Three Things about Tania

Hi, Gurls! I’m sorry to have to break it to you, but Tania is not blogging today. She called me late last night to ask me to post for her because she and Sandy were LOST. I would have felt bad for her except that she’d called me hours early using Facetime to show me all of the great shoes they were buying.

I thought I’d use the space today to share three things about Tania that you might not know.

tanbaby-218x3001. She’s good at anything she does. It’s true..she paints, she’s crafty, she can decorate and cook AND manage a business, plus she BLOGS.  She’s a great mom, loves her parents, showers the nieces and nephews with gifts, and is a top-notch Mother-in-law, and a super grandmother. She’s also athletic. You could throw her into Dale Hollow Lake right now with a ski-rope and a piece of plywood and she’d be turning circles and jumping waves backwards before you could get on your sunscreen. A lesser person might find that annoying.


  1. She REALLY likes Christmas. It’s her favorite holiday. As kids, we had a fake Christmas tree with a plastic pipe running up the back and connected to an angel. Snow would fall from beneath her dress, land in the cardboard tree skirt and head back up for hours of snowy fun. Tania now has one in her collection. And I do mean COLLECTION..she has approximately 75. Little ones, big ones, white, green, aluminum..and they get decorated. With handmade bows. When we draw names at Christmas, everyone wants her to get theirs! She has no control when it comes to Christmas and we like it.


  1. She’s always been fashionable, and that was HARD in the 70s. I remember when she brought this photo home from school. I thought she was as beautiful as one of Charlie’s Angels! As pretty as she is, she’s never had a pretty-girl attitude.

Our family tends to be on the sarcastic side, we tease each other a lot, but the truth is I’ve always looked up to my big sister.


If you’ve read the blog, you can see why. Thanks for coming to hang out with her each day. I’m so glad she has you gurls in her life!

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We Interrupt This Blog For A Stomach Virus

I look and feel like crap. Believe me, you do not need this visual. So, since I have not been smart enough to have a few article and pictures set back for emergencies, you are going to be graced with pictures of my trip to Tennessee to see my grand babies. I hope to be feeling better tomorrow, till then just enjoy the kiddo’s.

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Classic Black and White

DSC_0185Since I finally fessed up and told my husband about my blog, I talked him into having a picture of the two of us made. We were dressed, and before we started out the door, I got out the tripod and pulled him along. The pictures have an ugly shadow, because of the flash, but I love them anyway.

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