50 IS NOT OLD | WHY YOU NEED A WHITE JACKET FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40This week sure has flown by fast. Here it is Friday already, and it is time to introduce you to a new blogger friend. You are going to love Shelly, my Texas friend who enjoys making a difference in women’s lives. I cracked up when I read that her passions were family, friends, faith, food, fitness, and of course, fashion. I found that funny because when I started my blog, those were the exact subjects that I was going to blog about. You are going to love her sense of style and her sweet personality. And, just like me, she says that you might find a punctuation error or two in her posts. In other words, she is a normal person who is not perfect…just like me! Now you see why we are friends. Be sure to check out The Queen In Between after you finish reading my post.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHY YOU NEED A WHITE JACKET FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40 I have to tell you a funny story about Joe. For those of you who are visiting from Shelly, Joe is my husband of 32 years. Anyway, I am known to “throw him under the bus” in his words, but in my words; I tell little stories about him for the enjoyment of my gurls. However, I don’t tell him that I have put him on the blog, and he doesn’t remember to read my posts daily, so, for the most part, he never knows that he was blog fodder. Lol! He came home Wednesday afternoon and said, “so you decided to tell everyone that I paid 62.00+ dollars for baking soda.” I said, “well, you did,” and then I said, “did that dang Debbie tell you that I put you on the blog again?” He laughed and said that it wasn’t her, (sorry Deb) and that it was someone else. I think he said that it was one of his guy friends. WHAT? Why is one of his guy friends reading my blog? Lol! So, everyone needs to repeat after me…”what is told on the blog, stays on the blog.”
50 IS NOT OLD | WHY YOU NEED A WHITE JACKET FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40Everyone needs a white jacket. You can dress a jacket up and pair it with a dress or, you can wear it with jeans and sneakers for a casual style. Either way, white is a color that you can wear over and over and over again in the spring and summer. This is a classic clothing item, so you can splurge on a jacket if you think that you will get a lot of wear. But, if you are not sure if you would like wearing white, then you will want to buy one that isn’t expensive to see how often you would wear it. I have several different white jackets, in a couple of different styles, so I have something for any occasion.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHY YOU NEED A WHITE JACKET FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40The Izzy necklace sure stands out against the bright pink top that I am wearing. I didn’t order this necklace right away because I was afraid that I wouldn’t like the colors and the way that it is made. However, I have worn this quite a lot in this style. You can also wear this necklace much shorter, but I don’t like bringing attention to my chin(s). Lol! This necklace is adjustable from 15.75″ to 36″ long.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHY YOU NEED A WHITE JACKET FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40The Nola pearls earrings are a staple. I wear these a lot!!! I love the cluster design, and I also like the size of these earrings. Like the jacket, these can be worn with a fancy dress or with jeans and a t-shirt. I love versatile items since you can wear them so much more.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHY YOU NEED A WHITE JACKET FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40I searched for two years before I finally found the perfect white pump. It was worth the wait because this pair by Michael Kors is precisely what I was looking for. They have a pointy-toe, they are made from Vanchetta leather, they have a padded footbed, the heel is 3 1/4″, and they are under 100.00! I told you that they were perfect. Lol! Here is the link.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHY YOU NEED A WHITE JACKET FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40These Glen Plaid pants were a purchase that I didn’t think that I would wear a lot. However, I have worn them several times, but today is the first time that I have shown them on the blog. I purchased this pair from Old Navy back a few months ago, and the pink stripe that is woven into the material is what drew me to them. I have a love of almost all things in the Glen Plaid pattern, but that small pink detail spoke to me. These are a Pixie Pant, but unfortunately, this print is sold out. However, there are a lot of different patterns that are still available.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHY YOU NEED A WHITE JACKET FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40Quick reminder for everyone to go and say hello to Shelly. And if you are visiting from Shelly’s blog, I want to thank you for coming to say hello, and I hope you come back again soon.

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  1. Good thing Joe has s sense of humor. Very classy look today. Love the pumps. Perfect heel height. I need white blazer. May go shopping this weekend since I’m going to the “ big city”. At least big compared to my home town.

    • Tania Reply

      Haha, Joe does have a pretty good sense of humor. But, since I am the one who lives with him, I have a GREAT sense of humor. Lol! Have fun in the big city and congrats!

  2. Your necklace is fantastic! Love the cropped pants with the white blazer – why do I only have ONE blazer?? I need more.

    Chrissy :), Granola & Grace blog

    • Tania Reply

      Chrissy, you “need” more. Lol! They are a fantastic clothing piece!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Kerry! Polished and put together are always my goals!!!

  3. Joyce Anderson Reply

    Hi! Love your blog Tania! I find that white blazers turn gray or yellow with washing, even with drycleaning, so I don’t invest too much cash in them. Yes a classic for the closet, but hard to keep pristine over time.

    • Tania Reply

      Joyce, I find that happens with a lot of white items. Plus, I am bad to get stains on white that doesn’t come off. So, I like to replace my white pieces every two to three years. Plus, I like trying new styles. Lol!

  4. Sommers Dian Reply

    Hello Tania!! Love the white jacket look. As I age white is a color that I can’t wear well anymore but the jacket would breakup the “look”.
    Tried to find The Queen In Between on UTube and she isn’t being found.

    • Tania Reply

      I don’t know if she is on YouTube or not, just follow the link to her blog instead.

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