50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN DRESS WITH POCKETS | FASHION OVER 40Today is the 25th of July. That means six FIVE more months until it will be Christmas! Does that put fear in a lot of your hearts? I am having a Christmas in July event at my house tonight; my first in-person event EVER! I have mentioned to you over and over again that I am shy, so having an event is not easy for me. Because this is a Christmas in July event, I wanted to decorate with a Christmas theme.
50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN DRESS WITH POCKETS | FASHION OVER 40The fact that my Christmas tree is still up helped a lot. Yes, I said my Christmas tree is still up in my living room. I went through and put out a few more Christmas items, and my Energizer Bunny Friend found Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes that she brought by. Yesterday afternoon, Emersyn came over to visit while we worked on the “specials” that we were going to offer. Emersyn walked into the living room and yelled at me. She said, “NeeNee, this looks like a brand new room.” I looked around, and I asked her, “what is different?” She looked around and said, “you put out a box of kleenex on that table.” Oh my goodness, I thought that I was going to pee in my pants. Who knew that a box of kleenex could change the look of a room that much? Lol!!!
50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN DRESS WITH POCKETS | FASHION OVER 40When my grandchildren were in visiting from Tennessee, we made a trip to Walmart so that they could each pick out a toy from me. When I was walking down the aisle to go and checkout, I glanced over and saw this dress on the clearance rack for 9.00. I loved the sage green color, and I thought how cute this will look in the fall, as well as right now, It is a linen blend, and IT HAS POCKETS! Lol! The bad thing is; I couldn’t find it on their website any longer, but I did find a few dresses in this similar color. If you don’t like any of them, then head over to your local Walmart and see if this dress is still there. You will not be sorry.

50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN DRESS WITH POCKETS | FASHION OVER 40I have had this necklace for at least a year. I love the light beige leather and the gold beads and discs that are attached to the leather strands. This necklace has multiple strands and is on the longer side since it is 35″ to 38″ inches long. The necklace is called the Rhiannon, and it will be perfect in the fall also. The Charma earrings are a tortoiseshell oval hoop, and they are only 1.5 long. My bracelets were a special purchase a long time ago, and I am crossing my fingers that they bring them back in the catalog. I love the jade, ivory, and dark brown coloration. I found the one below on Amazon, and it looks really similar.

50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN DRESS WITH POCKETS | FASHION OVER 40I am really into neutral shoes. They make my leg look ten miles long, and they do not draw your attention to large feet. Lol! This is a Berkley T-Strap shoe by Michael Kors. This shoe has a rubber sole, a leather upper, and a 3 1/2 heel. It also has a lot of SASS! Here is a link to the shoe on Amazon.
50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN DRESS WITH POCKETS | FASHION OVER 40I don’t have anything else to show you today, but I thought that I would show you this photo so that you could get a good look at the shoes. Also, today is my first day of offering deals for Christmas in July. Each day will be a different deal, so be sure that you check in every day to see the special.

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  1. Jana 😎 Taylor Reply

    Love this style! And it has pockets! Yeah!! Will have to check out my local Walmart to see if they have any in-store. Have an amazing day! Enjoy your grands ❤️

    • Nancy Sudlow Reply

      Cute dress! Love the shoes! Took me a while to like a T strap but love it now. My grands also call me NeNe! Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Pretty dress! It’s really only five months until Christmas! I enjoy your blog.

  3. Tania, hate to break it to you, but it’s only FIVE months to Christmas!! Yikes!

  4. Like this outfit. I wasn’t sure when I saw linen in the title as I’m not really a fan but that’s looks super light and airy.

  5. Lori Fletcher Reply

    I hate to burst your bubble, it’s 5 months until Christmas. Or 153 days to be exact. You started your shopping yet?

  6. July 25 is 5 months from Christmas not six. Check your math. July is the 7th month and Dec is the 12th. OMG. Start getting ready now.

  7. Gurl you find the best bargains out there – even when you are not looking!! I love this color and I have a camouflauge vest and a camo jacket that would look so cute with it!! I might have to look for something like this. I like the neutral shoes with it too!! I have plenty of those!!

  8. So pretty! I totally believed you that it was 6 months until Christmas until I started reading the comments! Hahaha

  9. Susan Stancliff Reply

    I love this dress! I am wearing it today only in a stripe. it is comfy and washes up nicely. Great minds think alike Tania!

  10. Even scarier is the fact that Christmas is only 5 months away! 😂🤣😂

  11. Carole Prisk Reply

    Love the dress. It looks so cool and comfortable. That shade of green is lovely. Getting a box of Kleenex because this place needs an overhaul!

  12. Becky Sanchez Reply

    Omg! Tania! You crack me up! I’m so glad that you, being someone I admire so much, leaves the Christmas Tree up all year long! My husband refuses to let me take ours down. I think I married Santa Claus! I know others redecorate monthly, ours is Christmas themed 365 days. I will say, it is pretty, but embarrassing when it’s the first thing guests see when they enter our home-our 9 foot tree!!! Everyone says they love it, but I wonder if they’re just being polite!

  13. Nine dollars for a cute dress…now that’s a good deal! I keep my tree up all year too, covered in lightweight clear plastic drop cloths to keep it dust-free. That Emersyn is too funny!! Who knew all you need is Kleenex for a house remodel! lol

  14. Can’t believe you got that dress for $9! Cute!
    How fun to have a Christmas party since you already have the tree! Too funny about E. And the Kleenex!

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