50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING WHITE IN THE FALL AND WINTER | FASHION OVER 40Ladies, it has sure felt like October today. I woke up early, and it was pouring the rain. It was that kind of day where you think it is earlier than it is because it is so dark outside. I answered my emails, commented on those who left comments, and sent out the blog post to some subscribers. But, after all, that was finished, I hit a wall. I was so sleepy and tired that I couldn’t hold my eyes open. So, I went and crawled back in bed at 8:30, and I ended up sleeping for at least an hour or more. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING WHITE IN THE FALL AND WINTER | FASHION OVER 40The reason that I am telling you that story is because I wanted to talk about the 90-day challenge. How is it going for you ladies to asked me to send you the calendar? I will admit that it isn’t going too well for me, at least not in some of the areas. I have done fair in my striving to get up earlier, and I am good with my self-development and gratitude, but I am stinking at the drinking more water and exercising. The great thing is…today is a new day, and we all have a restart button. So, I am filling my water bottle to my desired level, and I am going to make sure that it happens today. So many times, we fail at something, and we forget to get back up, dust ourselves off, and keep on striving forward. One step in front of the other is what you need to remember. It might not be perfect, but as long as you are going forward, then you are winning!
50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING WHITE IN THE FALL AND WINTER | FASHION OVER 40I have been in this “oversized” mood here lately. I was things big, comfortable, and not touching me anywhere. This is not my usual style, but I love the baggy look. I decided to order several things from Amazon the other day, and this leopard print sweater in white was one of my first picks. I ordered a medium, and it is still really oversized. This sweater is long also so that it would look great with a pair of leggings or tights. This sweater is under 30.00, and it is a nice thick sweater that is well worth that amount. I was surprised at how nice it was, and it is also free shipping on prime. Here is the link.
50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING WHITE IN THE FALL AND WINTER | FASHION OVER 40 I will be going to my sister’s next week for a vintage fashion show. This is a yearly event that my mother and her friend have for the Winnwood Retirement Community in Marietta. It is a beautiful facility, and the residents there love the show and all of the jewelry. I told mom that I would start showing everyone some of the vintage items that I have bought at previous shows. I don’t show you a lot of my vintage jewelry since you can’t purchase it in stores. BUT you can join me next week if you live in the area. I would love to meet you, so please watch for the date and time in tomorrow’s post. Check out the vintage earrings and cameo style bracelet. I love the different scenes on the bracelet; it is gorgeous.
50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING WHITE IN THE FALL AND WINTER | FASHION OVER 40I am wearing a pair of Democracy AB Solutions jeans. This is what I would call winter white, but I think the website calls them Optic White. I love the fit of these jeans, and I am wearing a size 10, which is my normal size. These come in several different colors, so you might want to stock up while they are available. I also bought the Honey Wheat color, and you will see it on the blog soon. I drug my worn out knee boots out of the closet to finish the outfit. I love this pair of boots, but it looks like I might have to polish them before long. These are an older pair from Franco Fortini, but I can’t tell you where I bought this. I would have sworn they were another brand because I have never heard of Franco Fortini. Lol! Oh well, here are a few other riding boots that look fabulous.

50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING WHITE IN THE FALL AND WINTER | FASHION OVER 40Remember me telling you about my daughter and I doing her work anniversary post?  She finally posted her pictures, so I am going to show you several of them; they turned out adorable! 50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING WHITE IN THE FALL AND WINTER | FASHION OVER 4050 IS NOT OLD | WEARING WHITE IN THE FALL AND WINTER | FASHION OVER 4050 IS NOT OLD | WEARING WHITE IN THE FALL AND WINTER | FASHION OVER 40How peRFect are these? Lol! I was on a team ZOOM call Tuesday night, where we were discussing all of the different reasons that each of us loves the business. The answers differed from person to person. I loved that I had joined a reputable company that had tremendous growth potential and products that work. My EBF loves the community and the fun aspect. She loves getting to travel and dress up for events, and the perks that R+F showers on us. Several ladies mentioned that they loved being able to work the business when they wanted. One was a caregiver for her father, and she was so happy that this business allowed her the freedom to be with him when he needed her. There are lots of reasons why this opportunity is one that you need to take seriously. I would love for you to join me on a ZOOM call this coming Thursday night (tonight) at 8:00 pm EST. ZOOM is a free app that you can download (here) to any device. ZOOM allows us to talk and see each other, which enables you to ask questions if you wish. To join the call, you download the app and then hit the Join A Meeting button and type in this number: 575-241-0946 Remember, knowledge is power, and you can never have enough knowledge. This is an easy-going simple call with NO obligation. I hope to see you there!!!

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    • Tania Reply

      I love white, especially in the summer. But, this winter white color is gorgeous.

  1. So glad you are showing winter white trousers today. I have recently bought a pair of white cords and was wondering what to wear with them. I have some new Biker Boots which will go well and a chunky jumper which I bought in the sales last year in grey, black,white and yellow. Just waiting for a dry day to put these all together.
    Regards – Jill stylishatsixty

    • Tania Reply

      I didn’t know what I was going to wear with these pants when I bought them. It was accidental that the sweater I bought matched them so perfectly.

  2. The pictures are soooo adorable!! Thanks for sharing them!! Also love the sweater!! And love you Tania!!

  3. I absolutely love your sweater and the entire outfit! Tania, you have cost me so much money purchasing from your links and I LOVE it! You are such a bright light in this sometimes dark world and I enjoy your posts so much! Ashley is beyond darling! She’s got her mom’s spirit! Don’t ever change!

    • Tania Reply

      Rhonda, your comment made me laugh! Joe has a funny saying that I will share with all of you on tomorrow’s blog.

  4. I call these Hallmark moments. I’m glad you share them with us. I love this look and this year will be the first year I wear white pants. I love my white denim pants and someone said white denim is just as warm as blue. I’m getting fearless as I get older it would seem. I’ve never cared for really fitted clothes so this is my type of sweater. You look great.

    • Tania Reply

      I am getting more fearless as I get older also. That is a perk of aging…it is a good thing that there is at least one perk. Lol!

    • Tania Reply

      It is very oversized, so be sure to take that into consideration.

  5. Such cute photos of your daughter! love your outfit, too! I’d love to see you incorporate your vintage jewelry into your outfits. I have a large collection of antique and vintage jewelry and would love inspiration in using it more often!

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