50 IS NOT OLD | BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE | FASHION OVER 40Do you ever buy something that your husband thinks is a waste of money? I am pretty sure that almost everyone will hold up their hand on that question. I believe that a lot of the things that he buys is a waste of money also, so I guess that it all equals out. The other day, he left for the beach several days before I did so that he could play golf with the boys. I don’t usually shop for cooking items, but someone mentioned this product, and I decided to give it a try.
50 IS NOT OLD | BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE | FASHION OVER 40A friend of mine was “live” on Facebook, and she mentioned that her husband had bought her a Sous Vide Precision Cooker. I had never heard of this contraption, but when she said that it would cook chicken perfectly every single time, it perked up my ears. My chicken is either undercooked, or it is way too done and tastes like leather. She swears that her chicken is always plump and juicy and that it is effortless to use. I hopped on Amazon and proceeded to buy me one by Anova. (Here) While Joe was gone, Ashleigh and I cooked Parmesian Chicken using this, and it was terrific! I was so proud of my purchase…until Joe found out that I bought it and he thought it was stupid. He said, “you fell for the commercial.” I didn’t even know there was a commercial, so he was wrong. Lol! Now I am busy trying to use the silly thing so that I can prove him wrong. Hahaha. Anyone else have one of these??? I would love to hear your opinion and to find out what your favorite thing to cook with it is.
50 IS NOT OLD | BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE | FASHION OVER 40Y’all, don’t you love this cute butterfly maxi dress? I love all of the colors, but I am drawn to this butterfly print. I think that the reason this dress “spoke” to me is that my grandmother (who lived to be 103) loved butterfly pins. She had so many butterfly pins, that when she passed away, her daughters gave all of the women in the family one of her pins. So, when I saw this dress, it was in my cart before I even had time to think about why. The material is soft and silky, and the length of the dress hits me at the ankles. I like the feminine flutter sleeves and the ruffled tiers on the dress. The dress (here) is machine washable and runs true to size. I am wearing a medium, in case you are wondering. I like maxi dresses, and there are several styles and colors to choose from below.

50 IS NOT OLD | BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE | FASHION OVER 40I have a picture of my mom wearing huge hoop earrings when she was in high school. I think hers were even bigger than the ones that I have on today. These are the Rachel gold-toned earrings and have a textured design. They are a 2.5″ drop, so they are a nice size. The Rachel necklace, with the monogrammed disc, has become one of my favorite necklaces from the new Plunder catalog. I like the length of this necklace and how it falls at the perfect spot when you are wearing a v-neck item. My bracelets are a mix of the Rachel and the Rachel set. Each of the sets come with four bracelets, so I picked a couple of each set to wear today. 50 IS NOT OLD | BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE | FASHION OVER 40The day that I wore this dress, it was chilly, so I added a long sleeve cardigan to keep me warm. This cardigan is so old that I don’t even remember buying it. I love sweater cardigans, so when I see one in a color that I don’t already have, then I will buy it. I am wearing a pair of Michael Kors t-strap zip sandals in nude. I love Michael Kors shoes; they are super comfortable! I added the higher heel shoe, since the dress is fairly long, and these shoes keep the dress from dragging on the ground.
50 IS NOT OLD | BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE | FASHION OVER 40Who knew that people loved masks so much??? These aren’t even available for customers to purchase yet, but the questions are already starting to pour in. Here is what is available and feel free to message me for more information on these at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com

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    • Tania Reply

      I can’t believe that I forgot to post the link to the dress. It has now been updated, but the dress is from Old Navy and here is the link. http://bit.ly/2VT6SoL

  1. Dena McKinney Reply

    Love the dress – it is so feminine and the cardi is gorgeous.

    regarding the sous vide – Starbucks does some amazing sous vide eggs I really LOVE the gruyere and bacon. I found copycat recipes on Pinterest & Google

    • Tania Reply

      Dena, I have eaten those eggs before and they are delicious. I need to get on Google and Pinterest for recipes.

  2. Terri Messner Reply

    Hi Tania! Always enjoy your posts. I look forward to them daily.

    My husband has been using a sous vide for some time. Ribs eye steaks are our favorite this way. After taking the steaks from the sous vide, hubby seasons and sears them on the charcoal grill to get a nice crust on them. They are always very tender, as are any meats done this way. Veggies can be done in the sous vide as well.

    • Tania Reply

      I cooked Ribeye last night, but I think that I need to get better at the crusting phase.

  3. Yes gurl!!! The sous vide is a wonderful thing. I do steaks and pork chops in it then brown them quick in a hot cast iron pan. No more over cooked meat!!! We love ours.

    • Tania Reply

      I like browning in a cast iron skillet, but all of my seasonings and meat stick to the pan. I need lessons on doing that the correct way.

  4. I have a infinity scarf in that exact same pattern and colors!!!!!!!! The dress looks cute on you and the cardi is a pretty color.

  5. I have a sous vide. My favorite thing to prepare is ribs. I apply a dry rub. Sous vide them for about 12 hours and then put them on the grill for a few minutes. They are delicious!!

  6. My son loves his sous vide cooker. It is the only way he cooks steak. I will have to ask him if he uses it to cook chicken.

  7. As soon as I saw the butterflies I was in. I don’t usually like patterns but this dress is so pretty I think I’d buy it too. Looking lovely as always.

  8. Really like your dress! Been reviewing your blog and can’t seem to locate the link for ordering… only found Old Navy for other dresses.

  9. Colleen Freedman Reply

    My son bought a sous vide cooker after having steak that someone else cooked in it and he swears by it! Love the butterfly dress and I really enjoy your posts each day. I am very glad that my sister told me about you

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks for the comment. Be sure to thank your sister for me!!!

  10. Is the dress you are wearing available for purchase? I like the fact that it has a little sleeve to it…my “butterfly” arms don’t do sleeveless anymore… 😉

  11. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Pretty dress. We have a sous vide and love it! It makes the best steak ever!!! My husband buys a thick steak. He marinates it over night and puts in the sous vide in the morning. He lets it cook for 6 hours and finishes by smoking for 1/2 hr or flash frying for about 30 seconds a side. It is amazing

    • Tania Reply

      Susan, I will try marinating the steak overnight next time. I was in a hurry to try this out, so I just put it in a bag for about an hour and finished it on the grill. It was still really good.

  12. Joanne Poloway Reply

    Hi Tania,

    I bought my husband a sous vide for Christmas and we use it all the time! We just did ribs with it ( 15 hours) and then put them in the smoker for a few hours after that. They were “fall off the bone”. It does all meats and is a great product – keep cooking with it and your husband will come around. I love the dress you are wearing as well – love the butterfly pattern and you look great in it. 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      I think that he will come around too, Joanne. He will like anything that makes me cook. Lol!

  13. I wish they had a floral pattern in this dress. I hate bugs and don’t wear/buy anything with bugs on it! I know some people would argue a butterfly is not a bug, but to me it is. I didn’t care for the polka dot pattern they have (just my preference). I don’t have a sous vide but do have an air fryer, and it is amazing! Might be something else worth having in the kitchen, makes nice crispy “fried” things without the added fat of the oil, and it much faster than even baking things in the oven.

  14. I love this dress. You look wonderful in it. Great choice to share with us.
    Congratulations on the sous vide.

  15. You look great in that dress! Are you doing your hair lighter for the summer? I totally envy your beautiful hair

  16. Never even heard of a sous vide! Thanks for the heads up. Love the butterflies!

  17. You look so lovely in that dress! With it’s many colors, you’ll have so many options to play with that look. I would love to see a post on the many ways that dress could be styled.Oh, the possibilities 😃.

  18. I love this dress. Very feminine and flattering. I even love the cardigan and normally I don’t like cardigans. I surprise myself here 😊.

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