50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT I LOOK FOR IN A TOP | FASHION OVER 40If you have been reading my blog for very long, then you know that I have a few things that I look for when I am shopping. I love softness when it comes to my clothing. I will stroll through the aisles, and let my hand skim the tops as I walk along. Once I find something that passes the “feel” test, then I go on to my next criteria…color, style, and print.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT I LOOK FOR IN A TOP | FASHION OVER 40It has been a while since I collaborated with Purple Poppy. Purple Poppy is one of my favorite online stores, and I hope to be able to visit her two locations. They have a store in Cape Cod Massachusettes and a newly opened store in Naples Florida. I am sure that they have more clothing in the stores than they have available online, so if you live close to either of those locations, be sure to run by and tell them that I said hello.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT I LOOK FOR IN A TOP | FASHION OVER 40This top caught my eye right off the bat. I loved the v-neck tunic style of this top and the fact that it has 3/4 sleeves — translation: flattering and comfortable to wear with most pants. The print was also something that I was drawn too because of the floral watercolor style. Next, it came to coloration, and the pastel blue, purples, and greens all look beautiful together, especially for summer. The top is a premium blend of polyester and rayon, so it should be easy to launder. I am wearing a large, but the sizes run from small through extra-large. There are several other color/print options, see below. To visit the website, click on the photo below that you like, and you will be directed straight to the item.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT I LOOK FOR IN A TOP | FASHION OVER 40You are going to love me (even more) for this tip. Got a muffin top? I would wager that almost every one of you reading this post raised your hand. Let me introduce you to your new best friend, the Skinni Belt. This is an adjustable hidden belt that is made with polyester woven elastic webbing. You wear this belt under your top and place it on the bump or bulge that you are trying to hide. It stays in place nicely, and you will be shocked at how well this thing works. It comes is small, medium, and large, and in six different color choices.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT I LOOK FOR IN A TOP | FASHION OVER 40Finally, I am wearing my favorite white pants that I received from Purple Poppy over a year ago. These have an excellent front panel section that helps to hold the tummy area firmly in place. These pants are my go-to summer pants, and you will understand why if you buy them.

The Purple Poppy always features FREE shipping on orders over $100.00. I love the Skinni Belt so much that I am going to give two of them away. To enter, go to the website (here) and check out all of the beautiful clothing and tell me what your favorite item was.
This is a sponsored post, but the wording and opinions are all my own.

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  1. Barbara Wilson Reply

    Tania, I love,love your top. I went to the website (new site for me), and I also love the Whimsy Rose Banded Bell Sleeve Tunic Abstract Leopard top. I would wear it with white pants or a indigo blue pair of denim pants.

    • Ella Eugenia Weaver Reply

      The Bell Sleeve Leapord top !
      Enjoy reading your blog 😉

  2. Teresa Stout Reply

    Tania, I loved the Whimsy Rose Baltic Watercolor top. Gorgeous for the summers

    • Sandy Smith Reply

      I really like the pearl necklace you have featured in older posts. I bought a similar one from dillards because I thought yours was so pretty!

  3. What a great collection of clothes! I loved the Yaya maxi dress in various blues. It was hard to narrow it down to just one thing though!!

  4. I’ve always admired the necklace you received from Purple poppy. It looks very similar to Plunder’s Lottie. R&F question: how do I find ENHANCEMENTS on the website?? Each time I click SKINCARE I get regimens.

  5. Cindy Freed Reply

    Love all of Purple Poppy, but my heart belongs to the pearl necklace. I have it and usually wear it with a black top and black pants and a sleeveless long cardigan.

  6. I love the top you’re wearing! Tania, you should be a model for them, as I think it looks better on you than it does the model! I also love the same top in the Baltic watercolors, purple and aqua look so pretty together. Although their prices are a little high for my budget, I live close to Cape Cod, so I’ll have to check out the store the next time I’m in the area.

  7. I like the straight leg jeans by Purple Poppy. The pull-on waist provides extra support without looking dowdy. Their clothes are classic and appropriate for any woman, regardless of age.

  8. Dee McCulloch Reply

    I love the Lysse Snap Denim Cuff Crop! They would look good with the top you’re wearing!

  9. I love everything! But if i had to pick one it would be the Liverpool Classic Denim Jacket!

  10. I loved the white denim jacket on the Purple Poppy website! I’ve never heard of the “Skinny Belt”! Great idea! I’m always looking for pants that hit the right spot to hide the muffin top! Lol

  11. OHHHHHH….I love the cashmere dress topper too! and ALL of the Lisette pants (great selection). I’m so intrigued by the Skinni Belt. Do you know you have it on? Is it binding/constricting?

  12. Hi Tania, I love the top you selected, but my favorite is the Whimsy Rose, which is the one I ordered. Also LOVE the Damee jacket , lots of them , but especially the black one with the splatters of color. Probably going to come to live with me too!

  13. I love the Sail To Sable Sleeveless Classic Tunic in Ocean. The color is beautiful and perfect for summer!

  14. I love the Liverpool Classic Denim Jacket. It would be perfect with Everything!!

  15. Angela Pennington Reply

    Hey, Tania. What a beautiful blouse! I also liked Whimsy Rose 3/4 blouse, such a flattering cut. And I need that Skinni Belt so bad! I don’t just have a muffin top, I have bottom too. Ha!

    • Susan Baker Reply

      I received an email, saying I had won the belt! So excited! I tried to reply with my address, but the first few times, it bounced back. I just tried again. We will see if it went through this time. Thanks so much!

  16. Vicki Roberts Reply

    I really liked the top you have on. Many to choose from too.

  17. I love those pants on you. Checked their website and they do not really describe them. Do they come in petite sizes. You won’t know there was a tummy panel if you hadn’t mentioned it.

  18. Lorie O'Brien Reply

    I love the Sail to Sable Poly Crepe tank top. I also do love the top you are wearing. I really want to order that skinny belt and try it out.

  19. Suzanne Havey Reply

    I know this is really boring but I liked the white denim jacket. A nice classic style is hard to find!

  20. Joyce Cantrell Reply

    Whimsy Rose High-Low Tunic Baltic Watercolors. Love the colors and the line of the high-low bottom.

  21. Hard to pick just one but I would pick the Sail To Sable Embroidered Top. I hadn’t heard of this store and will definitely check out the Cape location this summer.

  22. The “Sail to Sable embroidered top” caught my eyes. It looks like the perfect top for summer wear and could be worn over white jeans or dark slacks as well as for the office over a dark skirt and with a matching blazer. I’m all of 5’2″ so need tops that don’t overwhelm my frame and this one looks like it would work.

    Thank for your generosity and consideration. If I receive a Skinni Belt I might just end up wearing g it all the time!

  23. I’m loving the Caroline Grace Festive Tassel Trim Poncho. This would be great for a date night or on vacation to the beach!

  24. Hi Tania, I love the Ibkuls mock neck top. And I’m very interested in the skinny belt!

  25. Favorite item among many was Caroline Grace Festive Tassel Trim Poncho . I can see many instances to wear this.

  26. I liked the principle denim dream white frey jeans. I had never heard of this store. They have many pretty things!

  27. Linda Phelps Reply

    I love the Beluva Amethyst and White Gingham top. It is a fresh take on a summer staple.

  28. I went to Purple Poppy’s website and discovered two beautiful tops I wish I could afford—The Two Bees Cashmere Bell Sleeve Pom Pom Sweater and the pretty pink LaRoque Linen Top. Both have bell sleeves! Like you, I wear a lot of print, but these solid tops caught my eye. I’ve never heard of the Skinni Belt. Thank you for offering a giveaway.

  29. Cindy Gough Reply

    My favorite is the Marie Oliver Aime Blouse. Looks like it would be fun to wear. Thanks for the great style inspiration you give us!

  30. Hi, Tania,love your outfit today you look beautiful as usual went to purple poppy website beautiful clothing I really loved the Lysse Snap denim cuff crops.thank you for offering another giveaway….

  31. Donna Ingalls Reply

    The Crosby Susie Tunic is my favorite. It’s so colorful and would flatter any body type. Great website. Thanks for the heads up.

  32. Kristi Tandy Reply

    I loved most of the clothing I saw on their website. So much so, I signed up to receive their emails; however, if I had to narrow it down to a couple of things, it would be the white pants you are wearing and the skinny belt!!! You look fresh, crisp – very summery in that outfit. Have a fantastic day!!! 🙂

  33. My favorite s are the vintage tops – especially the one that is gray on top, white in middle, and blue on bottom for $74. Love it!

  34. Laurie Boone Reply

    Love the tops! I noticed your espadrilles. Do you know some great places I can find AA widths fior shoes and sandals?
    Thanks in advance!

  35. The LaRoque linen top was my favorite. It would look great with white crop pants!

  36. Charlcy Green Reply

    Oh I love the Caroline Grace Tasseled Poncho in the fuschia color! But I agree that zoftnesz iz a key ingredient in clothing. I hate s rstchy, stiff t- shirts. ( Do you have a fav brand for soft t-shirts?) Its raining, thundering, lightening and hail here too.

  37. Love the Sail To Sable Embroidered Top….and of course the top you are wearing!!

  38. Sharolyn VanHoveln Reply

    The Purple Poopy has beautiful things. I love the Whimsy Rose Watercolor top. That belt looks interesting. Is it hot to wear ?

  39. Sally Bauman Reply

    I like the Crosby Maggie top… wondering when you wash this shirt, being there is rayon in it, do you dry it in the dryer or hang them to dry?

  40. I like the blue denim jacket with the lace trim. I would love to have a skinny belt.

  41. Beth Buurstra Reply

    Love the Crosby Maggie Top. Great site – found many that I liked.

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