CASUAL SWEATER AND JEANSHave I ever mentioned that Joe is an engineer by trade? He graduated from Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, and that is where he and I met. He is an Industrial and a Quality Control engineer, although he doesn’t use either of those in his everyday life. I only mentioned it because he was fussing at me today that I need a work station. Apparently, my kitchen table does not suffice, and I am not ergonomically correct.
CASUAL SWEATER WITH PLAID TOPMy chair sits me up too high, and that cuts off the circulation to the back of my leg. So, I came home from working at the lumber company, and Joe had my chair turned upside down. He was trying to figure out a way to get the chair to sit lower, but he finally gave up and told me to get a stool for my legs. I kept a straight face, but on the inside, I was cracking up. I kept thinking, “wow, all of those hours in college to become an engineer, and you come up with a stool?” Lol! Actually, don’t tell him this, but I think that the chair might have lowered about an inch or two because it isn’t hurting my legs today. However, I am on the lookout for a cute desk to eventually get me off the kitchen table. We might want to start eating off the table once again.
CASUAL SWEATER AND ANKLE BOOTSI hope you can see my sweater well enough. Thomas was watching me take my photos through the sidelights on the door, so I scooped him up to have his picture taken with me. The big hairball is so massive that you can barely see how pretty my sweater looks. This sweater checks off all the boxes. It is casual and comfortable, and it is a little bit on the oversized side. I am wearing a medium, and it is still pretty big on me. I love the large chunky cable-knit pattern, and that it is a v-neck, which is my favorite neckline. You can layer the sweater, like I have done, with another shirt under for adding some color around the face. I added a festive plaid button-up shirt, and that helps to break up all the cream color which could wash me out. This sweater is super cute, pretty heavy, and under 30.00. The plaid shirt is one that you will get a lot of wear from. I wore it (here), and here I am already pulling it back into duty. It just reminds me of the holidays, maybe it looks similar to the scotch tape plaid, except in Christmas colors. Haha. I am wearing a size large in the button-up.

Cream sweater // Cream Sweater Plus Size // here //

I wore these cuffed ankle boots (here), and I mentioned to you that the time of the day I take my photos could change the colors of my outfit. Today’s coloration on the boots is accurate, but the one from the other day looked deep red. I love the cuff at the top of the boot; I think it makes it look “smart” looking. The heel on these boots is 2 3/4″ high, but the boots have proven to be very comfortable to me. These come in a couple of more colors like gray and latte, which is a lighter brown than the pair that I am wearing. The color that I have on is called Whiskey, and I think that they will go with almost everything in my wardrobe. You will see me wearing these over and over again. Here is the link to these boots, and I found a couple more that you might like.

CASUAL CABLE KNIT SWEATERI mentioned yesterday that wearing skinny jeans can help to balance out a chunky sweater. So, this morning, when I picked out this outfit, I decided to see if my theory was correct. I first put on a pair of flared jeans, and then I put on these skinny jeans. Hands down, the skinny jeans looked much better; at least they did to me. Because I had chunky going on up top, I went with skinny on the bottom. The same holds true for wearing wide-leg pants; they look better when paired with a tighter shirt to help balance out the look. Grab a mirror, and try it for yourself to see if I am correct. The skinny jeans that I am wearing are the old faithful pair that I will always reach for first. These are the Diana jeans by Kut From The Kloth, and here is the link.

PLAID SHIRT AND CABLE KNIT SWEATERSome of you messaged me about the book that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I am still reading the book, but yesterday was the first day that I tried implementing the “plan.” My sister and I are doing this together, so I have support…somewhat. I texted her today and said, “I am hungry.” She told me to drink some water, and I told her that I already had and that it wasn’t helping. Then she sent me this message. “Remember this – if you don’t eat, your body looks for fat to eat! So, hang in there. In a minute or two, your body will chomp on some butt fat!” Yummmmm! Good ole butt fat for lunch! Lol! I managed to hold on through the day with the image of my body eating my butt. I might have been starving, but my body had enough to chew on for months! In case you want to join us, and let your body eat your butt also, then here is the book that we both ordered. Also, today is the LAST day to become my customer and have the 19.95 enrollment fee waived! That is already a good deal, but if you also purchase 200.00 (before tax) in products, then you get my favorite eye cream for FREE. I use this eye cream 2x a day, and I NEVER forget to use this product. If you have any questions about what products you need, then take the solutions tool by clicking here.

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  1. I LOVE this sweater and own it. Funny thing, I was thinking about what to wear and pulled out this sweater, some skinny jeans and my cognac Frye ankle booties. Then I see your blog. Gave me a giggle. I have a Small in this sweater and it is still roomy – I typically wear whatever size you are wearing. I have not thought of wearing a collared shirt, so thanks for that. I wear a tank or Tee shirt underneath. This is a classic and I’ll enjoy it for years. My husband commented that he liked the angled cable stitching because it’s different. “Say what?” He’s not one to notice details on clothing so he must really like the sweater too. 🤣

    • Tania Reply

      Kathy, I am like you, I could have used a small, but I would never have thought that a small would fit me. Your husband is super smart, the cable stitching does make this sweater “unique” which is always the goal!

  2. Marisa Pasquini Reply

    I love your blog! But here’s my problem, I have a habit of buying my clothes too big(I’m a size 14-16), and then I look frumpy…any tips you could share?
    Thank you!

    • Tania Reply

      Marisa, buying clothing that is fitted, actually makes you look thinner. It will feel uncomfortable at first when you wear a smaller or more fitted item, but you will be amazed at how much better you look. For now, stay away from the oversized sweater trend.

    • Judy Robertson Reply

      Since you changed your email system I haven’t been getting your emails even though I have re-entered my email address twice. Just re- entered for the third time. I sure hope it works this time. And I’ve checked my junk mail settings and it’s not there either. Just letting you know in case others are having trouble also.

      • Tania Reply

        Judy, you are not the only one having these issues. I am pulling my hair out trying to fix the problem. Some technical people are now working on it, so maybe things will be better soon. Hang in there!!!

  3. I love this outfit! You look wonderful! Oh, and that cat! So beautiful!!!!
    I’m also have to say, your blog is my favorite. You are so relatable, funny, kind, and real. Your clothing choices are always on trend, and right up my alley. My husband jokingly says I have to quit reading your blog. It’s costing him too much money! Lol. I want to buy every outfit!

    • Tania Reply

      Elizabeth, thank you so much!!! I truly mean that; comments like this make my day. Tell your husband that it could be worse…he could be married to me. LOL!

  4. I realize you love skinny jeans but they do not look good on all of us. They make short people look shorter and their back side look bigger. Could you once or twice a week show another style, please.

    • Tania Reply

      Actually, Pam, skinny jeans give the illusion of lengthening your legs, especially if they are the darker wash color. You should stay away from cuffed jeans and from letting the jeans bunch around your shoe, and also adding a shoe with a pointy toe helps.

  5. Just re-subscribed to your blog. I’ve been traveling and just noticed I hadn’t received your post for a few days now. I’ve been following you since you started your blog. Anything else I need to do?

    • Tania Reply

      Just hang in there Kathryn. I have people working on the issue, but it is driving me crazy at this time!

  6. I agree, I never thought to wear a coloured shirt underneath to enhance the complexion I now realize how washed out one might look with just the sweater. I love the skinny jeans and boots too. I just bought a pair of French Dressing Jeans (FDJ) skinny jeans with embroidery up the side on either side of the ankle zipper. They were my size but I think I look like I sprayed them on! lol

      • Tania Reply

        So sorry for the confusion, Nancy! That is referring to becoming a Preferred Customer with Rodan + Fields.

    • Tania Reply

      Donna, those jeans sounds nice. You will have to send me a pic of your wearing them! And, yes, adding a colored shirt next to your skin makes all the difference.

  7. Kimberly Kleinschmidt Reply

    Love this look. I need this sweater. I am not one to wear button down shirts but I love this one with the sweater.
    Thanks for helping me with my style.

    • Tania Reply

      Kimberly, I am not one to wear a lot of button-up shirts either, but I love them under v-neck sweaters.

  8. Kelly Palmer Reply

    I love the sweater and I laughed out loud about your body having butt fat for lunch! 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      I hope that my body enjoys having butt fat for lunch because it is going to be eating it for a long time. Lol!

  9. Love the outfit and the engineer fix for your ergonomics!! I’m way behind on emails and posts but I ordered that same book yesterday. A friend had it at the beach!!

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