50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING CAMO AND OLIVE GREEN | FASHION OVER 40This outfit is totally a non-Tania look. I am not usually a fan of olive green, and I only have a few items in my wardrobe that have a camo print. So, when I showed up at the lumber company wearing this outfit, Joe was taken back somewhat. He made a small comment about the camo which let me know that it wasn’t his favorite look on me. But, if you have gotten to know Joe from reading this blog, then you know that he wasn’t going to stop with just one or two comments. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING CAMO AND OLIVE GREEN | FASHION OVER 40When I got home, he might have mumbled something about burning my outfit when I took it off. Hahaha! He said, “I know that you need to have some comfortable looks, but this looks horrible on you.” He is such a sweet talker. Lol!!! Joe likes me in feminine style clothing, so I think the army look was not what he wanted to see me wearing. I laughed at his reaction to the outfit. Who would have thought that what I wear would have been something that he cared about? I didn’t tell him, and you don’t tell him either, but it is not my favorite look either. Haha
50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING CAMO AND OLIVE GREEN | FASHION OVER 40I do feel like I joined the army when I look at this picture. This is the second outfit that I have bought this week that features olive green. What the heck is going on??? I don’t know if I have had two outfits that feature olive green in my life, much less in two weeks. Lol! I know that I go in streaks, so I am hoping that this color is not my next buying streak. It is not that flattering to my skin tone, but when I am on a buying streak, I will find some way to justify the purchase. This top does feel nice on, that is probably the biggest reason that I bought the top. It is silky and smooth, and it feels like I am wearing silk. I bet army clothes don’t feel like that. Haha! I am wearing a size medium in the top for size reference,

50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING CAMO AND OLIVE GREEN | FASHION OVER 40I may not be the biggest fan of the olive green top, but I am a huge fan of the jewelry I picked for the look. I added the Bennett earrings for a touch of mustard to the look. I love how they dangle and have tassels and a feather. These earrings are a whopping 4 inches long. The bracelets are the two that I had on in yesterday’s look. They are one from the Rachel set and one from the Stacia set. Of course, those two sets are sold out, but keep checking back because I am sure that they will be getting more in soon. And now for my necklace! This is the Coralee, and it has several different colored beads on an adjustable leather cord. The necklace can be worn as a choker or even longer than I am wearing it here. I didn’t get a picture of the end of the cords, but they have some beading on them also. You can wear them down the back for a little surprise, or you can pull the cords to the front and let them hang there. Either way is an adorable look.

The camo shorts are by Democracy. I have several items, especially some jeans, that are by this brand. I like the drawstring shorts. These shorts feel like sweatshirt material to me. I tucked in my shirt so that you could see the details of the drawstring and the pockets, but I will probably wear a t-shirt out most of the time. These are made of rayon, and they run true to size. Here is the link to the shorts.

I have been guilty of saying that I was so “lucky” 🍀 to have my skincare business dumped in my lap since I had no intention of ever becoming my own boss. I was looking for better skin, not looking for more income, or to ever become a leader of a large team of other women. But dang! That is precisely what has happened!!!

Last night I was honored to host a training call for other women, including many top leaders in my company. You have no idea how ridiculous 🧐 that would have sounded three years ago. Three years ago I would have been so scared 😳 that I would have broken out in hives and I would have shook so bad that you would have been able to see me tremble physically.

So, I am not lucky; I am blessed.🙏 The Lord used a skincare business (of all things) to bring my riches beyond my wildest dreams. Not so much the monetary kind; but the friendship kind, the confidence-building kind, the becoming the best version of yourself kind.

Don’t overthink where the path you are on is taking you; just trust in the journey. But, you HAVE to get on the path!

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  1. I think the shorts are adorable! Maybe if you styled them with a navy or pink shirt?! And the green tee can be brightened up with a statement necklace and worn with white or blue jeans … Haha I’m learning how to style from you ❣️😊

    • Dena McKinney Reply

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the outfit. I think you look absolutely summer perfect in it. Your jewelry girlies it up just enough and the olive is lovely against your glowing tan.
      Other suggestions to offset the masculine vibe of military inspired shorts is gladiator or Yellow-Box type sparkly flips + lace, flowy off shoulder with/or lace/ruffle tops + pearl jewelry. This usually elicits lots of compliments when I have worn similar combos. I think the masculine element plays up the feminine in a fun way or vice versa.

  2. Aimee Spencer Reply

    I am agreeing with Lu the shorts are cute and I would wear white v neck Madewell T Shirt and necklace. Sort of a Jo-Lynne Shane outfit! The olive T-shirt would go with jeans! Keeping it simple & basic! My neighbor is in the Navy and she wears the real deal Camo! So I hesitate to even wear my camo T shirt from Target ! LOL.

  3. I love olive green! And I love the accessories you have chosen. My hubby also doesn t like my camo trousers. I think it is to male for them isn t it!😂😂😂

  4. Well I am a fan Tania 😊I think the Olive colour really suits you I think it’s a lovely casual outfit the shorts are very flattering

  5. Maybe the outfit looks better in photos than in person, but I love it!

    • I love the top and jewelry together, but I don’t think it works for you. I like the shorts too, but I would not have paired that top and bottom together.

      Fashion is about experimentation and exploring new ideas, I appreciate your willingness to do it in front of a camera. Thank you for everything you do!!

  6. Whether it is a favourite or not (and we all have those), you are trying out different style and colour combinations which is what I like and is helpful to us all. I think you look very cute in this!

  7. I have a feeling a feeling those shorts may go missing! Lol……trust Joe on this one …… I agree Olive green isn’t flattering on you.

  8. Cheryl Peffer Reply

    I feel the same way in yellow. I love it but can’t wear it. You look fine. Joe is wrong the shorts are cute as can be.

  9. I’m not a fan of the outfit together. But I think the green color looks good with your skin tone. I’ve been buying a lot of CAMO tops. Lol I never bought green for myself until the olive color came out. That necklace is adorable!

  10. Janet Crossley Reply

    not a fan of camo but the green looks great on you! Love your blog!!

  11. I love your outfit!! The olive green looks great!! It would be good to wear on holidays honoring our veterans.🇺🇸

  12. If I wear an outfit or color my husband doesn’t like he says, “Well, look at you!” or “I do like that color on you.” He is a smart man, isn’t he? Haha! Olive green is a tough one for me as well. I can wear bottoms in olive but not near my face. Your olive top looks a little muted which is easier to pull off in my opinion. Maybe it is a “cooler” olive which makes it work for you? Thanks for your blog! I look forward to reading it each day.

  13. I love olive green with khaki, black or white. Even light lavender looks good with olive green. The shorts I’d pair with a longer sleeved white blouse with a collar. Too much skin showing, especially with the nearly batefoot flipflops. As styled here, this is something I’d wear around the house, not out & about so much, and with smaller jewelry pieces. Looks comfy!

  14. I love this look! I’m into camo and I like Democracy jeans/shorts. They fit great. I disagree with Joe on this one. I think it suits you. It’s just very different from your normal look. Go girl!

  15. Charlcy Green Reply

    Tania, I love Joe, but I totally disagree! You ALWAYS manage to look classy & feminine in anything! I too am not a huge fan of olive & don’t think I have anything that color, but I do like the camo! That outfit looks awesome on you, especially w/the jewelry you’ve chosen! I love the lengthy & style of the shorts! I just went camping & wore my new camo shorts w/a lt. pink t-shirt tucked in & it was cute. So don’t burn it yet!! I’m SO proud of you for all you’ve accomplished w/R & F & w/Plunder! This blog is one of my fav things to do every morning!

    • Tania Reply

      Charlcy, you are always a ray of sunshine! Don’t ever change!!!

  16. I just saw on a TV shopping channel this am about how camo is huge for 2019! My husband doesnt like it on me either, too many memories of his time in Vietnam?? Not sure, but I don’t wear it!!

    • Tania Reply

      Sue, camo has been trending for some time now. I like the print alright, but it was the material and the style of the shorts that I liked.

  17. Rebecca Purdie Reply

    I love camo print! Not an olive person.
    I have several jeans, 2 caps, couple of t shirts, and a maxi dress with this print.
    My husband is not a fan.

  18. Actually like the shirt – just think the outfit is more casual than what you usually wear. The Shirt with white pants and maybe a brighter color or just white with the shorts. Did I miss it – what brand of shirt is it because it fits you well.

  19. I didn’t wear olive green for years, but it is quickly becoming a favorite color in my wardrobe! I love to pair it with white, navy, or pink. I think the shorts would be cute with a brighter color top

  20. Hi. This is not related to today’s outfit. But, what is the best way you have found to store your cardigans?

    • Tania Reply

      I am not the person to ask. I do not baby my clothing as I should. I hang my cardigans on the velvet type hangers, but if you have space, I think that folding them would be better.

  21. Tania, your eyes look a beautiful green colour with that t shirt….I love the outfit. If the shorts were longer…down to the knee…I would wear it! ..and I always wanted to know…who takes the pictures? Is it on a timer? Lol!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Ina. I take the ones on my porch with a tripod and a timer. The ones with the scenery are taken by a photographer friend of mine.

  22. I love this look! I love CAMO and olive green both. I lean towards a more simple/somewhat tomboyish style. I don’t like most of the “girly” clothes out there. No polka dots, very few florals, no tunics, nothing flowy, etc. 😊

  23. There is nothing good about camo, not unless you are in the service. It is ugly.

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