Today, I am bringing you part 2 of the try-on session from Loft, and also a few items from the Loft Outlet. I couldn’t believe how many things I had ordered in, and it took me forever to get all of the clothing photographed. Before I start talking about each item, I am going to tell you that I am 5’6″ tall, I weigh around 155-160 at any given time, I usually wear a medium in tops from Loft, and I wear a size 10 in pants. I hope that will help all of you figure out how the items will look on you. Whew, I never, in a million years, thought that I would be putting my weight on the internet for anyone to see. Lol!
Fashion Blogger styling a green wrap v-neck top for spring from Loft Outlet Yesterday, you saw me style a gorgeous Kelly Green sweater. (Here) This wrap top is one of the items that are from Loft Outlet. It is a color called Jade, but I think that it looks more like celery. This top ties at the waist and it has a small hidden snap at the neckline to keep it closed.
Fashion Blogger styling a green wrap top for spring with jeans from Loft Outlet The sleeves are puffed at the shoulders, and they have elastic at the bottom. This top is 100% Polyester, and it is a lightweight material. The top also comes in Navy, just in case this green is not your color. I am wearing a medium in the top. Here is the link.

Also, I should go ahead and mention that the chewed hem jeans that I am wearing. These are like the white ones that I wore (here), and I love these jeans. They are distressed, without having huge holes. These jeans allow you to look updated and modern without having the holes that so many dislikes. I am wearing my usual size 10, and they fit great. ALSO, they are on sale for 40% off. Here is the link.
Fashion Blogger styling a green wrap top with a marbled cardigan for spring from Loft Outlet While I had on this green top, I decided to show you this fuzzy coatigan since it had a fleck of green in the material. The cardigan/coat is an open front style, and it is a relaxed fit. I am wearing a medium, and it fits fine.
Fashion Blogger styling a green wrap top with a marbled cardigan from Loft Outlet The cardigan is soft and cozy, and it is perfect for the cooler spring weather. This is 100% Polyester, so the care will be easy. I ordered the blue color, but this also comes in a pretty snow-white. Here is the link to the cardigan, and this is from Loft Outlet.
Fashion Blogger styling a green wrap top with a blue marbled cardigan from Loft Outlet I just wanted you to have a better look at the colors and the knit of the material.
Fashion Blogger styling a sleeveless white shell from Loft Essentials are something that we all need. I ordered this cropped sleeves sweater in to be able to wear under cardigans and jackets. The color is called Whisper White, but it seems off white to me. Also, I am wearing my usual size medium, and it is too tight for me. I wouldn’t wear this unless I ordered a size larger.
Fashion Blogger styling an essential sleeveless white shell from Loft Yeah, those lumps and bumps are not something that I want people to see. 🙁 I do like the cropped length though, especially for the high-waisted jeans. The top is machine washable, so that is a plus. Here is the link to the sweater, remember to size up.
Fashion Blogger styling a sleeveless white shell with a multi-colored cardigan from Loft The rainbow-colored sweater jacket that I am wearing is so cute. It has fringe down the open front giving it a unique look. This jacket would go with almost any color and can be dressed up or down. You could wear this with jeans as I have here, or you could wear it with a skirt or a dress for a polished look.
Fashion Blogger styling a sleeveless white shell with a multi-colored fringed cardigan from Loft Look at all of these fantastic spring-like colors. This jacket will pop off of any color that you choose to pair it with. I am wearing a medium, and it is a perfect fit. Here is the link to the sweater jacket.
Fashion Blogger styling a sleeveless white shell and a matching cardigan from Loft The Bobble open front cardigan is the same color as the sleeveless sweater. I still think that these look more like off-white than they do whisper white. Lol! I do like how these two pieces look together, and I think that I’ll style them like this soon.
Fashion Blogger styling a sleeveless white shell and a matching long cardigan from Loft The Pointelle design must be huge this year since I keep seeing it in all of the stores. I like the design of the cardigan and the deep split at the side. That split keeps the cardigan from pulling when you walk or sit down. This is a soft knit sweater that is 100% cotton. I am wearing my usual size medium, and it fits perfectly.
Fashion Blogger styling a sleeveless white shell and a matching Pointelle cardigan from Loft Here is the close-up of the bobble/puff design. I love how unique the design is and how you could wear this color with so many different options. Here is the link to the cardigan.
Fashion Blogger styling a sleeveless white shell and a chunky knit rose cardigan from Loft Okay, this is probably my favorite piece from the whole shipment! This cardigan is knit with oversized yarn, so you get this large chunky knit weave that is so pretty and unique. The color is called Red Wood, but it looks like a deep blush pink to me.
Fashion Blogger styling a sleeveless white shell and a chunky knit rose cardigan with a side slit from Loft The open front cardigan has a deep slit on the side also. This sweater is longer than the others that I have shown you earlier, and I am in love with this length. It is perfect for jeans and pants, but it is long enough to be worn with skirts and dresses also. It has pockets, ✔️ it has a relaxed fit, ✔️ and it is machine washable. ✔️
Fashion Blogger styling a sleeveless white shell and a chunky knit deep rose cardigan from Loft I want you to see how soft and cozy this sweater is. I am wearing my usual size medium, and it fits me perfectly. Here is the link to the sweater.
Fashion Blogger styling an floral embroidered white sweater from Loft I must have been in an off-white mood when I placed this order. Here is another top with embroidery that is pretty and spring looking. This is a soft sweater, which is a must for me. It has a crew neckline, which is not my favorite style, but I do like the puff sleeves.
Fashion Blogger styling a crewneck floral embroidered white sweater from Loft Here is a closer look at the raised embroidery on the sweater. They are calling this color popcorn, and I guess it could be that color. Lol! I put butter on my popcorn, so mine is always yellow. Hahaha! I am once again wearing a medium, and here is the link to the sweater.
Fashion Blogger showing a pink belt from Loft while wearing a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt This is something a little different. I saw this reversible belt, and I love things that you can wear in different ways. The one side is this pale rose color.
Fashion Blogger showing a snakeskin belt from Loft while wearing a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt And, the other side is this gorgeous snakeskin print. The belt is 3/4 inches wide, and I ordered a medium which fit me fine. Here is the link to the reversible belt.
Fashion Blogger wearing a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt with a pair of strawberry colored jeans from Loft AND, finally, we have come to the last piece. Now you see why I had to break this session up into two different parts. I am afraid that my lighting is showing these jeans with an orange cast, but that is not the case. These are called fresh strawberry, and that is a good description of the color.
Fashion Blogger wearing a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt and a pair of strawberry colored jeans from Loft The pants are high-waisted with a zip and button closure. These are stretchy jeans, so they will fit tight and hold you in for a flattering silhouette.
Fashion Blogger wearing a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt with a pair of strawberry colored jeans with fringed hem from Loft I wanted to show you the fringed hem on these jeans. That is a cute detail that is popular at the moment. These are ankle pants, and the inseam is 27 1/2″ long. I am wearing my usual size 10, and I think that the jeans fit great. These will be great for the upcoming spring and summer. Here is the link to the jeans.

That is all for today. I hope you enjoyed the spring clothing try-on session. I tried to pick affordable clothing, and almost all of the items are 40% off with the code NEWNOW, so be sure to insert that at checkout. If you prefer watching the videos to see and hear greater details about the clothing, then I included those below.

I have divided the clothing into two separate videos.

Here is video #2.

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    • Tania Reply

      I am a huge cardigan fan also. That is why you will find so many of them in my try on sessions.

  1. Hi Tania,
    When you order size 10 in jeans are you ordering 30?

    • Tania Reply

      Haha, I forget that sometimes the brands list the sizes like that. Yes, I order the 30.

  2. No that it is any of my business, but what do you do with all of the clothes you own? I’d never know what to wear with so many choices!! You have so many and they are all so beautiful. Also, where is the video of your intermittent fasting idea? I looked for it to view again, but could not find it.

    • Tania Reply

      Amy, I have gotten pickier with what I keep. My closet is busting at the seams, so I am slowly replacing older items that I no longer wear, with newer updated items that I am “loving”

  3. Love your try on sessions. You look good in everything. I was just curious to know if you actually keep most of the clothes you order for your try on sessions and isn’t it quite costly for you to pay the return postage for the ones you don’t?

    • Tania Reply

      Donna, I don’t keep everything, it would be way too much. I do keep more that I probably need though. Lol! Yes, I have to pay for return shipping, unless I buy from Nordstrom and a couple of other places that offer free shipping and returns.

  4. I’m the same height and weight that you are and I love the inspiration you give me. The split side cardigans are my favorite! The look far less droopy; lol

    • Tania Reply

      I love the cardigans that have the split. Way more flattering.

  5. Thanks for sharing these cute outfits. My faves are the chewed hem jeans and the large chunky cardigan. Lol, I think I’d probably live in that.

    Love your lip color too. What brand and color please?

    Have a great Friday Eve.

    • Tania Reply

      I usually have a blend of two Lipsense lipsticks on most of the time. I believe it was Plum and Purple Reign

  6. HI Tania, I love all the clothes, you look wonderful! And green is your color!!! Wanted to know the jeans from loft that are chewed at the bottom, do you buy the modern, curvy or the regular ? I am trying to gage my size. Thanks !

  7. Cute, cute, cute, Tania! I always enjoy seeing what you come up with. Love your good taste! On those chewed hem blue jeans, is that the curvy or the modern fit? Also what does a 10 equate to in Loft sizing for those? 29? 30? Thanks–meant to ask you last time!

    • Oops, I see you already answered above that a 10 is 30. Thanks. Still wondering with Marsha whether that is modern or curvy. Thanks a bunch!

  8. Oops! I see you already answered that a 10 is a 30. Thanks! Still wondering with Marsha above whether that’s modern or curvy. : )

  9. Susan Drew Reply

    I love these try on seasons! What do wear as foundation under the clothes- I am built similarly to you, but you look much “firmer”🥰🥰🥰 thanks for all of your ideas!

    • Tania Reply

      I only wear a bra and panties, no shapewear. I probably “should” wear some, but I haven’t found the right one yet.

  10. I love your posts and the fact that you do try to include a lot of cute on trend clothes that will not break the bank. My budget just doesn’t allow for $200+ jeans. One of the comments asked about IF? Are you jumping on that wagon too? I’m curious about it. And please, do tell us the lip color in this post – gorgeous. Oh, and the absolutely fabulous sweater jacket with all the colors is no longer available except small. boohoo Does it run big?

    • Tania Reply

      Penny Jo, I try not to share clothing that “I” am not willing to purchase myself. I might pay 150.00 for a pair of jeans, but they would have to look FABULOUS on me, and I would wear them over and over and over again. Lol! My lip color is probably a mixture of two colors. I am using LipSense, and I usually mix Plum, Purple Reign, Blu Red, Persimmon, Carmel Apple, and Roseberry. I never know which combination that I am wearing on any given day.

    • Tania Reply

      I forgot to mention IF. I did a story on Instagram, and you can find that under the HIGHLIGHTS on my Instagram feed.

  11. I love all the clothes in this post. That multi color sweater jacket is beautiful. I love cardigans because you can wear them outside and inside. I usually wear them around the house and don’t need to do anything but grab my purse if need to go to the store or a quick jog to the mailbox. Graphic tees are so much fun. Love MM shirt.

  12. I love your try-on ssessions!. Thanks for the work wear inspiration.

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