50 IS NOT OLD | ALTERNATIVE TO THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40If you tuned in to hear the rest of the red velvet cake story, I am going to have to apologize. I promise that I will finish that story tomorrow, but today I am going to talk about something else. I am pretty sure that you will forgive me, especially when I tell you the reason that I am skipping the cake story today. It is my grandpa’s birthday, and today he is turning 102!!! Yes, you read that correctly, my dad’s dad is 102 today, and I wanted to tell everyone so that you could wish him a happy birthday also!
50 IS NOT OLD | ALTERNATIVE TO THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Pa Jack looks fabulous. I swear that he is looking younger every time that I see him. He has the mind of a steel trap, and he never forgets anything. If he thinks that it has been too long since your last visit, you will surely hear about it when you visit the next time. Haha! As a child, I remember “trying” to spend the night with Granny and Pa, but daddy would conveniently drop by and talk me into coming home with him. Lol! But, daddy worked out of town for a few years when I was small, and we would stay with Granny and Pa while he was away.

I remember being spoiled rotten by them. One time I was jumping on the bed and my uncle, who was only five years older than me, was in the room too. Grandpa was NOT happy. He busted through the door and yanked my uncle up and gave him a spanking, but he never touched me. I felt terrible, so I pulled a George Washington, and said, “Grandpa, it was me that was jumping on the bed.” Without missing a beat, Pa said, “I am sure he deserved it for something,” and then he shut the door. Yep, I was spoiled rotten. I am not sure why my uncle never speaks to me to this day. LOL!!! When he was in the military in World War II. Pa and Granny with yours truly. Joe with Grandpa when he turned 100!Grandpa Jack on Sunday. He makes 102 look good!!!
50 IS NOT OLD | ALTERNATIVE TO THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40There are times when you need to be dressy. I love this tweed dress with a split neck because it is an excellent alternative to the little black dress. Black is a stark color, and it doesn’t look good on everyone. This multi-tweed dress is smart and stylish, but nowhere near as severe as wearing all black. The details at the neckline and the waist are a nice visual touch bringing some uniqueness to the dress. The dress is lined, and it will need to be dry cleaned. For size reference, I am wearing my usual size 12, and it fits perfectly. The dress is from Talbots, and it is on sale over 100.00 off!!! Here is the link.
50 IS NOT OLD | ALTERNATIVE TO THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40I have no idea where I got these black tasseled earrings. I think that they might have been in a FitFabFun box, but I don’t know that for sure. I found them the other day in a purse that I hadn’t carried in a while, so I thought that I would wear them for this outfit. They have multiple tassels that are attached to a tiny gold chain. The bracelet that I am wearing is a part of the Rachel set. It is black beads and a black druzy drop. I am not sure why the drop is looking green.
50 IS NOT OLD | ALTERNATIVE TO THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40My black shoes are an old pair that I bought last year from Cato Fashions. I liked the way that they crisscrossed at the ankles; I thought it gave them a different look from my usual pumps that I wear.


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  1. A very Happy Birthday to your Grandpa. Showers of blessings to you and your family.

  2. Aimee Spencer Reply

    Happy Birthday to your Grandpa! He looks amazing and Joe and you are so lucky to be able to celebrate this Birthday with him. My father fought on a ship in the Pacific and saw Battle of Guatalcanal in the distance. His ship had to take food and provisions and unload it on islands where we were fighting in Pacific. I watch those WWII History Channel Documentaries and I am in awe of all our parents who fought in Pacific and Europe. I really like your stories everyday Tania! Shopping and skincare and Grandkids are my favorite things too😊

  3. Janet Batchelor Reply

    Happy Birthday to Grandpa Jack!! He does indeed make 102 look great!!! Blessings on him especially today. Love your dress:)

  4. Thompson Hill Blog Reply

    Happy Birthday Grandpa Jack!! Love that dress. Timeless fashion is my favorite style. Just might have to grab one! Wink!!

  5. Happy Birthday Grandpa Jack!!! I love this dress and wish I needed a dress because I’d snap this up without thinking twice about it!! Terrific price on it too! It looks fabulous on you!

    • Happy Birthday ,to your grandpa Jack he indeed makes 102 look great.and in the picture with him you look just like your granddaughter.love your dress today you look great.

  6. Happy Birthday Grandpa Jack and many more! You look fabulous! You too Tania! 🎂🎉

  7. What a cute dress! Is it black and “pink” ? Happy birthday to your grandpa! 102..that is amazing!


  9. Happy Birthday to Grandpa Jack! You have some great genes in your family – you both look amazing! Have a wonderful day…the dress is a classic.

  10. Happy Birthday and many more! You look great!
    Greetings from Chicago!

  11. Marcie Warnock Reply

    Happy birthday to your Grandpa Jack. He looks amazing to be 102.

  12. Happy Happy Birthday Grandpa Jack! Wow 102!!! Hope you are celebrating BIG!!!

  13. Happy Birthday to Grandpa Jack! Very cute alternative black dress, and cute shoes!

  14. You look adorable! The dress is so cute! Happy birthday to grandpa Jack, what a blessing to your family and what a legacy he is for ya’ll!

  15. Happy birthday, Grandpa Jack, and greetings from Scottsdale, AZ!👏🏻🎉 102 is something to celebrate! God bless you!

  16. Christine Irvine Reply

    Happy 102nd Birthday Grandpa! Jack!
    I pray you are blessed today by the Lord.

    New Hampshire

  17. Dana Buckingham Reply

    Happy Birthday, Grandpa Jack! You look WAY too young to be 102!! Cute dress, Tania!

  18. Teresa Bolling Reply

    Happy Birthday to Pa Jack – hope he has a wonderful day filled with lots of love and laughter.

  19. Happy,Happy Birthday – Grandpa Jack. How lucky you are to have him in your lives. My dad would have been the same age but sadly he passed away through Alzheimer’s. How I would love to listen to all the stories he could tell. Give him a big hug from me (you have brought a tear to my eyes). And the dress looks lovely.
    Regards – Jill stylishatsixty

  20. Firstly – your Grandpa looks amazing! Happy Birthday to him. 🙂 Secondly – YOU look amazing too! That dress is so nice. Totally something I could wear to work. I will have to check out Talbots.

  21. iamcoachkathy Reply

    What a sweet story! Happy, HAPPY Birthday Jack! Here’s to 100 more!

  22. Thanks for sharing and tell Grandpa Jack ALL your followers wish him the best 102nd birthday. Perhaps he’s using some of your RF products to help him look so young!!! Love this dress on you and, as always, LOVE the earrings.

  23. Have a super happy birthday, handsome Grandpa Jack!! You are so blessed to still have him w you!
    Cute dress and very classy and flattering!

  24. Happy Birthday to Grandpa Jack! He looks great! Also, loving that dress,it’s very sharp.

  25. Happy Birthday to your grandpa! what a gift to have him around and know you are still adored. I love everything about your outfit today!

  26. Happy Birthday Pa Jack!!! Enjoy your day!!
    Your shoes are almost the same as the Talbots model Tania.

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