50 IS NOT OLD | DISTRESSED JEANS AND A BLAZER | FASHION OVER 40This is one week that I am so thankful to see Friday come around. I am exhausted from pulling double duty at work, and the weekend can’t get here soon enough. Also, as with every Friday, I am thrilled to be linking up with a blogger friend of mine. Today I am going to introduce you to Jess from Elegantly Dressed and Stylish.
50 IS NOT OLD | DISTRESSED JEANS AND A BLAZER | FASHION OVER 40I first met up with Jess when I was still brand new to the blogging arena, and she was super helpful and friendly. We are both southern girls since I am a Tennessee/Virginia gal, and she is a North Carolina gal. We also have a love of vintage clothing in common, but the difference is that she can fit into those clothes, and I don’t have a prayer of making that happen. Lol! Jess is a fiery redhead who is always smiling. Because she has a chronic illness, she can’t wear high heels, so you ladies who are in the same boat as her will love her shoe selections. Please be sure to check out her blog by clicking here.
50 IS NOT OLD | DISTRESSED JEANS AND A BLAZER | FASHION OVER 40This linen jacket might not be old enough to classify it as vintage, but it can’t be far off. Lol! This is OLD! I have looked for years for the perfect linen jacket to replace this one (it is getting ragged) but I can’t find the right fit, shape, color, etc. I like how this one has the 3/4 rolled up sleeves and two-button closure. Shoot, now I am off to see if I can find a jacket. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | DISTRESSED JEANS AND A BLAZER | FASHION OVER 40The tank top that I have on is one from the haul I just got in from Chico’s Off The Rack. I ordered five of these tanks because I love wearing tanks all year round. I bought a navy, red, gray, black, and a blue one. I ordered a 2 in the gray, but I ordered a 1 in all of the others for sizing references.
50 IS NOT OLD | DISTRESSED JEANS AND A BLAZER | FASHION OVER 40This is the first time for me to wear the Arabella necklace. It is a marbled acrylic necklace that is lightweight and is 17.5″ to 20.75″ long. The matching dangle earrings are called the Thaisha. I like all the different colors in this set because you can wear it with almost anything. The white Nevada bracelet is another item that can be worn with nearly anything. It is white beads on an elastic strand with a tassel and a seashell attached.
50 IS NOT OLD | DISTRESSED JEANS AND A BLAZER | FASHION OVER 4050 IS NOT OLD | DISTRESSED JEANS AND A BLAZER | FASHION OVER 40Girl’s after hearing my daughter fuss that I need to be drinking more water, I finally have committed to making that happen. I found this wonderful water bottle that keeps track of my water consumption, and it is a great way to remind me that I need to drink up. Here is the link to the bottle.50 IS NOT OLD | DISTRESSED JEANS AND A BLAZER | FASHION OVER 40 Now for the very distressed jeans. These jeans didn’t come from the store this distressed, but after many wears and washings, you can see how they have unraveled. However, I like the distressing, and my husband seemed to be appreciative also. Lol! I know that a lot of ladies do not like distressed jeans, especially ones that are this distressed.

50 IS NOT OLD | DISTRESSED JEANS AND A BLAZER | FASHION OVER 40I want to make sure that you head over to Jess’s blog and tell her hello for me.

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    • Tania Reply

      Nancy, I think that she is a doll! I have already gotten over the “run to the bathroom constantly” phase. Lol!

  1. Thompson Hill Blog Reply

    I love linen and how you paired it with the distress jeans. Great style as always!!

    • Tania Reply

      It is good to hear from you, Susanne! We need to talk soon!

  2. You are kidding, right? I’m sure you wouldn’t wear these jeans anywhere except at home!!

  3. Gurl, I love your verve and attitude, but NO. Just no on those jeans. Distressed is one thing–in fact I’m wearing some today at the office, but they don’t show skin. They are the faux ripped and I think look great, but when you get to our age and wear a jean with one thread keeping it together, that’s not the way to go. Leave it to your daughter.
    Having said that, I love jeans with a blazer and the leopard ballet flats are perfect. Please consider this constructive criticism.

  4. When I saw your jeans I was so surprised! You are braver than I am when it comes to distressed jeans. You look very hip today. I may have to give them a go. (I bet Joe did appreciate those jeans.lol). Have a nice weekend. It finally stopped raining here and I’m working in my garden. I’m off to check out your friends blog.

  5. Forgot to add that I bought one of those tanks in the light aqua color and it is very nice. Think I’ll go back and get couple more colors. Thanks for giving me the heads up on Chico’s Off the Rack.

  6. Girl you look great until I saw those jeans. Not a good look on anyone, sorry.

  7. Great top, blazer and flats but No to the distressed jeans. When you get to be our age there is a fine line between trying to dress to look young and dressing to old. I actually think trying to dress too young makes a person look older. I worked in retail most of my life and one of the stores that I worked sold cruise wear and related clothing. I saw it sooo many times, middle aged women trying to look like a 20 year old. It didn’t work.I am not trying to hurt your feelings and I assume you want honest comments. I love most of the outfits you wear but skip the distressed jeans for a nice classic pair.

  8. dont mind a little distress with my jeans, but for our age group those are “over the top”

  9. The jeans pictured worn by you here are” too distressed” now, and ready for the trash-bin. Personally, I do enjoy the distressed look, but there are jeans sold new that have hidden patches sewn inside the jeans under the “holes”. The patches do not take away from the distressed fashion look, and no skin shows. Love the look otherwise, but I’d wear a white or pastel blazer for a fresh summer look.

  10. Dana Buckingham Reply

    I agree that the distressed jeans are a no go. I don’t want to pay good money for something that looks like it’s ready for the rag bag. Classic jeans always look good. But everyone has their own opinion.

  11. The “distressed” jeans are a no for me. A little rip, pull or fading is one thing. Ripped up like that is just a no for anyone over 20 as far as I’m concerned. BUT if you’re OK with it hon, please continue.

  12. The “distressed” jeans are a no for me as well but I would looooooove to find a jacket just like yours. The 3/4 sleeve is perfect. Please find one for us…. I loved the rest of the look.

  13. Melissa Lewis Reply

    Love the jeans. As a 51 year old I have 3 pairs like this. I don’t wear them to work since I teach 6th grade in a uniform wearing public school, but I do wish I could.

  14. Angie Chronister Reply

    This is one of my favorite outfits for you! I have many pairs of jeans this distressed & I love them! Maybe the naysayers just aren’t as hip as us. LOL

  15. No, no , no. With respect. No. Being hip has nothing to do with my opinion.
    To each her own! Nice to have choices.

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