50 IS NOT OLD | BUY WHAT YOU LIKE TO GET A COORDINATED WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40Are you a creature of habit? I know that Joe and I are, we do the same things, in the same way, all the time. On Sunday, we get dressed, and then I walk over to get Miss Emersyn ready to load in the car, and Joe drives the car over to pick us up. Emersyn will chat away in the vehicle the entire way to church. It tickles Joe because she talks non stop!
50 IS NOT OLD | BUY WHAT YOU LIKE TO GET A COORDINATED WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40 When we arrive at church, we usually park in the same spot. Last Sunday we were running late, so our usual parking spot was already taken. Joe spied another spot and went to park there, but once he pulled up, there was already a small car in the place. He drove over to a gravel parking lot right next door to park, but then he went all the way to the back and did a big U-turn to go back to the front. Emersyn was starting to get frustrated because she was in a hurry to get to her class. All at once we hear her pipe up with, “Geez, Pa! Pick a spot already!” Lol! I don’t think that she liked 4-wheeling in the church parking lot. Lol!!!
50 IS NOT OLD | BUY WHAT YOU LIKE TO GET A COORDINATED WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40Did you see my blog post yesterday? It was all about the colors of Spring, so I thought that I would continue along that theme. This geometric print dress is one that I have had in my closet for a LONG time. It is a tiny bit too big for me under the arms, so I haven’t worn this before. This is by a brand called Peach Love, and I bought it at either TJ Maxx or Ross, I am not sure which since it has been so long ago. This print is unique, but that is not the reason that I chose the dress, it was the colors. I love all of these colors, and I knew that I would probably have something in my closet that would coordinate with the dress.

50 IS NOT OLD | BUY WHAT YOU LIKE TO GET A COORDINATED WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40I am showing you my jewelry choices out of habit. Lol! Nothing in this picture is available for purchase. Lol! So, instead, I am scouring the internet looking for cute and colorful pieces for you. I hope you like what I have “hand-picked” just for you.

50 IS NOT OLD | BUY WHAT YOU LIKE TO GET A COORDINATED WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40I love this cotton cardigan that I bought the other day at a local boutique. It is by a brand name Zenana Premium, and I admit that I had never heard of them before. But, I found them on Zulily (here), so you can check out all of their lines when you have the time. I have found that if you buy things that you like (ex. my dress), then you will naturally find things that will complement your items. Because I buy colors that I like such as lilac, violet, and turquoise, I will have several items in my closet that have those colors. Sometimes the colors are a different shade, and they don’t match, but a lot of the time I am pleasantly surprised to find that I have something that looks like it was made for my latest purchase. Moral of the story, buy what you like.

50 IS NOT OLD | BUY WHAT YOU LIKE TO GET A COORDINATED WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40You can see who joined me for my photos. Miss Emersyn and her little chick that she was sooooo proud to show off. We go to Church, then out to eat, and then we walk next door to a Family Dollar store. I let her pick out a small toy every Sunday, and this was her pick. You wind up the stem, and it will hop across the floor. She loved that thing. Isn’t it funny how a $1.00 toy can make them so happy? Lol!

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  1. Two of my personal mottos: buy what you like .and if you do, you likely have something to coordinate with it. I usually have the most issues with shade matching greens. Needless to say, I don’t wear much of it.
    You both look very pretty and ready for spring!

    • Tania Reply

      I don’t know why I am shocked sometimes when I get home with a new purchase and I find 3 or 4 things that will go with it perfectly. Lol!

  2. You two look so color coordinated and sweet together! Emersyn’s dress is almost as fabulous as yours! 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      She has the cutest clothes! She could start her own blog!!!

  3. Dana Buckingham Reply

    I laughed SO hard at what Emersyn told Joe! So cute! I like this outfit really well too.

  4. Please don’t let a small alteration keep you from wearing (or buying) a fabulous dress. Although I can’t see the arm hole, I suspect a tailor/dressmaker can make this dress perfect!

  5. Emeryson is so lucky to have such loving grandparents and living nearby. You can see how much she is loved, and she loves you heaps, You both look great and I could see the caring in the picture!

  6. Hi Tania! I am absolutely a creature of habit – especially with my wardrobe. You are helping me to rethink what I already have. Although, I did go to Target and buy the pink blush sweater. Joyfully, when I got home I had the perfect blouse to match. My husband Gary and I are expecting our first grandchild in June. I am looking forward to making traditions like you have with your beautiful granddaughter. Thank you for your posts. I look forward to them every morning!

    • Tania Reply

      I think that we are all creatures of habit, Theresa. I love that you had a blouse just perfect for the sweater!

  7. When I was a kid, (I knew Fred Flintstone!) my gram gave us $.50 at Murphy’s 5 & 10! I always got a book! My kids got a dollar & usually a matchbox car!

  8. Hi Tania! I’ve always thought if you buy what you love when it comes to art, furniture, etc., it would all work together. Your philosophy with clothes works just as well, and I’d never thought about that before. I love your blog because it’s made me look at my clothes a little different. I’m looking more at brighter clothes as well as finding little details that make them a little different from what I would usually buy.
    Once I see your daily post, I usually wind up looking at some of your past messages, so I’m going to comment on a couple things I’ve noted. I love that you’re completely open about your faith and don’t sugar coat your messages. I also completely related to your article on fear and how it holds us back a lot. My husband is fearless and I’ve learned to be less so, but still don’t like public speaking and new situations. Although, I am starting to think about being a rep for R & F! We run a home-based business, so I’m not sure where I’d find the time, but after reading all your articles about them, I might give it a try. But I do ‘fear’ all the additional work that might be involved, so I’ll be communicating with you more once we get moved into our new house next month. Sorry for the giant message. Take care, Monika

    • Tania Reply

      I wish that I could say that my theory has worked with my house, but it looks like a hodgepodge. Lol! It sounds like your husband and mine are cut from the same fearless cloth, but you and I are from a different one. I am like you, I am getting better but I still find myself falling into the fear trap. I checked out your business, that is wonderful! I wish I had known about you years ago when I had to buy bags for an event the woman’s club put on each year. I’ll message you about R+F.

  9. Emersyn’s duck is as cute as she is. I absolutely agree with sticking to the shades/ tints of colors you like regardless of the current/ latest colors in style and therefore always have matches or a least a suitable blend. Works for me. I think your Sunday clothes are “Peeps” perfect.

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