50 IS NOT OLD | DRESS FOR OVER 40 STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Today is probably my last full day to spend in Rosemary Beach before I head back to Virginia tomorrow. I say probably because my plans could change at any minute. Lol! I love not having a “job” that I have to rush back to, and I love having a supportive husband. Joe hates for me to be gone, but when it comes to me growing my business, he tells me to go and learn. I can’t stress how much he hates for me to be gone from home. I tease him all the time that I must be such a sweet wife since my other friends say that their husbands are more than happy for them to be gone. He assures me that is not the case. Lol!!!

50 IS NOT OLD | DRESS FOR OVER 40 STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I just signed up for a blogging conference in November that I haven’t told him about yet. Lol! He could go with me if he wanted since it is only in Nashville, so I know that he won’t have a problem with me going. This is going to be the first blogging conference that I have ever attended. I am so excited to get some training about blogging since I have been flying by the seat of my pants. Lol! It has been a whole lot of trial and error on my part. This might save me a whole lot of time and trouble. Maybe I will be able to figure out what the heck I am doing. Hahaha!
50 IS NOT OLD | DRESS FOR OVER 40 STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I know that all of you are waiting on bated breath to see where this gorgeous dress is from. This dress is like the top that I wore on yesterday’s post; I love the colors, the style, and the pattern. This dress is 100% cotton, and it is machine washable and tumble dry. I love the shift dress style and the split neckline, it is a very flattering style for my body type. Here is the link to the dress.
50 IS NOT OLD | DRESS FOR OVER 40 STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I added a pair of fun earrings. The Maureen earrings are mint colored and are a half circle with a hanging circle drop. They are a stud design and so lightweight. Even though my earrings are a modern design, I added my bling style bracelets. The Broedrick, the Opal, and the Flynn are some of my favorite bling bracelets.
50 IS NOT OLD | DRESS FOR OVER 40 STYLE | FASHION OVER 40This is a pair of new Michael Kors shoes that I recently bought. I scour the websites for sales on Michael Kors shoes, and I will buy a pair or two when I find some that I like. I love that these are nude and they can be worn with almost anything. These are super comfortable even though they are high heels. Here is the link to the shoes.
50 IS NOT OLD | DRESS FOR OVER 40 STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Today is the last day to take advantage of the spring Wake Up Fabulous gift set. It contains two of my favorite Rodan + Fields products, Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream, and the Intensive Renewing Serum. It has been said that if you can only use one R+F product for anti-aging, it should be the Intensive Renewing Serum. AND, as a cute extra gift, you get the cutest sleep eye mask. To purchase this cute Wake Up Fabulous gift set, go here. Be sure to become my Preferred Customer to save another 10% and get FREE shipping. Put your items in your cart and then go to checkout. From there, be sure to check the box that says Join PC Perks, and then enter in your info. You will be on your way to aging backwards and looking fabulous!

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  1. Marcia Albrecht Reply

    Love, love the dress! I clicked on the link and you wear it so much better than the model!! The earrings are a nice touch to bring out the mint in the dress. Fantastic look all around!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Sema. I appreciate you following the blog and leaving a comment.

  2. Beautiful dress and of course I’m drooling over the shoes. Lol. My husband swears I don’t need more shoes but what does he know. Going to link now. Safe travels home or wherever you end up.

    • Tania Reply

      Johnna, your husband is going to make you stop reading my blog. Lol!!!

  3. Dana Buckingham Reply

    I LOVE the print and colors of this dress! It’s WAY too expensive though.

  4. Sharon L Rauschl Reply

    You do look great in that dress. Better than the Talbots model as far as I’m concerned.

  5. I like the look! Bright and pulled together. Oh, and can you share details about the blogging conference? I don’t see anything posted through WordPress. Thanks!

    • Tania Reply

      I’ll message you, Lezlie. Tomorrow the tickets go up 100.00 dollars, so if it something that you are interested in, you better act fast.

  6. This dress is gorgeous and looks fabulous on you. You should be the model for Talbots because it looks better on you than the model on the website. Such beautiful colors. Have a great day!

  7. Charlcy Green Reply

    Yes you are a great wife and you have a handsome, sweet and funny husband. I’m glad you to do so much traveling! Cute dress too!

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