50 IS NOT OLD | MAKING BLACK LOOK COLORFUL | FASHION OVER 40Yay!!! It is Friday once again. This Friday is extra special since it is probably the start of a three day weekend for most of you. Also, I have a new blogger friend to introduce you to on Friday with Friends, and I think that you are going to love her. You are going to love Nancy, and also her daughter Brittany, who was the one who encouraged her mom to start the blog. She has fantastic taste in clothing and an attitude that makes you smile.

50 IS NOT OLD | MAKING BLACK LOOK COLORFUL | FASHION OVER 40Nancy is a wife, mother, and grandmother, as well as a blogger. She is relatively new in the blogging world, but don’t let that fool you, she is already a pro. I chuckled when I saw the name of her blog, A Two Drink Minimum. All I know is that there’s a family joke behind that phrase, and as a result, her children often reminds her that she should have a two-drink maximum. She does want to assure everyone that the blog isn’t about alcoholic beverages.  Lol!!! She wants to help guide you with the best solutions to the everyday fashion dilemma’s women within our age fret about. I think that you will love Nancy and Brittany, so be sure to check them out today and leave her a word of encouragement.
50 IS NOT OLD | MAKING BLACK LOOK COLORFUL | FASHION OVER 40I told you gurls that I love the color Orchid this year! It seems like everything that I purchase has this color somewhere in the print. The cardigan in the pic is one that I bought a couple of years ago from J. Crew. I have worn it several times, and you might recognize it from this post. (here) However, the whole outfit in that post, including the cardigan, is no longer in my closet. It would appear to have made its way home with my daughter. Lol! I am tickled that she liked it and would wear it. Even though this cardigan is no longer available, I found a few that I think that you will like.

50 IS NOT OLD | MAKING BLACK LOOK COLORFUL | FASHION OVER 40Today, I am wearing the Plunder Posse set that is available this month. What is the Plunder Posse? Each month Plunder Design offers a subscription type service called the Plunder Posse. It is a flat 25.00 per month, which includes shipping and taxes. The Posse will contain anywhere from one to three pieces, and it will ship on the same day that you signed up on each month. There is no enrollment or cancellation fee, and when you have been a member for at least three months, you get a gift certificate to apply to another Plunder purchase. Every three months that you stay a member, you get another certificate. Just click on the highlighted link above to sign up before this set sells out.
50 IS NOT OLD | MAKING BLACK LOOK COLORFUL | FASHION OVER 40I am all fancy today with my shoes. Lol! There are some days when you want to wear flipflops. My Tory Burch flipflops are my go-to summer shoes. I love them, and I wear them all the time! Here is the link!
50 IS NOT OLD | MAKING BLACK LOOK COLORFUL | FASHION OVER 40I know that you have been wondering about this dress. This is such a cute maxi dress, and it is super affordable. This is a way of wearing black, but it not looking like you are going to a funeral. Black can sometimes be harsh against your skin, but the colorful print brightens the dress, and adding the bright cardigan makes the look very cheerful. This dress comes in several different colors, and here is the link.
50 IS NOT OLD | MAKING BLACK LOOK COLORFUL | FASHION OVER 40Don’t forget to check out Nancy and Brittany (here) and tell them that I said hello!!!

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  1. This looks great on you and love the colors! What size are you wearing in this dress?

    • Tania Reply

      Good morning, Tara! I am wearing a size medium in the dress. I had to go and check. Lol! Sizes run differently from item to item, so I never know what size I have on.

  2. checked out Nancy and Brittany, love seeing new people on Friday. Your outfit is super cute, wish I could wear a maxi, but I am just too short.

    • Tania Reply

      Mary, you just need to pick a maxi in the petite section and wear some platform shoes! If you are petite, then you need to stick with solids or items with smaller prints, like this dress.

  3. Happy holiday weekend! Just check out Two Drink Minimum blog and it was a treat. Thanks for sharing her blog. I’m a maxi dress kinda girl so this one is for me. Gonna have to get a pair of those Tory Birch flip flops!

  4. kristin greene Reply

    Love how you took a dress and added a cardigan. I would normally not even look at a dress with spaghetti sleeves. I don’t like having my bra straps showing. I love the fabric and the way you styled it!!

  5. I am 55 years old and follow several blogs for women our age. You are my favorite!!!! I found you on pinterest and have looked back at the past years of your outfits. You ALWAYS pick perfect, age appropriate choices. Thanks for all your amazing outfits for us to duplicate. Keep doing what your doing because I am sure I am not the only women that you inspire daily with your posts. I can tell your just as beautiful inside as out. Thanks again for the great outfits.

    • I love the orchid colour but haven’t found anything in it yet. I checked out a Two Drink Minimum and I like her style too!

    • Tania, I am going to cheat and say DITO to Lisa’s comment above! I totally agree! Thank you for your daily posts. You are an inspiration to us 50-somethings <3

      *I own the same dress, but I'm having a difficult time finding that beautiful orchid color in a cardigan. Any suggestions would be helpful. I struck out at J. Crew. Thank you Tania!

      • Tania Reply

        Paula, Talbots had a sale going on, I am not sure if it is still running, but I would check there. I bought a cardigan from them and it was beautiful.

        • So sweet of you to reply (and so quickly). Thank you Tania! Have a blessed Sunday.

  6. I was interested in Nancy’s blog and her comments on face serums. Will you weigh in, does R n F have serums?

  7. I was a hard core black wear-er, but now that I am further along the road of life, I shy clear of it up near my face to avoid a gray reflection on my face.
    This flower print and the sweet color of the sweater would allow me to enjoy black during the summer and flatter my face.
    Thanks for the clever way you handled this strong color.

    • Tania Reply

      My sister is a hardcore black wear-er too. I am trying to steer her toward a small amount of color. It is a slow process! Haha!

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