50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO SHOP YOUR CLOSET | FASHION OVER 40This weather is driving me crazy. One day I am wearing open-toed sandals and the next day I am bundled up and freezing to death. I don’t know if everyone’s weather fluctuates as drastically as it does here in Southwestern Virginia, it can get crazy at times. I know that my daughter’s weather never varied much while she lived in Alaska. I remember looking at her weather and it saying that the low for the day was going to be 32, and the high was going to be 34. That was typical for her when she lived in Juneau, Alaska. Here in Virginia, it might be 38 in the morning, and you could have a high in the ’70s before the day was done. 
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO SHOP YOUR CLOSET | FASHION OVER 40The crazy thing for me is, I am trying to look at outfits for when I go to Los Cabo in less than a month. It is so hard to look at ordering a sleeveless dress or a bathing suit. I swore that I was going to be able to wear a two-piece bathing suit when I went there, but unless a one-piece bathing suit and a coverup count as two pieces, I don’t see that happening. Lol! It is even hard trying on shorts and dresses when you look like Caspers twin sister. Ugh. It appears like I am going to have to start the self-tanning process a month earlier than I had planned. I need to have my Coppertone glow on in April, instead of waiting to May.
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO SHOP YOUR CLOSET | FASHION OVER 40Does this outfit look familiar to you? Check out the post here and see if it jogs your memory. This is a prime example of shopping your closet, taking a few basic pieces, and then coming up with a completely different look. I have on a red turtleneck for today’s look, but you could easily wear a different style top. The big difference is the look today is changing out the scarf from the other post, and adding a waterfall vest instead. Both the turtleneck and the vest are from Cato Fashions, but these were purchased last year. There is a similar vest (here) still available, but the colors are different. The turtleneck is still available, but the only size left is a medium.
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO SHOP YOUR CLOSET | FASHION OVER 40I have on two small necklaces today. The Jo is the red marbled acrylic necklace on a gold chain. The long gold chain is called Vienna. They may call it the Vienna, but I call it my polo necklace because it reminds me of a Ralph Lauren look.
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO SHOP YOUR CLOSET | FASHION OVER 40My raw hem jeans is a pair from Old Navy. They are a mid-rise Rockstar in a medium color. The Rockstar jeans run true to size, and I like them because they don’t cost a fortune and I can try a trend without feeling guilty. This raw hem look might not last very long, and I don’t want to have a fortune tied up in a pair of jeans that I won’t wear anymore. I am wearing my normal size 10. The only thing that I changed from the last photo to this photo is my shoes. Instead of wearing a knee-high riding boot, I am wearing a black wedge ankle boot. The boot is also from Old Navy although it is several years old. The riding boots were brown, and the ankle boots are black which also changes up the look some. Small changes can make a difference.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO SHOP YOUR CLOSET | FASHION OVER 40BTW, if you look like Casper’s twin sister too, let me know. I am going to be placing a huge bulk order for the R+F foaming sunless tanner. It is 27.00 plus tax and 3.00 shipping. If you want to try any other R+F product, just let me know. I can ship it all at the same time to you. You can email me at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com with your order and your shipping address.

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  1. Tell us about the sunless tanning lotion. Does it work well? Do you turn orange? How many applications to you need.? And most importantly, how long before you can put your clothes on and does it stain your clothes?? Thanks. Love your blog. PS. I’m at Myrtle Beach right now AND I am Casper.

    • Tania Reply

      Goodness, Robin, that is a lot of questions. Lol! The tanner is a foam that turns into a clear liquid. I take a pump or two of the product and rub my hands together. Then I take that small amount and apply all over the body part (leg, arm, etc) and allow it to dry. It dries quickly and then I get dressed. I have never had any problem with it staining my clothing or in turning orange. Lol! I would always try a small patch spot where no one will see before I went the full monty. This lotion is subtle so it might take a few applications before you get the color that you want. The great part about it being subtle is that you can’t see streaks if you are not used to applying sunless tanners. I have some that will make you look like you spent a week in Hawaii in just a few applications, but if you miss a spot on your leg or arm, that spot will shine for everyone to see.

  2. I feel your pain. We have to pack for our coach tour in the states which is 3 weeks away. Here in the UK I am in jumpers, padded jacket and boots. Love – Jill x

    • Tania Reply

      It is hard to pack for a trip until you can see what the weather is going to be when you get there. It will be warmer in the cities that you mentioned in an earlier comment, but I would take a few pieces for cooler weather because you never know.

  3. Rhonda Rogers Reply

    You look great in that outfit. I like the above comment, maybe you could do a quick tutorial on the sunless tanning lotion.

    • Tania Reply

      Rhonda, I answered the previous comment about the tanner. I will think about showing everyone (all over the country) my white, sun damaged spotted legs in a tutorial later. UGH!

  4. Charleston SC…you can need a heavy coat in the morning and shorts in the afternoon! Love your posts. Thanks for all the advise!

    • Tania Reply

      Haha! Yep, just like living in Virginia. It sure can keep you on your toes trying to figure out what to wear.

  5. Dianne Little Reply

    I am interested in the self-tanner, but know nothing about the product. Could you tell me more?

    • Tania Reply

      Dianne, read the comment that I left for Robin. That will explain a lot.

    • Tania Reply

      I use R+F in the spring to get a small base tan. When I start to have an actual tan, I will supplement with a darker tanner called Sun when I need a little extra color.

  6. Hello on this warm day in NMB!
    I would love to hear more about the sunless
    tanning lotion. One main question…how does it smell?
    I don’t mind a little smell, but my husband sure does!
    Thanks! Would love to order some!

    • Tania Reply

      Suzette, I know what you mean by “that smell” that tanners have. This one is not bad at all. The Sun that I will use later in the summer has more of a smell. I have an aversion to a lot of smells, they give me a headache, but this is fine.

  7. I am in Cabo right now so better pack things that can handle the heat. It was very hot yesterday. The only thing you wanted to do was stay in the pool. Terry

  8. Love your outfit today. Will be watching for your sunless tanner tutorial. 😉 ☀️

  9. Hi Tania!

    I love your style! I happened upon your blog yesterday after I googled “fashions for women over 60.” I am 9 months over 60. I had an engagement party to go to and I was tired of wearing the same old thing. You helped me tremendously! After seeing you in a gold swing dress with a long navy sweater I went straight to my closet. I pulled out a teal swing dress and a long black sweater. I wore my black heeled ankle boots. I felt like a new woman! I would never have thought to pull out that teal dress because I only wear it in the summer. Not anymore! Thank you! I have lots of events this year and I know your blog will help me greatly. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


    • Tania Reply

      That makes me so happy, Theresa!!! I love that you are using the blog as an inspiration.

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