50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO CELEBRATE | FASHION OVER 40Let’s all sing together. Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to JOE… Happy Birthday to You!!! Did someone chime in, “and many more?” Lol! Yep, today is my hunny bunny’s birthday! If he reads this, he will cringe at me calling him a hunny bunny. Haha! He has this bad boy image to keep up, and it is hard to keep that image if someone is calling you a hunny bunny. Lol! Do you think that I said hunny bunny enough times in this paragraph? LOL!!! Now, that I wished Joe a happy birthday, I want to remind you that today is Friday with Friends. Some of you might remember my friend, Susanne Thompson from Thompson Hill Blog. She came to Grundy back last summer with Greg and Snickers. Susanne is a sweetheart and gorgeous, but little Snickers is a heartthrob! I keep trying to talk her into meeting again somewhere soon so be sure to give her a nudge in the right direction.

50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO CELEBRATE | FASHION OVER 40 Joe is a dichotomy in a lot of ways. He is “hell on wheels” if you make him mad. He is a fierce protector of his family. He will give anyone the shirt off of his back, and takes care of those he feels can’t take care of themselves. But, he can also cuss you so that a fly won’t land on you if you have a difference of opinion. He is a mess, but he is my mess, and I love him to pieces. Did I ever tell you about the first time that I saw him? He had just moved into the apartment above me, and he came down the stairs and knocked on the door. When I answered the door, he said that he wanted to introduce himself to me, and then he left. He had a buzz cut hairstyle, wore pressed khaki pants, a white button-down shirt, and had on tasseled penny loafers. My first thoughts were…” he wouldn’t be any fun,” and that just goes to show you how wrong a first impression can be.
50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO CELEBRATE | FASHION OVER 40Are you sick of pink yet? I promise that this is the last pink post that I will do this week. Lol! I am not mentioning the cardigan since it is the same one that I wore in this post, and you can read about it there. Instead, let’s talk about this adorable light pink gingham button-up shirt. This was a clearance item purchase at Old Navy, and you won’t believe the price. It was a whopping 3.99! It is amazing the deals you can get on clothing when it is the offseason; you just have to wait for months before you can wear them is the problem. I normally want to wear a new item as soon as I buy it, so waiting is not easy for me. This shirt is not a front-tie shirt, but as you can see, you can make almost any button-up shirt into this trendy style.

50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO CELEBRATE | FASHION OVER 40I love adding turquoise to my pink outfits. Turquoise is the perfect shade of blue to complement pink, or it is in my opinion. The Makia earrings are already sold out, and I doubt that they will restock them. You will be seeing me saying that things are sold out a lot until they launch the new spring catalog. The Brylee and the Eden are both in stock, and they would look just as cute. The Challis necklace is the short turquoise rectangle, the Joan necklace is the long dainty necklace with the long turquoise rods, and the Serena necklace is the long one on the brown cord. Be sure when you visit my website to check the Plundermania and the Going, going, gone categories to check out some special clearance items.
50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO CELEBRATE | FASHION OVER 40I am so white that my legs and my shoes all blend in together. Lol! I hope to change that this weekend because I am going to start my faux tanning process. I love the look of a tan, but I hate the tanning process. It doesn’t matter if it is by lotions, sprays, or even by the sun, I hate them all. They are the necessary evil process to get me the look that I want. Lol! These Clark Nubuck (here) leather perforated shoes are comfortable as well as stylish. These were c/o QVC, and I can’t thank them enough for sending them to me. BTW, they come in 5 different colors if this sand is not your jam. 
I bought these jeans the other day at the local boutique in town. I like the distressing at the hemline instead of higher up on the legs. I have seen this style in the stores online, so this must be part of the upcoming trends this spring. I like how it shows your ankles without me having to create a cuff. My cuffs aren’t even half the time, so this is a much easier look to accomplish.

50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO CELEBRATE | FASHION OVER 40Remember to go and check out Susanne today and tell her that I said hello.

Looking your best has a huge effect on your self-esteem. Fashion is something that I use to help me feel more confident, and my skincare routine is another. The funny thing is, I didn’t know that I lacked confidence until I started getting it. Now, I realize that I would shrink into the background because I was unsure of my outfit, my makeup, my hairstyle, etc. I feel like I have a glow about me now, part is from my Reverse regimen, and the rest is from the confidence that I now have that I look the best that I can. Which photo do you think that she felt the most confident? Join my Facebook group to find out how you can have more confidence, thanks to R+F, AND I am offering a special today in that group that will run through Sunday night. Don’t have Facebook? Message me instead, and I will share the deal with you. fiftyisnotold@gmail.com

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  1. Have you ever tried Color Street Nails? I would be happy to send you a set to try with one of your fab outfits.

  2. Happy Birthday to Joe! I’ve had two husbands I never thought I would marry and I have learned you can never judge a book by its cover! Both kind, loving men. Lucky us!

    I would never tire of that pink and again you’ve shown me looks I hadn’t thought of with the turquoise pairing and hems I haven’t seen before. I’d wear both.

  3. Happy Birthday Joe! I hope your day is filled with love and laughter surrounded by family and friends!

  4. Karen Miller Reply

    Happy Birthday Joe! I love the pink on pink! One of my favorite colors! It looks great on you!

  5. Happy Birthday Joe!!! Hope there is lots of cake coming your way!!!

    • Happy birthday to Joe! A good husband is such a blessing and I’m grateful for mine too. Mine is very smart, with a heart even bigger than his brain, and a great sense of humor to boot 😃.

  6. Happy birthday to Joe! Hope you have a great day! Tania, love the outfit. Gonna have to get some jeans like that and learn to turn my button-up shirts into tie-front shirts. I’ve been using the R+F Reverse regimen and the eye cream since last August and can see results. I’m also getting compliments on my complexion!! So I’m lovin’ my R+F! Thanks for all you do for us gurls!!

  7. Hah! I thought you were singing to me, as it’s my birthday as well. I won’t say how I am, but will give you a hint! One year away from Medicare, LOL! Anyway, please wish Joe Happy Birthday! Like you, I have the grandchildren close by. We watch our little 3 year old grandson a few days a week. Papa said “Maybe Grammy will get a new car for her birthday”, to which our little grumpling said “No, she gets a Barbie”! So there you have it, I’m getting a new Barbie! Plus….our other 3 have school early dismissal, which means I’ll have all 4 for the rest of the afternoon. And it’s supposed to rain……LOL! BTW, Love the outfit, one of my fav colors! And let the Joe celebration begin,as it’s all about him today!

  8. One of my favorite outfits, Tania. So happy and spring-y. 🙂 Please extend my Happy Birthday to Joe!!

  9. Love this and the pink is the frosting of the whole outfit! Happy Birthday, Joe! 🎂🎁🎉🎈🎊

  10. You do look pretty in pink! I love the turquoise jewelry with the pink too. I’m still not a fan of the torn hems. I can’t seem to get over that. The shoes are so cute and look comfy to boot. Happy birthday to Joe. 🍻

  11. Happy Birthday to Joe!!! You look adorable, pink really brings a glow to your face. I’m with you on the whole tanning process, ugh!

  12. kristin greene Reply

    Happy birthday to Joe! I love celebrating birthdays. At our house they get to pick the dinner and dessert. So now I am thinking about cake! If I go get cake for me to eat it would be pretty funny to tel my husband it’s for Joe!
    I love signs of spring. I was walking my dog yesterday and so enjoyed the daffodils and crocuses blooming. Your bursts of pink cheer me up to.

  13. Your hunny bunny sounds perfectly human, and together you make a dynamic duo! Happy Birthday to Joe! (BTW, spellcheck changed it to “hunky bunny”–he’d probably prefer that!!!)

    • Tania Reply

      I’ll have to remember to use your term instead. I am sure that he would like it much better. Lol!

  14. I love that pink gingham shirt. It looks fabulous on you. I think pink is a great colour for blondes….also the shade of blue on the necklace is perfect.

  15. Kelly Palmer Reply

    Pink looks really good on you, so pretty! I am not a fan of the distressed hem trend but love your shoes. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Birthday to Joe 🙂

  16. Happy Birthday Joe! Love your outfit. Sometimes I wish I could post a picture back. Look at me copying your exact outfit! I spent more than 3.99 on the exact same shirt!! Oh well I have already got a seasons wear out of it!

  17. Aimee Spencer Reply

    Happy Birthday Joe! Have a great year. Also Tania I am buying the “Jewel Earrings” today for myself. They are a steal on sale. Can’t pass them up.

    • Tania Reply

      These deals they have going on right now are great! I got a box full of items in today.

  18. Aimee Spencer Reply

    Happy Birthday Joe! I love your picture Tania with the pink blouse, sweater & Italy Necklace. It is popping up on the side of your Blog while I am typing this. Have a great Birthday Celebration.

  19. Carole Prisk Reply

    Happy birthday to Joe. I don’t think it is possible for you to look any cuter than you do in this pink outfit and tattered jeans. Sort of farm girl glam if I had to label it. Whatever you call it, you are flat out killing it!

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