50 IS NOT OLD | THE RIGHT SHOE FOR CROP PANTS | FASHION OVER 40It was a looong day yesterday, and it is going to be another looong day today. Yesterday I spent almost the entire day packing Joe and I getting ready to go on vacation. I always wait until the last minute before I start packing just in case something happens and the plans change. The only thing that I hate worse than packing is unpacking. Lol! It is one thing to have to pack all of my stuff, but since Joe is going with me, I have to pack for him also. Joe’s theory is that he can always buy anything that he forgets. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | THE RIGHT SHOE FOR CROP PANTS | FASHION OVER 40 My day will start early today because our flight leaves around 7:30 am. Since you have to get to the airports at least 2-hours before a trip, that means that I will need to go to the airport by 5:00 am. At least I will put that 2-hour wait to good use by working on tomorrow’s blog post. I will be gaining three hours since Los Cabo is on PST time, but Joe has already started to worry about the trip back home and the jet lag that happen. Does it mean that we are getting older when you start worrying about jet lag and time zones? Haha!
50 IS NOT OLD | THE RIGHT SHOE FOR CROP PANTS | FASHION OVER 40Recognize this linen blazer? You might recognize it from my post (here) when I styled the navy version. Navy is a classic color that you will get lots of wear from, but this Shell Pink version was so pretty, and the price so affordable, that I just had to purchase it also. The color is named shell pink, but I think that it looks more like coral. I added a plain navy camisole to the look, but next time I might wear a white t-shirt and jeans with the blazer. Here is the link for this blazer and I have linked to a few cardigans below if a blazer is not your style.

50 IS NOT OLD | THE RIGHT SHOE FOR CROP PANTS | FASHION OVER 40These Tommy Hilfiger wedge shoes are at least a couple of years old. I love a wedge shoe, but the platform style is something that is taking me some time to come around to liking. I have long legs, so I have dealt with my pants being too short all of my life. Adding a couple more inches to the length of my legs is not something that I normally would want. But, with the crop pants being so popular, the platform shoe will be perfect for the pants.

50 IS NOT OLD | THE RIGHT SHOE FOR CROP PANTS | FASHION OVER 40This light blue crop pant is one that I bought at least a year ago. I thought that the blue in the pants matched the stripe in the infinity scarf that I bought the other day. (here) The scarf had the same color of orange as the jacket, so it brought the whole outfit together in a cohesive look. That is one of the things that I love about a scarf.

50 IS NOT OLD | THE RIGHT SHOE FOR CROP PANTS | FASHION OVER 40I am blessed and very grateful for this amazing opportunity to visit Los Cabo. Joe mentioned to me that he has never been on vacation to the west coast before and that he was looking forward to just relaxing. I told him that we went to Juneau, but he said that wasn’t what he considered the west coast. Lol! I think that he meant that he wanted some sand and sun. Haha.

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  1. You look like spring this a.m. Love your colors! Have a great vacation.

  2. Thanks for showing these sandals with this style of pants. I wasn”t sure what to wear with them.

  3. Deborah Broughton Reply

    I bought that same bag last week in the solid color..love it. Will be looking at those shoes and the jacket. Have a fun trip and send lots of pictures!

  4. What would be the “right” shoes if you are not able to wear anything but a flat or almost flat shoe?

  5. I dislike packing and usually put it off til the last day or 2. I do put outfits together in my head before hand, so I guess that is a form of planning. My husband always packs for himself, thankfully! He is very fussy about having everything he needs so it would be way too much to have to be responsible for him as well.

  6. We’ve wanted to go to Los Cabos for some time. Hope to see some pictures. Safe travels. Cute and colorful look today.

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