50 IS NOT OLD | FAUX WRAP TOP AND SKINNY PANTS | FASHION OVER 40Good Monday morning! I am still here in Rosemary Beach Florida, and I am having so much fun. Even though I am on the shy side, I love meeting and making new friends. One of those new friends and I was talking, and she put it perfectly when she said, “I need my tribe.” She had never met any of the people on this trip, not even me. She wasn’t referring to the tribe of people that she had already made, but the tribe of friends that she was going to make. I love that mindset.
50 IS NOT OLD | FAUX WRAP TOP AND SKINNY PANTS | FASHION OVER 40A group of seven of us went out to eat at a fantastic Italian restaurant on Saturday night. The food was so good, and the weather was perfect for sitting out on the patio. Well, the weather was perfect when the sun was still up. But, once the sun went down, the temperature started to drop, and we all started to get cold. We spied some of those tall outdoor patio heaters, and one of the ladies asked the waiter if he could light one up and bring it over to our table. After he brought that over, we were warm, and it was perfect. I splurged because that is what we do when we are on a work/vacay, and had my favorite Italian dessert…cannoli. YUM!!!
50 IS NOT OLD | FAUX WRAP TOP AND SKINNY PANTS | FASHION OVER 40I bought this striped top by Vince Camuto right before we left to come on this trip. I like the blouson style and the faux-wrap top. Because I carry most of my weight in my mid-section, this soft billowy top in flattering to my body type. I also like the v-neck that the wrap creates; it helps to elongate my neck. It is recommended to size down for this top, and I am wearing a size medium, and it is perfect for me. I love these colors, especially this shade of purple. I think that I have bought several things lately that has the color of purple in it, and that is why I will be able to mix and match so many things in my wardrobe. Remember, buy what you like, and then you will find lots of items in your closet that will go with it. Here is the link to this top.
50 IS NOT OLD | FAUX WRAP TOP AND SKINNY PANTS | FASHION OVER 40I am wearing some of my Stacia bracelet set by Plunder. It comes with four bracelets on an elastic cord. I have two of these type bracelet sets; the other is the Rachel. I might mix and match these together, so be sure to look carefully at what comes with each set. I think the darker colored strand might be part of the Rachel set, I have already gotten them mixed up. Lol! The necklace is called the Traveler. It is a small globe, and it reminds me of the Men in Black movie when the cat wore Orion’s Belt on its collar. I bought it for my daughter; I hope that she likes it. Last, is my earrings. These are the Rosaleen, and they match the Shannon necklace that I wore in this post.
50 IS NOT OLD | FAUX WRAP TOP AND SKINNY PANTS | FASHION OVER 40Oh my goodness, how cute are these pumps? I love the mixture of colors, but it is the lattice cut-out design that I love. They are so feminine, but they are kind of sexy at the same time. I think that the diamond-shaped cut-outs give a “peep show” and they also let air in for some circulation. These do have a 4″ heel, so they are not for those who are not used to a high heel. Here is the link to the Tatum pump.
50 IS NOT OLD | FAUX WRAP TOP AND SKINNY PANTS | FASHION OVER 40Once again, I am relying on my tried and true go-to pants. I love Pixie Pants from Old Navy, and I have them in a lot of different colors and prints. This is a classic navy, and we all need a navy pair of pants in our closets. This is the ankle style, and I love wearing high heels with this look. But, the ankle pant looks great with flats also, think Audrey Hepburn. This is the stretchy version of the Pixie, so I do recommend sizing up one size. Here is the link.
50 IS NOT OLD | FAUX WRAP TOP AND SKINNY PANTS | FASHION OVER 40Mother’s Day is coming up very soon, May 12th. Rodan + Fields has the cutest “Wake Up Fabulous” spring gift set that would make a great mother or mother-in-law gift. It includes two of my favorite products, Intensive Renewing Serum and Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream. Plus, this adorable sleep mask which has come in so handy while I was here in Florida.
The sun comes up so early here, plus the rooms are all white, so it is so bright in the rooms. I can’t sleep past 6:00 am unless I put on this sleep mask. Lol! Here is the link to the gift set which ends at the end of the month!!!

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  1. Carla Parham Reply

    Love the outfit. It looks great on you. As I carry most of my weight it the middle too I’ll give this top a try. I must say your “tan” looks awesome. May I ask what you use? Thanks for the time you put into your blog. Been with you for a couple years and enjoy you daily.

    • Tania Reply

      Carla, you will love the top. My tan is a combination of Rodan + Fields sunless tanner and a little bit of tan from my Mexico trip.

  2. This outfit is perfection! I love, love, LOVE how you styled it from top to bottom. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Tania Reply

      My goodness, I can’t believe how much everyone loves the shoes!

  3. Tania, your skin is really looking great these days. You’re really glowing in these pics!

    • Tania Reply

      Awww, thanks so much, Beth! You know that it is thanks to my skincare.

  4. What a great outfit! That top is really flattering for you and looks like it would be so versatile. Would you consider styling it a few other ways?? The shoes perfectly complement the top too. I would have liked to have seen which handbag you chose to wear with it.

    • Tania Reply

      I will probably style it differently in the future. It would look great with white, jeans, or orchid colored pixies.

  5. Your jewellery is always so lovely . How do you store it to keep it looking so nice . I am fairly new to your blog but am enjoying it a great deal !

    • Tania Reply

      I have an over-the-door jewelry organizer that I use. I bought it at Amazon.

  6. Susan Harper Reply

    Love it! A perfect combination that is very figure flattering. Those shoes are fantastic! Home run!

  7. Such a lovely wrap over top and being faux will make it so wearable.
    Just to let you know I can’t get to your daily post by the emails you are sending (maybe others are having the same problem?). I have to access you by google to get to your posts. Have a lovely day – Jill stylishatsixty

  8. I agree with Janet. Terrific outfit! The pumps are stunning and I could never wear them. At least not for long. Lol!

  9. Drema Bozich Reply

    Hi Tania! I really admire your “look” today. As a nearly 70 year old senior, I want to be a woman that people admire. I’ve noticed that your posture is always flawless. Would you, at some time, address posture as an important part of one’s overall “look”, and perhaps give some tips on improving posture? I’m loving your blog every day, so thank you for your attention to detail.

  10. I just envy the fact that you can wear your lovely “Summer” clothes and shoes already. All the great colours, etc. We are still freezing in Toronto. Winter loves us too much and doesn’t seem to want to leave.

  11. Priscilla Bajema Reply

    Hello, you are so adorable and sweet to b sharing with so many ladies.
    I am just turning 70 and my struggles are many always wondering what to wear, what shoes, and definitely what hair style.
    Thanks so much for your very upbeat sharing.

  12. Love this outfit, your natural looking tan, and your lip color! Please share!

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