50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING AT NEUTRALS IN A NEW LIGHT | FASHION OVER 40The good mood has continued through to today. The sun showed itself yesterday for the first day of Spring, and it was almost 70 degrees here. To celebrate all of that sunshine, I stayed in the house all day long. What is wrong with me??? Instead of going outside and working in the yard, I wandered into my laundry room to get something, and I glanced over at the wall of shoes. This is where I keep all of mine and Joe’s shoes, and all I could see were boots and booties. I decided it was time to “boot” them to the winter shoe box.
50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING AT NEUTRALS IN A NEW LIGHT | FASHION OVER 40 I am not even what I would consider a shoe lover. I know that some women love their shoes and they can’t get enough. I am like that when it comes to handbags, but I can take it or leave it when it comes to shoes. That is probably why my biggest struggle when I am putting together an outfit is the shoes. Three hours later I had taken down all of the winter shoes and replaced them with my summer shoes. The problem is that I didn’t have a tote big enough to hold my winter shoes because boots take up so much room. Instead, it looks like a shoe tornado went through the room that houses my exercise equipment. That room is now home to all of my winter boots. It wasn’t like I was going to be using that room a lot anyway. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING AT NEUTRALS IN A NEW LIGHT | FASHION OVER 40If this outfit doesn’t get you in the mood for spring, then I don’t know what will. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the newest spring trends, which is neutrals, but I am jumping in with both feet now. I think that I was envisioning the color oatmeal for everything, but now I realize that there is a wide variety of neutral colors and we need to find what works the best for us. I love this pale pink cocoon cardigan that I bought a month ago. The last time that I wore this cardigan, I wore it with jeans. (see here) I liked the look, but I LOVE today’s look. I would have never thought that a few simple changes would make such a big difference. This cardigan is still in stock and under 25.00. Go here to purchase it while it lasts.

50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING AT NEUTRALS IN A NEW LIGHT | FASHION OVER 40I didn’t feel the need to add a lot of jewelry, but I have gotten where I feel naked without wearing earrings. This pair, called Laiken, mimicked the floral design of the scarf. They are a pale pink lucite flower with crystal centers. Then, I added the Frankie bracelet, but they can’t keep that thing in stock. It has sold out again! Plunder has been having some huge sales on their jewelry, so be sure to check it out HERE, and be sure to pick a party with my name in it.
50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING AT NEUTRALS IN A NEW LIGHT | FASHION OVER 40I am sure that most of you have visited or have seen the store Chicos. In fact, I just styled a couple of items (here, here, and here) from their store in the past couple of weeks. So, you can see why I was thrilled when they reached out to me wanting to know if I wanted to style an outfit from them. I picked out a few things (you will see those later, and you are going to love it) along with this pair of jeggings in toasted tan. If you are like me, when you hear the word jeggings, it can strike fear in your heart. You have nothing to fear with these pants. They are a high-quality material (means no see-through issues) and they are constructed with the perfect stretch technology. I ordered my regular size 10 (that is a 1.5 with Chicos), but I think that I would prefer the next size down better. If you are in doubt, size down, or if you are like me, order both sizes and then send back the one that doesn’t fit. Lol! These are super comfy, and you will enjoy the pull-on style. These also come in powder blue, white, and gray. You can check them out by clicking here.

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  1. That colour combo is beautiful on you Tania it really compliments your skin and hair you look all set to enjoy a lovely spring day 🐣🌷

  2. When you said neutrals I thought, oh no! No colour?! But I see you have both for a pretty look. I havent tried Chico’s jeggings yet but definitely will. I find footwear storage a pain because it tales up a lot of room and I can’t transition here until May when we finally get warm weather. I can’t wait!

  3. Janice Barnett Reply

    I love Chicos but I would love if you would give them feedback on their sizing. I can wear a different size in every style of pant they sell. So hard to order on line! And their return policy is great but it took me 6 months to get a credit on my card.

  4. Love Love LOVE this outfit!! 💕 So pretty on you. I thought about getting the cardigan the last time you wore it, but now I KNOW I “have” to have it.

  5. These are your colors, pretty lady. You are glowing in them. I prefer this shade of pink on you, by FAR. That turquoise is the perfect foil for it. I would like to see you wear these shades much more often.

    I recently learned that neutrals are “colors” not found in the rainbow, so pink is also considered a neutral.

  6. Sally Bauman Reply

    I did notice that you are not a big shoe fan….I would always notice that you wore the same ones in multiple posts…I have seen lately that you have a few more pairs you are wearing, which is good for us shoe fans….Like the neutral pants and love the colors of the cardigan and scarf! I am Canadian and make sure Chico’s is a stop when I am in the US!

  7. Carole Prisk Reply

    You should always wear pink! It is the color that makes you glow, glitter and shine!

  8. Lovely outfit today. The scarf is beautiful. I discovered jeggings about s month ago and have become a big fan of them.

  9. I love your outfit today and the neutral is great!!! Thanks for yesterday’s post — went to Cato and came home with 5 shirts one of which you had on yesterday!!! Awesome!!!! 🙂

  10. Bev Ridenhour Reply

    I love the neutral and your outfit!!! Yesterday’s post had me at Cato and I came home with 5 new tops — one of which is the one you had on!!! Thanks!!! I needed to update my tops!!! 🙂

  11. I love jeggings! I shop at Chico’s often. I see your link is to Chico’s off the rack which I’ve also shopped at online. I’m not sure if the clothes at the discount Chico’s are made differently than the regular Chico’s but I’ve never purchased anything there that wasn’t way to big for me. So definitely order a size or two smaller from Chico’s Off The Rack.

  12. Oh I love those colours together! Absolutely fabulous! I’m not a fan of leggings. I’d rather wear straight leg jeans because of my big thighs! Lol! That outfit says ” Spring has arrived!”

  13. Roxanne Smith Reply

    These are your colors! You know you are wearing your season when you see your face first and your clothing second–they lift your face, eliminate shadows…perfect for you! I don’t know now if you are a Spring or a Soft or Light Summer.

  14. Rebecca Horvath Reply

    We don’t have to look like oatmeal…you crack me up!!! Love your posts and your sense of humor!!

  15. Linda Dietzel Reply

    Pink is my neutral. I love the colors in the scarf with the otherwise neutral outfit. How fun.

  16. This blush color looks amazing on you. You’re positively radiating light, Tania!

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