50 IS NOT OLD | TAKING A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE | FASHION OVER 40If anyone local to me is reading my blog today, you have to swear that you won’t breathe a word of this blog to Joe. I am about to let you in on what I have in store for Joe for this coming Father’s Day, and I want it to be a surprise. It is kind of funny to say that I want something to be a surprise as I get ready to post it online for the ENTIRE world to see. Lol! The truth is, I feel like we are all friends, and I know that I can trust you to keep my secret.
50 IS NOT OLD | TAKING A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE | FASHION OVER 40Do any of you remember the Southern Comfort commercial that featured a gentleman in his 40’s-50’s walking down the beach in a speedo? It has been a running joke between Joe and me that I am going to buy him a speedo for him to wear. A couple of years ago, I found a regular pair of swimming trunks that were the speedo brand, so I bought them for him for Father’s Day. He loves those trunks and took them to Los Cabo with us, but they weren’t the type in the commercial. Well, this year I ordered him a black pair in the same style as in the commercial. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens his Father’s Day gift. Don’t worry, I got him some other things too, but I promise that the swimsuit will be the biggest hit. Lol! No…you won’t see any pictures. Hahaha!

50 IS NOT OLD | TAKING A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE | FASHION OVER 40Did anyone spit out their coffee yet? I promise to be good for the rest of the post. Lol! Today I am wearing a beautiful bright orchid cardigan that I bought from J. Crew years ago. I love this cardigan, and I hate so bad that it isn’t on the website any longer. I love adding a bright color when I am wearing black and white. I think the bright color makes the whole outfit POP. The white tank that I have on is from Chico’s Off The Rack. This is one that was gifted to me by Chico’s, but I just ordered four more tanks yesterday. They are having a big sale on their tanks, and I can wear a tank year around. Everyone needs these essential items.

50 IS NOT OLD | TAKING A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE | FASHION OVER 40I decided to do a small amount of pattern mixing today with my earrings. The black and white striped earrings go nicely with the striped zebra skirt. Same colors, but a different pattern, and that works well for an outfit. These earrings are no longer available, but the Adaline and the Dana would both work just as well. The beautiful cross necklace that I have on is probably 5 or more years old. I bought it at my local Cato Fashions, and it has been a favorite of mine ever since. I love the pearls and the bling from the rhinestones on this necklace. I have looked for years for another necklace that is half as pretty, but so far I haven’t located even one. Sorry. 🙁
50 IS NOT OLD | TAKING A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE | FASHION OVER 40This skirt!!! Oh my, I am in love with this skirt! This is my way of taking a stroll on the wild side. Haha! The zebra pattern is supposed to be big this year, but animal print, in general, is almost always in style. This skirt is so full and flowy, and I feel like I need to start twirling round and round. I guess that is the reason that they call this a swing skirt. Lol! It has a pull on waist and is made from 100% polyester, so it is machine washable. The belt is one that I already owned, but I thought it made the look. Here is the link to the skirt, and it is only 21.99. If you would like the plus size, then click here.
50 IS NOT OLD | TAKING A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE | FASHION OVER 40Can you believe that Joe agreed to have a photo made together? It might be the last one that he takes with me when he gets his present. Lol!

I put a post on Facebook yesterday, asking people to tell me what were their favorite R+F products. I think that Lash Boost might have been the winner. Any guesses why??? Lol! If you are interested in lash boost, then message me at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com and you can be on your way to having longer looking lashes, just like me.

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  1. You two are one good looking well dressed couple!
    The earrings, belt, and skirt are fab together and the sweater is a pop of orchid that finishes it perfectly.
    But the cherry and sprinkles on top was that Speedo video. It gave me a breakfast chuckle.

    • Tania Reply

      Thank you for the well-dressed couple comment. I am glad that you enjoyed the Speedo video. Lol!

  2. You two are a hoot and you both look awesome!! Can’t WAIT to hear Joe’s reaction to your Father’s Day present to him! lol

    • Tania Reply

      I am crossing my fingers that the Speedo comes in time. It is scheduled to arrive Friday-Monday, and I am leaving town late Sunday.

  3. Tammy Stafford Reply

    OMGosh…since no pictures can you at least have someone video his reaction?? LOL!! I had never seen this commercial, but I LOVE it!! You can remind him, what happens in N. Myrtle stays in N. Myrtle! 🙂 Love your outfit too!

    • Tania Reply

      I wish that I could record the reaction without him knowing it! I am pretty sure that if “that” happened in N. Myrtle, that it wouldn’t stay in N. Myrtle. Lol!

    • Tania Reply

      Haha! I am full of mischief, and he deserves all of it! Lol!

      • Dana Buckingham Reply

        I’m glad you posted the video because I hadn’t ever seen it either! Ha! I wish we could see Joe’s reaction when he opens that gift! Ha ha!! Nice outfit today.

  4. Tania – You look amazing! Love the bright sweater, and that skirt!! Oh my goodness!! The belt is the perfect finishing touch. Great job!

  5. Cheryl Peffer Reply

    Never saw the ad. Speedos, ah yes. What a fashion statement. I swear I would pay to wear your beautiful outfit. It would look NOT look good on me. Trust me.

  6. I like your sense of humor. I think I have that cardigan or one very like it. Had it a long time. Wow on the skirt. I’m short so probably wouldn’t work for me but you can rock it. Happy Wednesday

  7. Christine Irvine Reply

    Tania, you made my morning!
    I have never seen that video, but let me tell you, that is not the Speedo I’m familiar with. The ones I’ve seen look more like sling shots! Tiny little things.
    I live in New England and the French Canadians come down to go to our beaches… you should see the old men, with their big bellies and chicken legs, proudly wearing their Speedos! Makes me laugh … but then again, good for them to still be out enjoying the beach!

    New Hampshire

  8. Christine Irvine Reply

    Tania, one more thing. Maybe you should also put a good size potato in with the gift!

    I have to share a joke I once heard about Speedos.
    Two old French Canadians were talking about meeting women.
    One said, “You know, when I go to the beach I put a potato in my Speedo. The ladies love it!”
    The other one said he’d give it a try.
    The next time they saw each other the first guy asked the other how it went.
    He replied, ” I don’t know what happened. I did as you told me, but I just got laughed at. Not a single woman would talk to me.”
    The other guy investigated more, and replied…
    “You put the potato in the front, you idiot!”

    New Hampshire

    Good luck Joe!

    • Tania Reply

      Now, that made me spit my water out! You should have had a “warning” posted on this. LOL!

  9. This outfit is not my style, but looks fabulous on you! The only suggestion I have is the necklace is so long it gets lost in the belt. I love the necklace, but maybe a shorter one would be better with this particular outfit. I didn’t even notice it until you mentioned it. I’m sad you couldn’t find anything comparable to the necklace, because I have been looking for something similar for probably 6 months and also have not been successful! Hope your Father’s Day present makes it in time!

    • I agree SandS. Actually a necklace may not even be needed since Tania’s wearing long dangly earrings and the print skirt.

  10. I’m a newbie! Newbie to reading blogs. I never knew it could be so fun. Between work and trying to keep up with the “have to do” stuff in life….this is something I hadn’t figured out exactly how to do. Of course at 56…I am almost at the cute after age 60 blogs, but I am still trying to play it young and not sure what to wear.
    I am going to be a New Grandma in a about 7 weeks and ask my daughter with help on finding something new and age cute for the baby shower. Her response, “Mom, Who is your favorite blogger?” I couldn’t tell her I didn’t follow anyone or even ask, how to find one…..But I have one now! Could you please come to Texas, do my hair and dress me up to look all polished?
    Really, I just wanted to leave a reply and tell you I enjoy your daily cuteness.

    Still learning in Georgetown (outside of Austin), TX

    • Tania Reply

      Sweetie, I am 59, so you are still a spring chicken. Lol! I am honored, and a little thrilled, to be your favorite blogger!!!

  11. Cyndy Malinski Reply

    Tania, I love your sense of humor! You are so fun! What a beautiful skirt, love the outfit. I look forward to your posts every day – not only do they make me smile, the style is fun too. Thank you!

  12. I laughed so hard at this one Tania! I cant wait to hear his reaction! We’ve had a running joke about Speedos in our family and one year I did get him the Speedo brand board shorts. I told our grown daughters that I got him a Speedo and that he loved them and couldn’t wait to wear them to the beach on our family vacation. They were a bit nervous but didn’t question it too much. They were relieved when he came out in the shorts!
    I love your outfit! I’m a big fan of black and white outfits and I love to add a pop of color. Beautiful!

    • Tania Reply

      Sue, that sounds like the type that I bought Joe too. His regular Speedo trunks are gray with red piping.

  13. Jani Medlin Reply

    Hi Tania!! Hilarious idea for the Fathers Day speedo! That’s something I would do to my hubby. Well, just wanted to wave and say hello! I’m down here in Nashville, but moved from Kingsport a few yrs ago! I know several folks over in the “Gap”. I’ve been here about 10 yrs and still miss my mountains!!
    When I found your blog several months ago, it was like I knew you. Almost like running into a friend from home! 💕 Besides loving your style, your advice, your overall spirit for life…It’s just so much fun reading your posts and catching up with you. Like I said… you’re like a friend from home and I get to reconnect with my roots just imagining where you are!!
    If you’ve ever wondered if you’re reaching anyone who really needs a little boost or if you made them giggle while reading one of yr stories, believe me, dear, I’m one of many!!
    Well, thank you for your wonderful blogging and styling, etc., and next time you head to NashVegas, I’m only 10 minutes from the Lovelace Cafe… my treat!!! (And just 15 more to the mall👍)…so come on down, girl!
    -Jani M-

    • Tania Reply

      Jani, I am heading to Nashville in September! Be careful what you say, I might just take you up on that.

      • Jani Medlin Reply

        Just bring it on down, sweetie! We’ll paint this town any color that looks good on us!! Btw… If yr a Michael Buble’ fan, he’ll be here in July… just sayin’. 👍👍

  14. Glad you shared the Southern “Comfort” video! I’m sure Joe will get a good chuckle out of it and give you a private show 🙂 I’m a dog person, so loved the dog that joined in with him. And the close up of the glass of Southern Comfort was just too much :-). Happy Father’s Day to Joe and enjoy your next trip. Cute outfit and I always enjoy your tips.

  15. I must tell you, I was shopping in my local Cato store, saw this exact skirt and thought of you! The fabric is so light and breezy. I believe this skirt could be sold in a high end dept. store for a much higher price. Ultimately, I opted for the leopard print skirt and another one with the same style, but is navy with white polka dots.
    Thanks for sharing your style with us!

    • Tania Reply

      I have a navy and white polka dot one already. Or I used to, my daughter might have left with that also. Lol!

  16. kin granzella Reply


    You look so cute! I love the leopard and pink! The pic of you and Joe is sweet too! I enjoy so much reading your post!

    Love from Kim in Napa!

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