50 IS NOT OLD | FLORAL MAXI DRESS THAT SCREAMS SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40Today is graduation day, at least it is for my granddaughter, Emersyn. She is graduating from kindergarten, and it is a BIG deal for her. This momentous occasion called for a new dress.  And, because she is a girlie girl, she has already had a manicure and a pedicure to make sure that she looks fantastic.
50 IS NOT OLD | FLORAL MAXI DRESS THAT SCREAMS SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40Joe wanted to know if there was a graduation for everything? Lol! He seems to think that it has gotten out of hand these days and that every time the kids moved from one grade to the other that there was a graduation ceremony. I assured him that wasn’t the case, but I will agree that for better or worse, there are a lot more events now than when our kids were in school. I am not sure when having a prom when you were still in grade school became a thing. Do other parts of the country have proms for 8th graders, or is that something that only our area does? I hope that this year she is more cooperative when it comes to having her picture taken. Last year when she graduated from Pre-K, (yes, another graduation) she was in “a mood” and cried and would not smile for pictures. Lol! I don’t know about you, but sometimes those non-smiling, or even crying, photos end up being my favorites. Haha!
50 IS NOT OLD | FLORAL MAXI DRESS THAT SCREAMS SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40I can hear you gurls telling me to hurry up and get to the dress. Lol! As soon as I put this dress on, Courtney, who is my photographer, was in love. She said that this dress looked like I was going to the beach. I agree that I could wear this will you are at the beach, but I think that it has so many other uses also. I LOVE the colors and the large floral print of this dress. I love wearing all shades of blue, but I think that a bright blue is my favorite. I pair blues and yellows together a lot, so this dress was made for me! A halter style dress is not my favorite style, but I loved everything else about the dress, and I am glad that it came home with me. The dress comes with a belt, but you can also wear it loose if you do not want to draw attention to your waist. The dress is on sale for 29.99, so hurry and get yours before they sell out. (here) I am wearing a large, so size reference.
50 IS NOT OLD | FLORAL MAXI DRESS THAT SCREAMS SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40I wanted to let the dress have center stage, so my jewelry is neutral. I have on a pair of large gold textured hoop earrings that are 2.5″ big.
50 IS NOT OLD | FLORAL MAXI DRESS THAT SCREAMS SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40I also added my favorite bracelet combination, which I have misplaced. I wear this combination of bracelets all the time, but I must have put them down somewhere, and I can’t find them. I know that they will eventually show back up, but it drives me crazy when I do things like that.  I am wearing, from top to bottom, the Ramona with cream marbled beads and a gold bar (facing the other direction), a bracelet of white volcanic rock and matte gold beads from the Stacia set, the Lelani matte gold link, and the Lucille that has marbled cream circles encased in hammered gold.
50 IS NOT OLD | FLORAL MAXI DRESS THAT SCREAMS SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40I wanted to add my espadrille wedge shoes to the outfit and bring out the yellow in the dress. These shoes are at least 5 or 6 years old, and I still wear them all the time. They are by Michael Kors, and they may be the first pair of Michael Kors shoes that I purchased.

50 IS NOT OLD | FLORAL MAXI DRESS THAT SCREAMS SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40Even though I hate having my picture taken from the back, I had to show you the tassels that hang down the back. Before you ask about what strapless bra that I have on, I am going to tell you that I don’t have on a bra at all!!! I guess that is one of the advantages of not being large chested. Instead, I am wearing a pair of silicone coverups by Hollywood Fashion Secrets. They are easy to use, and they are re-usable. When I am finished wearing them for the day, I wash them with mild soap and water and set them aside to dry. Here is the link.

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  1. Perfect Summer dress, I also love the bracelets! I will keep my fingers crossed for some smilling photos! Haha, or not….

    • I love this dress! I would wear it if it ever becomes warm enough here! 😳

    • You look MAHVELOUS, dahling :-D. I just love maxi dresses in the summer!

  2. Cheryl Peffer Reply

    I agree with Joe. Seems to be more graduations than ever. Oh well, changing times. I am in love with blue lately. Why I never wore it I don’t know. Again thanks for the close up of the jewelry.

  3. Joanne Poloway Reply

    Beautiful dress and those colors look great on you! Have fun at the “graduation”.

  4. kristin greene Reply

    Love this dress too! The color, the tassels, the pattern! So many things!
    I went to the link they are out of my size. I also noticed it was a company I had not heard of before. How do you find soooo many different stores??
    I also wanted to add in my area our middle schools don’t do much. There are no dances and my 8th graders school does not even do a graduation ceremony. I had one ages ago when I graduated 8th grade, in another town.

  5. It’s almost 6 in evening and finally got to read your blog. Dress is gorgeous! Price is unbelievable too. I have 3 of those bracelets and wear them often. They go with anything. I’m with Joe. They have some kind of event for kids every year around here similar to where you live. Yes we have 8th grade dances too. When I was young you wore your Sunday school dress but today they get prom gowns. Crazy!!

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