50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA | FASHION OVER 40Happy Birthday, AMERICA!!! I hope all of you are going to spend the day at a cookout, watching fireworks, or at least wearing something red – white – or blue. For me, it is all depending on the weather, which is not forecasted to be great. We have hotdogs and hamburgers ready to be grilled, a watermelon already cut up and un-seeded, and some fireworks are waiting to be set-off. So, I am crossing my fingers that we will be able to have some festivities today, even if only for a short time.
50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA | FASHION OVER 40Yesterday was Emersyn’s birthday, so I told her that she could pick out what we had for supper/dinner. I thought that she would choose Pizza, but I was wrong. When I asked her what she wanted to eat, this was her reply, “kiwi squash chicken.” I was like, “WHAT!?!” She said that it was little round green things, and I told her that I knew what kiwi was, but I was surprised that was her choice. After I told her mother what she had requested, Kayla said, “she means zucchini, not kiwi.”  Lol!!! That made perfect sense then. Haha! And, she changed her mind about the chicken, and instead, she requested to have steak. Dang! How did I raise grandchildren with such expensive tastes in food???
50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA | FASHION OVER 40My photographer is out of town this year, so here is last years “canvas worthy” photo. I think that this might be one of my favorite pictures of the kids and me. Lol! I love how this is real life; one was having a melt-down, one in shock, one refusing to look at the photographer, and two that are enjoying the whole mess. Oh yeah, I forgot me, who was being as much a kid as the others. Lol! And, make sure that you check out the grip that I have on Emersyn. Lol!!!
50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA | FASHION OVER 40All of the photos above were posts that I have made on July 4th through the years. Wow, I was a LOT thinner back in 2016, but I have a lot LONGER lashes in 2019. Lol! Maybe everyone will be looking at my long, beautiful lashes, and not notice all of the weight that I have gained. Lol! I guess that it is back on a diet for me come Monday. Anyway, if you want to check out the clothing that I have on in any of those posts, or if you are wondering why I am not in patriotic colors in the second photo, you can click on these links to go right to the post.

Photo 1, 2016 – HERE
Photo 2, 2017 – HERE
Photo 3, 2018 – HERE

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  1. Happy 4th July to you and yours Tania enjoy 🌭🍔🍷🎇I love that photo with your grandchildren 🤣 and your death grip on Emerson 😝 every family ever

  2. Love the picture with your grandchildren! Our first grandchild was born on Sunday, June 30 – Liam Henry. I am sooo happy to be a member of the grandparents club! You look terrific in all the pictures! I am trying to decide what to wear today and your photos have given me some ideas. Thank you!

    Have a wonderful 4th!

  3. Adorable grandchildren! Just home from 2 weeks in Alaska. Your July 4 pics are all super. Happy 4th!

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