50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO SHOW OFF YOUR TAN | FASHION OVER 40One of the happiest days of the week is Friday, and that happens to be TODAY! So be sure to have a big smile on your face, and let’s start the day off on the right foot. Like every Friday, today is my Friday with Friends post, and you are in for a change of pace. I think that most of the bloggers that I have introduced you to so far have lived in the United States. But, today you are going to get to meet a Dutch blogger. I love that as a blogger you can live anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to wifi. That was why I chose to start a blog even though I have no plans of moving…but I could. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO SHOW OFF YOUR TAN | FASHION OVER 40Let me tell you a little about Nancy. She has been a blogger that I first met years ago when I participated in her Fancy Friday Linkup. A linkup party is where you can go to see several bloggers at one time, and you click on the blogger that piques your interest. Now, she is going to be participating with me, and I love how this has all come full circle. Nancy believes in living life to the fullest every day since she has a hereditary lung disease, and her blog is part of that attitude. She is a lover of Asian food, rock music played really loud, and Mainecoon cats, so what is not to love. Lol! Be sure to say hello to Nancy for me when you check out her blog.
50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO SHOW OFF YOUR TAN | FASHION OVER 40I already know that this top will not be for everybody. Some of you might be too endowed to wear the top, some of you might not want to show this much arm and shoulder, and some of you might not like the color and print of the top. That is the great thing about fashion; we are all in control. I love the twisted neck detail and how the top shows off my tan. Heck, I don’t have a tan that often, so I like showing it off when I can. The top is machine washable, and I am wearing a size large. Here is the link.
50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO SHOW OFF YOUR TAN | FASHION OVER 40I added the same earrings and bracelet that I wore in yesterday’s post. Wearing plain silver or gold jewelry makes it easy to style with multiple options. If you are wearing colored accessories, then you have to be more careful to see if they match or go together. The earrings are the Taelynn, and the bracelet is the MadiJeanne.
50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO SHOW OFF YOUR TAN | FASHION OVER 40The Nanette crop trousers are the same ones that I wore here. Today, I am wearing them with a more casual top to show you that you can get more wear from your closet if you think outside the box. These pants are simple and sophisticated looking, and I love the ankle length. Light blue is a perfect color for spring and summer, so grab these and I bet you will find a lot of ways to style them. The pants are machine washable and line dry, and I am wearing a size 10 which is my usual size. Here is the link.
50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO SHOW OFF YOUR TAN | FASHION OVER 40These nude shoes are several years old, but they are still one of my favorite summertime shoes. They are a wedge style shoe by Aerosole. I love nude colored shoes since you can wear them with anything. Plus, since they are the same coloration as your legs, they make your legs appear longer. Unless you are a Giraffe, most people want longer looking legs. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO SHOW OFF YOUR TAN | FASHION OVER 40Be sure to say hello to Nancy for me when you check out her blog today. I know that you will love her style and her sweet personality.

I love it when I get to say these words…Rodan and Fields are going to be launching ANOTHER new product on the 14th!!! I don’t know what it is yet, but I have a clue. R+F released this photo and the words, PLUS ONE, so I think that it might be four products, one for each of our existing regimens. Want to make a guess what it could be??? If you guess correctly, you might get the new product for free from me. Part of the benefit of being a consultant is the fact that we can get new products in our hands before anyone else. That is nowhere near the only perk for being a consultant, but it is a perk. Lol! Let me tell you ALL about the perks, send me an email (fiftyisnotold@gmail.com), and we will hop on the phone. Fifteen minutes could change your life, what have you got to lose???

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    • Tania Reply

      Thanks for participating in Friday with Friends! Your post was wonderful and I loved your dress.

  1. Well, I am one of the ones who is a fan of every part if your look today incuding your tan! It just says “Summer”s here and I’m loving it!” with the gorgeous colour and style! Now, if the gloomy, rainy conditions will just go away, I’ll break out the warm weather wardrobe!

    • The new products (green, gold, and lavendar) look like they could be color correcting tints to add to the daytime products. I’m not sure about the blue one so I think it must be a treatment.

      Did I guess right?

      • Tania Reply

        I don’t know if you are right or not. I don’t know what the products are either. Lol! It could be a color correcting tint, we will find out soon.

    • Tania Reply

      I saw a photo from someone in Colorado yesterday, and they got snow! What??? I make the mistake of thinking that everyone’s weather is the same as mine.

      • My sister lives in Denver and one day it will be 70 and next day snow. Crazy!

  2. kin granzella Reply

    Adorable outfit! I think you look great!

    xoxoxo from Kim in Napa!!!!!

  3. You look so nice! Love the top on you and with the blue pants! Very summery!

  4. This is a wow outfit and it really does showcase your lovely tan. Awesome!!

    With all the colour in the R&F image, I’m wondering if it’s either something to balance out our skintone or is it makeup??

    • Tania Reply

      Someone else guessed a color corrector product also. I guess that we will find out on the 14th!

    • Tania Reply

      I make the mistake all the time of thinking that my weather is like everyone’s. Lol! I forget that we all live in different parts of the world.

  5. I like this look a lot. Great tan and the shirt shows it well. And, of course, you have my favorite shoes on. Wish I could find them somewhere. Happy Friday!

  6. Hi Tania, are The products you’ve shown today are for different types of skin colors issue and they are used to conceal what that problem is…such as dark circles or red blotches. If I’m correct, signed me up for the one that a correct dark circles under your eyes! Love your blog. Many thanks.

  7. You look very cool and comfy, and if I could find a strapless bra that I could trust and fit properly I’d wear it! Lol!! It really does show off your tan. I’ll guess it’s some sort of scrub or different colors to apply before base to different problem areas. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day❣️

  8. Hi Tania, you look great in the cute shorts and top. Such a great color for you. I am also a Virginian. I live on the southeast coast. Love your style.

  9. closetplayimage Reply

    Glad I found you through Nancy! Fun top, but tan isn’t something I get anymore… Alas. (But my physician thanks me!)

  10. I might have to get this top! Here in NC I only wear sleeveless in the summertime because it is so hot. I love the halter style and the colors! I am borderline small/medium in tops-would you say this runs towards being bigger or smaller?

  11. My top came today, and I am so disappointed! It is really short for us taller girls, and the hook in the front does not stay hooked at all! I’ve had it on for about 5 minutes and just walked around my bedroom, and it has come unhooked 3 times! Definitely has to go back. I love the style and colors though, wish I could keep it!

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