50 IS NOT OLD | PALE BLUE IS PERFECT FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40I made it to North Carolina, and it is gorgeous here. We had a great trip, and this time there was no rain. I am doing a happy dance, but I hope it doesn’t get confused with a rain dance. Lol! The wind was a slight problem, and every so often we would get a sudden gust that grabs your attention. The trip was a little different this time though because we had some entertainment along with us.
50 IS NOT OLD | PALE BLUE IS PERFECT FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40 My Energizer Bunny Friend is traveling again with me, and this time, she also brought her cutie pie daughter. This child is exactly what you think of when you say a 20-years-old is trapped in an 11-year-old body. She is smart, business savvy already, and very friendly and outgoing. She also secretly has a crush on Joe (who doesn’t) even though she will die if she finds out that I know. Lol! She came to pick me up for the trip and had homemade cupcakes for Joe to have while we were gone. Haha! This is the same little girl that had me a checklist when I was traveling to San Francisco. Maybe she can teach me a thing or two this weekend about being prepared. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | PALE BLUE IS PERFECT FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40It seems like I am jumping back and forth between wearing pastels and bold colors. Today, it is all about white and baby blue. My photographer friend, Courtney, took these photos on Tuesday. I uploaded them so that I would be “prepared” for today’s post. I am using the term prepared very loosely in that sentence since I somehow forgot to look and see who the items were from. I did a quick search (used the bar to the right) and found out that I purchased this top from Cato Fashions in 2017. My look today is not so much about “this” top, but instead about the color of the top. Here is the post where I wore this post back in 2017.
50 IS NOT OLD | PALE BLUE IS PERFECT FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40I loved my wide leg linen pants that I bought years ago at Old Navy. You need a pair of these pants in your life; you will thank me later. Linen is perfect for the warmer months that are coming, and the newer versions of linen don’t wrinkle as bad as the linen in the past.

50 IS NOT OLD | PALE BLUE IS PERFECT FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40Thankfully, I was able to remember where I purchased this light blue open cardigan. I remember buying it along with the one that I wore on this post. This cardigan is soft and comfortable, plus it makes it so easy to layer in the spring. Just like the sleeveless top that I am wearing today, it would have been too chilly to wear it without something covering my arms. I loved this soft baby blue color as soon as I saw it in the store. This is the perfect color for spring. The cardigan is under 25.00, so click here to get yours.
50 IS NOT OLD | PALE BLUE IS PERFECT FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40We had a blast, and I loved getting to see Beverly and Renee! This shop was amazing, and I wish that I had longer to shop while I was there. But, work was calling, so we set up our products and then had a blast getting to talk to a lot of ladies. I met two special ladies who follow the blog, and I will show you their pictures next week.

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  1. You look great! Simply loving your color combinations and each post. Have been playing catch-up reading posts from 2016. Going to Alaska in June; want a sweater like yours with crab to wear to crab feast! (also saw bracelet from Alaska.)

    • Tania Reply

      Kaye, Alaska is so beautiful! A sweater similar to the crab one would be adorable to wear to a crab feast. Be sure to take a coat because it might be cool there, even in June.

  2. Such a soft and feminine look and suits you to a tee. Nice picture of you and Beverly.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Johnna! I can’t wait until you decide to join us in the fun!

  3. Kelly Palmer Reply

    This sweater shows as a light violet color on my computer monitor but it is a pretty outfit anyway. Glad you made it safely!

    • Tania Reply

      The bright sunshine messed with the coloration of the photo. This is the prettiest pale blue color!

  4. The top and the cardigan are a perfect pair. Delicate sweet way to start spring. Hope your trip was a success.

    • Tania Reply

      The top just matched the cardigan perfectly! We had a great trip introducing ladies to RF.

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