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Best Denim Jackets for Women Over 50

Do you have a denim jacket in your closet? I hope that you answered yes to that question because they are so versatile that you can wear them with almost anything. I’ve had denim jackets in my closet that I reach for year after year, and they never seem to go out of style! They are available in so many different styles and colors. Don’t ask me how many denim jackets I own (hint: it is way too many, haha!). Today, I’m sharing some of my go-to denim jackets for women over 50, as well as some newer pieces I decided to try.

Best Denim Jackets for Women Over 50

Wrangler Authentic Stretch Denim Jacket

Tania Stephens is showing how denim jackets for women over 50 looks great with a dress

When I originally saw this jacket by Wrangler, I assumed it would be stiff and thick. I wanted something for fashion, not roping cattle. Imagine how shocked I was to find that it has some stretch to it and that it’s lightweight and unlined. I know you all have seen it multiple times over the years, but it is here to stay because this jacket may end up being my favorite denim jacket ever!

I love the colors of this beautiful maxi dress. Sadly, it’s only available now in small, but I’ve found another with a similar style.

One of my favorite ways to wear this jacket is over a dress. Whether it’s a chilly Sunday morning on my way to church or a cool summer night on my way to dinner, it’s an effortless and easy way to keep warm while still looking cute!

How adorable is this smocked dress? Normally, I try to steer clear of anything smocked, but I like that it is only at the bodice. I just got these hot pink sandals, and I thought this dress would be the perfect time to take them for a test drive. Lol!

It also looks great styled over a jumpsuit or with shorts, pants, and skirts. You can guarantee I’ve gotten my money out of this jacket, and I can’t recommend it enough!

I love a good jumpsuit! They are so comfortable and easy to wear. Maybe it’s because they feel like pajamas, lol. This looks like two pieces, but it’s actually one easy, comfortable, throw it on and go, jumpsuit from Loft.


Like it or not, short weather is coming hard and fast. I just purchased these chino shorts, and I love pairing them with black. The black sweater fits perfectly, and I like the 3 button detail on the back. The straw tote bag matched the outfit so well that you would have thought I bought them to go together.

Colored Denim Jackets For Women Over 50

Talbots Classic Jean Jacket in Orchid

Tania Stephens is showing how colored denim jackets for women over 50 looks great with jeans

Have you ventured out of your comfort zone by purchasing a colored denim jacket? I shared all about this jacket in this recent post. I love the classic styling of this denim jacket. It is made from a cotton blend that includes a small amount of spandex. The jacket has a hint of stretch to it, which makes it comfortable to wear as you move and bend. I’m wearing a medium, and it fits me great. The light pink is sold out but I’ve linked to a HOT pink that is beautiful. Also available in several other cute colors.

The ruffle medallion top is beautiful, but it is on the thin side. Many tops this year are thin, so I wanted to warn you about them.

Riders by Lee Indigo Stretch Denim Jacket

Tania Stephens is showing how colored denim jackets for women over 50 looks great with jeans1

Speaking of colored denim jackets, I also wanted to try this red stretch denim jacket. I love the personality this color brings to an outfit. I paired it with a graphic tee, but you could also wear it over a dress or a dressier blouse. I’m wearing a large, and it fits perfectly. If you love the fit of this but not the bold color, you can grab it in black, white, light gray, dark denim, or light denim instead.

Time and Tru Women’s Denim Jacket

Tania Stephens is showing how colored denim jackets for women over 50 looks great with a romper
Black Denim Jacket (Large – Needed a Medium) | STRAW TOTE BAG | AMAZON ESSENTIALS SUPER SOFT TERRY ROMPER (Large) | SLIDE SANDAL WEDGE (Sized up to a 9.5)

This jacket by Time and Tru is new to my closet, but I am already a big fan! I wanted to try a black jean jacket because black is timeless and goes with everything. Sometimes, a denim-on-denim look can be hard to pull off, but a black denim jacket can be easily paired with blue jeans or blue jean shorts. The best part about this jacket is that you can grab it is super affordable. I went with a monochromatic look here, and I think it looks effortless and chic!

You NEED this romper!!! It is as close to the SPANX Air Essentials line as anything I’ve come across. I just ordered it in navy also, and I might order more. Different colors are priced differently, so pay attention to the prices.

I know it’s a denim jacket like the other zillion denim jackets I’ve shown you, but I love the light wash color. It’s giving me vintage vibes. The dark ombre on the pockets add a nice subtle touch. It’s under 50 dollars and also comes in a darker wash if you prefer.

Here’s a nice option in ecru. I love a bright white but if your outfit has cream in it, the white can be too jarring. Like the other Kohl’s jacket, this also comes in a darker wash. The bottom of the jacket hits at a great spot if you like yours a little higher on the hip.

And finally, this CUTIE from Draper James is one of my favorites! Love the ruffle cuffs and neckline! Draper James is a line produced from Reese Witherspoon and if anyone knows cute – it’s Reese! It features a thin stripe and comes in cream and khaki as well.

Okay, gurls. Who’s ready to get their denim game on with me?!

Which denim jacket is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Mischelle fitzsimmons says:

    I love denim jackets, have 4 blue. Now I need pink and white.

    Your posts are so fun to read!
    I wish you were my neighbor 😊

  2. Have you eer tried the Kut from the Kloth denim jackets? I am hooked because they are lightweight and have a ton of stretch. I have several different makes of their jackets in various washes. They have ruined me for other brands of denim jackets.

  3. I got a super-cute bright white jacket from Kohl’s a few years back, but needed to wash it so often because the neck and cuffs picked up makeup and stuff. So, I bought a box of Rit dye and made it a beautiful shade of green. LOL!

    1. That was very creative of you!

  4. I have a variety of jean jackets..I need to get me a Red one..that was my favorite outfit!!

  5. Great looks using jean jackets. A staple for spring!

  6. Love them all!! Too hard to choose just one!

  7. Oh my gosh. I never thought about wearing denim in different colors? I love how the pink looks on you you look beautiful and the Red too I wish they had one in purple that’s my favorite color, but the green is beautiful too and they all look so beautiful on you you go girl

    1. Hazel, they have them in purple. I think I saw one on Talbots.

  8. I especially like the Wrangler as a classic denim jacket. But ohhhh…that red one! I wear my vintage bumblebee pin on my denim jacket. I just bought a ruched hummingbird print maxi dress that I’m going to try with my denim jacket. It is short sleeved, so I was thinking of buying a little white cardigan go with it. But I think the denim jacket with it would be more fun!

  9. Tania, I have too many denim jackets too! I have a light one, 2 medium light ones, white one, dark one, light pink one. Oh and a green utility jacket. Ha! Oh one of mine is short at the waist. Are they out of style now? My favorite of your post is the pink one! Thank you!!

    1. Paula, the utility jacket isn’t out of style, but they are usually more for fall.

  10. The thing I am confused about with wearing a jean jacket – do you keep the jacket on, or do you take it off once you are indoors? I mean it is often a key piece to an outfit I might put together, but think people with be asking me to “take your coat off and stay awhile”.

    1. Holly, if the jacket is part of my look, and I’m not hot, then I keep it on.

  11. My favorite jacket is the Wrangler. Great post, thanks

  12. What great ideas to do with Jean jackets.

  13. Lanita Canup says:

    I love jean jackets !! I have a white denim and a jean .. but would love that black !!! super cute 🥰

  14. I love wearing denim jackets. I have blue, black & white ones!
    Pretty picture of your grand-cat but I can see why your daughter thought it looked like fall!

  15. I LOVE my denim jacket and all the ways I can style it! Seeing you in the red jacket makes me want to get that color too!

  16. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I like jean jackets.

  17. I struggle feeling that a denim jacket makes me look wide and top-heavy. These look so good on you. I may have to try the Wrangler one you recommend here since it has some stretch to it. Thanks!

  18. Love my denim jacket! I have a few and they are so versatile year round!

  19. Sue Koren says:

    I wear my white one all the time in the summer.

  20. I think it’s about time I purchased a colored denim jacket!! I have the basic denim color and a white one but those beautiful colors are calling my name!!

  21. Hi! I appreciate you sharing all different prices for Jean jackets. I especially loved the red one, a great pop of color!!

  22. I bought the red jacket after you styled it. I LOVE it! I have been looking for a collarless or stand up collar denim jacket. There are two on Amazon that I may have to add to my closet. Living in Montana, jean jackets are perfect! Thanks for styling these. I always love the new ideas you provide us with.

  23. Julie Lozano says:

    Looking great Tania! A great basic Jean jacket is an important staple for us all to have in our arsenal. You look fantastic! Great post!
    Have a great day!

  24. Love the denim jackets, they look so cute on you. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Francesca says:

    Hi Tania … all of these jackets and outfits look lovely on you. I am curious as to how tall you are?

    I am 5’7 and tend to steer clear of cropped jackets. I have a couple of cropped jackets and prefer longer denim jackets. I also like what I call denim suiting and embellished denim. Some of my favorite denim jackets are by Chico’s and Lori Goldstein’s LOGO denim. I always like to have some stretch in my denim for comfort.

    1. Francesca, I am 5’6″ tall, so were are about the same height.

  26. The first denim jacket with the green dress is my favorite. I love the red and pink ones on you. I have red hair so they would not be for me. I have 2 denim jackets, a washed out Levi’s one and a white one from Dress Barn. Have a great day

  27. love love love the Orchid Jean jacket, gorgeous color!!

  28. Love my traditional denim jacket but I may have to try some of the different colored ones.

  29. Diane Schexnyder says:

    I pulled the trigger on the Wrangler jean jacket and should have it Friday. 😉 I have wide shoulders and am hoping it will as well as it does you. Have a great week!

  30. Vicki Farrell says:

    I want to like denim jackets, in fact I’ve ordered several but always return. I always yhrink – maybe I’m too old (66)? But I’m going to try again. Goi g yo get the basic Wrangler jacket and give it a go. I love the look of it but think I look weird 🤣in them. Thanks for this post – I can do this!

    1. Vicki, a denim jacket is my mom’s go-to. You are NOT too old, but if you aren’t comfortable in them, they might not be for you.

  31. I like the orchid jean jacket from Talbots. I actually bought the hot pink one and wore it to church on Sunday. I got so many compliments that I think I will buy another jacket in a different color.

  32. I find I don’t wear my denim jacket much anymore. I prefer the look of a blazer or other jacket which elevates my look.

    1. I love wearing both styles.

  33. I couldn’t live without my denim jackets. That pink one is cute!

  34. I have many denim jackets and colored denim too. I have a black coated denim too that looks like leather. I don’t need another one but Talbot’s has a short sleeve denim jacket I am waiting for a good discount.

  35. I love denim jackets. I leave mine in my car, this time of year. I agree that sometimes the denim on denim looks bad. Great ideas for different styles and colors. Especially like the Draper James.

  36. Jacque Abell says:

    Love the pink jacket!! I need to get some more. I only have 2 denim jackets. This site is not good for my bank account.

  37. I love the denim jackets! I don’t have a colored one yet, but I will have fun shopping for one.

    Have a great week!

    Janna D.

  38. Carole from Canada says:

    I bought the Wrangler denim jacket last year because you said it was soft and not stiff and you were right. I love it and wear it with everything. Thank you!!

  39. Good morning,
    I, like Tom, love hearing doves coo. It’s absolutely so relaxing to listen to.
    I thought I would share with you one of my favorite denim jackets. I got it years ago at Costco. It is Buffalo by David Bitton. 88% cotton, 11%polyester and 1% elastane. So soft and stretchy and the perfect year round weight. Have it in the standard blue and a soft peach color. I’m not sure if they are still on the market. If I ever found them again in more colors, I would not hesitate to buy.
    I love the Draper James with the pleated collar and cuffs! I see a Kohls order in my future:)
    Thank you for all the hard work you put into your blog and for the doses of entertainment too!

  40. Love these jackets! I am wanting to find a pink one, I just can’t decide between light pink or a bright/hot pink! Very timely for me as I am going to do some shopping today!

  41. I have that Wrangler jacket in my “Collection”. I love the red and the orchid!!! Happy Wednesday❤❤❤

  42. I love the RED Jean jacket. Red is one of my favorite colors. Bright Royal blue is first, and magenta is another. I often think a coat of many (bright) colors would be perfect for me! My complexion has always been drab. My hair color was called dark blond. It’s now many shades of gray and white. So I always gravitated to bright colors especially tops to give me more ooomph!

  43. Kimberly Campbell says:

    Tania, Many of these outfits are super cute. I’m 5’10, so clothes (of most kinds) are a struggle. Thank goodness for tall shops. I love your brown slide wedge shoes you have on, but I’m a size 10. (SMILE). The Lauren Conrad jacket is adorable and the strapless dress with flowers. I’ve sent you page to my my mom before, who is always looking to up her style game. She’s 85 this month and still has a cute figure.

    1. Kim, I understand your struggle. My daughter is 5″11″, a nd has always struggled with finding clothing that is long enough in the arms and legs. Thanks for sharing with your mom, age doesn’t mean we don’t want to still dress nicely.

  44. Karrie Knutson says:

    I live the look of a denim jacket with dresses! I have a blue denim jacket and a white denim jacket. I just ordered a blue and white striped denim jacket from Tribal that has a pendulum bottom.

  45. Ginger Hiller says:

    Tom is a gorgeous cat. I have three denim jackets and am waiting on a Kut from the Kloth jacket in lavender to arrive. I need to take a closer look at the dresses I have and see if a jacket in ecru is needed.

  46. You looked very pretty in all the pictures with the denim jacket. I now have more ideas of how to wear mine. Thank you 💕

  47. I have several denim jackets. I just bought one from Chicos that is sort of metallic. I love it and have already worn it three times. The colored jackets are my favorites. The pink, especially.

  48. Mary Buzzie says:

    WOW! I am LOVING your daily posts and scriptures – they’re inspiring me to “freshen up” my look, my tired wardrobe and embrace 68! I’m still here, and I don’t have to be frumpy! Thank you so much!

  49. Patti McDonald says:

    I finally got a jean jacket!! it’s been a long time since I had one and I gave my last one to my daughter because I didn’t think I wanted to wear it. Wrong! You convinced me! I do wonder if I can wear jean jacket with jeans – not the same shade????

    1. Patti, right now, denim on denim is trending, so you sure can!!!

  50. Marilyn Norman says:

    Love denim jackets. So versatile!

  51. Jenniffer Groski says:

    I really like the colored denim jackets. They add so much versatility to the wardrobe and create lots of new looks!!

  52. Susan Mckenzie says:

    Love a great denim jacket— I also have a few too many— however, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them all !!! Great options today!!

  53. I really like The different color Jean jackets for spring

  54. I still own my Levi jacket I wore in high school. It doesn’t fit like it use to. 🙃
    I love jean jackets especially with a dress. Thank you for styling them. I might need add an olive one to my collection of jackets.

  55. The only denim jacket I own right now is a bright white. I accidentally left my blue denim at a restaurant, never to be seen again! The blue jacket by Draper James with the ruffled neck and cuffs is really cute and I also have my eye on a pretty coral color.

  56. The Draper James jacket is my favorite!

  57. Tania … the denim jacket feature was great. As always, you provide all the details necessary to make a purchase. Excellent.

  58. Love the orchid one from Talbots and the ruffled one from Draper James!

  59. Love denim jackets, just purchased 2 this spring to Chico’s and Liverpool refresh my wardrobe. Have a blessed week and enjoy the spring colors.

  60. I love all the denim jackets. I need a white one. We are expecting severe weather all day today. All the schools are closed and both universities. I’m terrified of bad weather and dreading it. 😢

  61. I love my denim jackets! The best ones have slash pockets to stick your hands in on a chilly day! They are wonderfully versatile. I adore the red one and the ruffled version is really cute. I’ve noticed lots of colored ones popping up in the stores. I just might have to get one!

  62. I love denim and like you, can’t get enough denim jackets. The red one really stands out to me today. Sadly, it is out of stock right now.

  63. I love denim jackets! I have several but really like the red one you styled!

  64. Love them all!!
    Like you I have so many to😊

  65. Love the denim jackets, especially the ones in different colors!

  66. Kerri White says:

    So many cute denim jackets, thank you!

  67. Where would we be without JESUS and our denim jackets?? LOL
    Love these!!

  68. All good choices! Thanks good post

  69. Yes, I have several denim jackets. Very cute outfits.

  70. Phyllis Martin says:

    I love the pink one!

    1. Barbara Craze says:

      Blue Jean jackets are too numerous in my closet too. Very versatile love them just like you.

  71. They all look great!

    1. Linda Robertson says:

      Your blog is great. Thanks for doing such a great job!
      I have a “RAG DOLL”. Her name is Juliette and she loves to sit on the window sill and watch the birds.
      Have a glorious day!

      1. I was surprised he fit on the sill since it isn’t that wide.

    2. Joanne Iannelli says:

      I love the denim jackets you have shown. It seem as though I only seem to look good in a denim jacket thinking of purchasing a color