50 IS NOT OLD | ANIMAL PRINTS ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE | FASHION OVER 40It is hard to believe that it is already the middle of the week. It seems like I was just driving home from Atlanta yesterday, and here it is Wednesday already. I got on my old desktop computer the other night and booted that baby up. I was shocked that it actually started, and I was even more shocked to see that I could still access all of the old photos that were there. Now, I can’t make myself quit walking down memory lane.
50 IS NOT OLD | ANIMAL PRINTS ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE | FASHION OVER 40 Seeing photos of the children when they were young almost brought tears to my eyes. How did they grow up so fast? When you are in the middle of the “storm” also know as child rearing, it doesn’t seem like time is flying. But, one day you open your eye and they have flown the nest and might even have little chicks of their own. There was a picture of my daughter with this young child about 2 or 3 years old. Joe asked me, “who is the little girl?” It was my sister’s daughter who turned 17 in January in the picture. You should have seen Joe’s face, he couldn’t believe that it had been that long. This morning, Joe told me to stay off the computer, it was making him feel depressed seeing how our life was swiftly going by. Then, he had the nerve to look at me and say, “you’ve gotten old!” What??? I am the one who is always on the go, I am the one who is aging backwards. I told him that maybe HE should go and look in the mirror. Lol! Anyway, I guess the computer will stay off for a day or so. The past is nice to visit, but I don’t want to dwell there.
50 IS NOT OLD | ANIMAL PRINTS ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE | FASHION OVER 40In case any of you were wondering if animal print is still going to be a style trend in 2019, don’t worry, because it is still going strong. The fashion runways were filled with all kinds of animal prints and they are still flying off the shelf. This Old Navy snakeskin print sweater has to be about 5 years old, but every time that I wear it Joe compliments me on how nice I look.

50 IS NOT OLD | ANIMAL PRINTS ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE | FASHION OVER 40The neutral colored necklaces that I have on are the Carla and the KianaThe long necklace with the lightly colored beads is the Carla and the champagne colored beads with the gold chain tassel is the Kiana. The Carla has the pale pink leather cord which is adjustable up to 32″ long.
50 IS NOT OLD | ANIMAL PRINTS ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE | FASHION OVER 40These neutral colored pants are about as old as the top that I have on. I decided today that I was going to shop my closet and see if I could wear something that I have had for a long time but in a different way. This outfit was the result, and since neutrals are a huge trend this year, it was the perfect time to drag them out of the closet. I bet if you go to your closet right now you will be able to find a pair of neutral colored pants. If you don’t already own a pair, then here are a few that you can choose from. The Clarks shoes are the ones that I got c/o QVC the other day (see here) and they are perfect for spring. They are lightweight, stylish, and comfortable!

50 IS NOT OLD | ANIMAL PRINTS ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE | FASHION OVER 40I’ll be honest, I miss my photos that were taken by Courtney Baldwin Photography. I have another session scheduled for either this afternoon or tomorrow, and I can’t wait. What is your thoughts? Does it even matter to you? Lol!

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  1. Haha, oh what a bad thing to say of Joe! But Gerben and I recently also had a similar thing. We were celebrate being together for 27 years and we wondered where the time did go!

  2. Aimee Spencer Reply

    I like all your photographs Tania! The different landscapes are very enjoyable. We get to see all the places you travel to which I find entertaining. Your different outfits and jewelry are just what a girl is interested in as well. Also I have to tell you that you look much younger now than when you started your Blog because of your Rodan & Field , my opinion! You looked younger before, but your face is amazing and that is what I am referring to. I also enjoy your live demonstration videos. You do such a good job. It’s paying off for you and me too!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks for all the kind words, Aimee. I love seeing the professional photographs, they just look so nice. Maybe I should crop in more with them so that the outfit details can be seen better. I honestly think that I look younger too, thanks to R+F.

  3. I love this outfit! You look so stylish, yet comfy. I love your pics no matter where you photograph them. It’s all good!

  4. I echo the above! You look great is this, younger than when I first started follwing you and your photos are alway great. I follow you on my smartphone so I prefer closeup vs. distance photos but that’s just me.

    • Tania Reply

      Janet, I will try to crop in the photos to make sure that it shows them closeup. Thanks for the feedback.

  5. Lezlie Davis Reply

    Honestly, I like the pictures taken on your front porch. I think it’s part of the charm of your blog. It sets you apart from others in imho.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks for the comment, Lezlie. It is interesting that you think that the porch posts are charming and set me apart, while I am afraid that it makes me look amateurish and unprofessional. Tomatoes, tomatoes, I guess.

  6. Overall, I love the front porch photos. You have it down pat there. The lighting is good, the background is neautral with no distractions. That being said, the occasional on location shots have been fun too. Your latest idea with a professional photographer turned out great as well. Those photos could easily be images you had made as a personal collection. So…mix it up, have fun, but always come home to your porch💕

  7. I think the front porch photos look great, I did love the horse barn photos though, they were just beautiful! Your outfit looks lovely. My grand-daughter raises snakes and I am terrified of them so I stay away from anything snake related with a ten foot pole! As for me, I have a leopard print umbrella and my black fleece jacket has a hood lined in leopard print.

  8. Libby Lancaster Reply

    Love the photo sessions with Courtney! But I love the front porch shots, too. I enjoy your blog every morning!!!!

  9. I can so relate to feeling that time is flying by. I tell my daughter, who is having first baby in June, to enjoy every minute with her baby girl because she’ll be grown before she knows it. Love the neutral color scheme today. Very pretty and one of my favorite looks. And I may have to get those necklaces. Very pretty. Your pictures are always good but it was fun to see you in photos by photographer too. Either or both work for me. Now I’m off to VA for long weekend with my sisters. I’m sharing your blog with them. You may get 3 new readers. 😊

  10. I am taking my sister out to lunch Friday for her birthday and was undecided what to wear. Now I have a plan with my tan slacks thanks to you.. I love your photo’s wherever you take them. I saw the photo on FB with Joe and the children too. Wow, he was handsome then as he is now. LOL

  11. This may be my favorite outfit of yours!!! I love the subtlety of the sweater, pants and shoes, perfection♡ If I had to pick, I like the pitch photos the best with the on site ones added as you travel. Thank you for this blog, I always read it with my first cup of coffee♡

  12. PS, I just proof read my post before sending and that darn spellcheck changed “porch” to pitch!!

  13. I love the Clarks shoes. That brand is so comfortable right from the start! Also the top you’re wearing is very pretty. I also can’t believe the time goes by so fast . The picture on my Facebook cover is of my two grandkids who are now 18 and 20 years old! Where did the time go? You always look fabulous!

  14. So pleased animal print is not going anywhere, I have built up quite a collection. Clarks shoes are very comfy, we are lucky to have a shop just in the next town. Love – Jill x

  15. That’s a lovely outfit on you. Though very fair, your eyes are a vibrant blue and you have a nice rosy glow to your face, so you nicely wear neutrals. (I can’t without adding a colorful pop next to me face.) The sweater looks soft and almost shimmery like pearls and moonlight.

    I love the porch and yard posts best, but enjoyed the change of pace with your offsites. Very nicely done.

  16. FYI we are all secretly in love with Joe, so you better be nice to him! LOL. I love your outfit picks on the porch or by photographers. I love that you did a neutrals outfit. I was thinking I would have to skip this trend because “I do colour”. Last I checked hot pink is not a neutral.

    • Tania Reply

      Catherine, you about made me spit out my drink. I can’t wait to tell Joe that you said that. Lol!

  17. Hi Tanya,
    Love this outfit on you and really liked the professional photos too. That said, I would read you no matter, with or without.

  18. Hi Tania, I am so glad that you asked our opinions on your photos. I wanted to tell you the very first day that you showed the professional ones that in my opinion I preferred Joe’s. The professional ones are fine, but it seems to me that Joe’s are clearer and sharper. Joe could take your picture in front of a Walmart too if that’s where you would rather pose. I love how you look no matter where you’re at or who takes the photos, so it doesn’t really matter.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, for the feedback, Debrah. Actually, Joe doesn’t take my photos, I use a tripod and a timer on my camera. I will probably use some of both until I figure out a good compromise.

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