  15. All the looks are great, but for me, the winner is the turquoise – just a fresh combo with red. But the other two are close behind, I would wear them all.

    1. Yep! That is my favorite too, Lori.

  16. Ginger Jackson says:

    The light turquoise is my fav, it just gives the whole outfit a vibe the other two miss. The navy is my least favorite! You look great in all three, as always. Wish we could wear sweaters in spring and summer in a Texas!

    1. I like the turquoise the best too.

  17. I absolutely love the white, then the turquoise, and lastly the navy! What a great variety with that colorful cami! The white is so elegant and slimming, the turquoise just makes your eyes pop! All three are winners for me!

    1. The white is so classy, and it looks gorgeous. It is a toss-up for me between the white and the turquoise, but I probably like the turquoise better.

  18. I like all three however, the light turquoise is my favorite. I love bright colors. I was literally laughing out loud while reading your description of changing clothes in the mini van!! Too funny!

    1. I am leaning toward the light turquoise also, only because it is so unique.

  19. Think I have to go with the white, very classy look!
    Tania I wanted to thank you for sharing your opinion on Hair Biology products. Oh my gosh I’ve only used them (Soft and Hydrated) once so far but I’m sold! I have very thick hair that tends to get big and puffy and dry looking after drying. After using HB shampoo and conditioner my hair was so smooth and shiny. Best part….a fraction of the price I pay for similar products from my stylist.
    Thank you!!!!

    1. Kathryn, the white is classy looking, I totally agree. BUT, I am so excited that you agree about the Hair Biology products!!! I noticed the difference after the first use also. It is crazy how using products specially formulated for our age group can have that big of an impact.

  20. I’m a lover of aqua/light turquoise so that is the look that caught my eye, but they all look great. I have a closet full of cardigans, so you just gave me some really great ideas for outfits. Thanks!

    1. I have a closet full of cardigans too, and I am constantly adding more all of the time.

  21. I really like all the options and would wear any of them. The white does seem to have a slimming effect and looks wonderful on you.

    1. Beth, I do like looking slimmer. Lol! I may wear white all of the time.

  22. I love all three looks. This is what I would wear normally and I love how different the look is by just changing one thing.

    1. That is why I wanted to show all three looks. It is amazing how one change can totally transform the outfit.

  23. Janet Williams says:

    I think the white is the winner but I like the turquoise because I love colour. I like having options and I don’t know why I never thought of the back half tuck. Good solution!

    1. I am glad that you found some useful information.

  24. Honestly, white is my favorite! You just can’t beat it for a classy look. On another subject….the print here is SO small I have to put your email on ‘Reader View’ to read your emails. I thought you had gone to a larger print. If so…where is it??

    1. Thanks, Sondra for letting me know. I haven’t changed any settings, so I am not sure why it was smaller. Was it just the email, or was it the blog post?

  25. All the options are pretty. White is, as you said, very classy. That’s my fav. I own a similar print V neck top from Loft and was planning to wear it over the July 4 weekend with the Loft skinny white jeans you previously featured. We’ll be in NE Wisc and it’s always brisk in the evening. White cardigan it is! I even have the cork sandals. WooHoo!

    1. Woohoo! Kathy, you are all set!!! I love cork sandals, they just go with everything.

  26. I like the dark blue cardi look the best! I also like it when a top peeps underneath a cardi. It adds more color! I always thought it was such a hastle to change clothes for a shoot in a car! Haha, I can only imagine how it looked like!

    1. It is funny how different people like different things. The dark blue was my least favorite.

    2. I like the dark blue also. But I think it is because I like the Length of that one with the outfit more than the other two.