50 IS NOT OLD | ARE YOU READY FOR A CROP TOP | FASHION OVER 40The weather was terrible driving home from my trip in Atlanta this past weekend. The rain was pouring down on us the entire trip making visibility difficult. There was never any danger of getting a speeding ticket on this trip because most of the time we were well UNDER the speed limit. We had two different route choices that we could make to drive home, and we chose the one that we thought would take us around the front that was moving in the same direction that we were traveling.
50 IS NOT OLD | ARE YOU READY FOR A CROP TOP | FASHION OVER 40 The water was pooling on the roads so bad that we kept hydroplaning and it would make your heart jump up into your throat when that happened.  We saw at least 3 or 4 bad wrecks on our trip home. You could tell that they had hydroplaned and lost control of their vehicle. Most of them had gone off the road and was buried in the mud with a banged up car. The car gave us a warning that we had a tornado watch in the area that we were traveling through just in case we weren’t terrified enough. Then, as we started across the last mountain that goes to our homes, it began to spit snow. We were almost laughing be that time, we thought, “could it get worse?” Then, I woke up Monday morning and found out that the answer was, yes. It did get much worse for a lot of people in Alabama. I was devastated to see that 23 people lost their lives in a tornado that ripped through their community. I am so grateful that I made it home safely, and I am praying for those who have lost loved ones and property in Alabama.
50 IS NOT OLD | ARE YOU READY FOR A CROP TOP | FASHION OVER 40You have heard me mention that the high waist pant is a coming trend this year. When the waistline of pants goes higher, you can watch for the crop top to come back in style. The crop top is hitting the stores with a vengeance. I honestly have never been a big fan of the crop top because the tummy area is something that I try to cover. But, I am always willing to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. So, I ordered this navy Leith boxy cardigan to try out the latest trend. I like the top with these pants, but I am not quite in love with the look just yet. It will probably take me a little while to hop entirely on board this new trend. The top also comes in pink, and it is true to size. I am wearing a medium for those who want to gauge what size you would wear. I wore the cardigan all buttoned up which turns it into a top, but you can wear it open and layer a longer camisole under it if the crop look is not your thing just yet. Here is the link to the top.
50 IS NOT OLD | ARE YOU READY FOR A CROP TOP | FASHION OVER 4050 IS NOT OLD | ARE YOU READY FOR A CROP TOP | FASHION OVER 40Now, these Neveah earrings are only for the brave. They are a huge statement piece and will bring attention to your beautiful face. These are probably the largest pair of earrings that I have, with a 4.5″ drop. I thought the turquoise color looked great with the pants, and since I had these on as the attention grabber, then I didn’t have to wear a necklace. At the last moment, I decided to add a small necklace to the look so that you could see how to add something that wouldn’t take away from the earrings. This necklace is one that has been discontinued, but any small and dainty necklace would work.
50 IS NOT OLD | ARE YOU READY FOR A CROP TOP | FASHION OVER 40If I had known that this bracelet was sold out, I would have added the Maeve instead.
50 IS NOT OLD | ARE YOU READY FOR A CROP TOP | FASHION OVER 40Guess what else is going to be a big trend this year? Prints! I hope you like printed tops, dresses, and pants because you will be seeing a lot of them. The wide leg crops are also going to be everywhere you look. This style has been creeping onto the scene for a while, and it is going to hit full force this year. I bought this bright and playful printed crop pants last year at Ann Taylor. You can choose a bright print like mine, or you can choose something that is more to your liking. Check out these cute styles.

50 IS NOT OLD | ARE YOU READY FOR A CROP TOP | FASHION OVER 40My cork platform sandals by Tommy Hilfiger helps not to make me look short in this style pant. If you are petite and think the crop look isn’t for you, remember that wearing heels and platform shoes will help you out. Look in the photos above with the crop pants, and you will notice that all of them are wearing a heel.

50 IS NOT OLD | ARE YOU READY FOR A CROP TOP | FASHION OVER 40I used to hate to have my photos taken. You don’t find that many pictures of me before I started the blog because I was the one taking the pictures, and if someone else brought out a camera I would throw my hand in front of my face. I turned on the old computer that I hadn’t looked at in years and started going through the old photos on there. I was on there for hours just looking at my life passing in front of my eyes. It was fun and emotional watching my children grow up and leave the house. I also came across some of the first photos that I took when I started the blog in 2015. This has been 3 1/2 years ago, and I can say that I am pleased with the way that I look now in comparison with the way I looked then. If you have wondered if Rodan + Fields works…here is your proof. I don’t know exactly what has changed, but it has changed. You may like your skincare, you may think that mine is too expensive, you might think that you don’t need R+F, or you might just think it is all smoke and mirrors. All I know is that I am really glad that I decided to give R+F a chance and that I have continued to use the products. Grab a picture of yourself from 2015 and see how you have changed. If you think that you could use some R+F, then take the Solutions Tool and ask me for my suggestions. I will be honest about the products, and would never try to sell you something that you don’t need.

Thanks, Courtney Baldwin Photography, for the excellent photos!

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  1. Who knew those culottes/gauchos we wore in the 70s and 80s would make a comeback! I’ll probably pass on this style. The younger folks will think this is a new thing! LOL

    • Tania Reply

      That is the thing about fashion, it seems to come back around every so often. Lol!

  2. That is the best outfit!! The colors are amazing and I for one love seeing those printed pants and the cropped sweater. Gorgeous combo!

    • Tania Reply

      When I had my photos taken the other day, this was the outfit that the photographer liked the best!

  3. I love the pants. Just a suggestion….try it with a shorter tie front top. It will define your waist and the tie can hide the tummy area. I didn’t think the cardigan was much of a crop top and looked very boxy.

    • Tania Reply

      I have worn these pants with a top like that before, and they look great together.

  4. I love this outfit and want those pants! I am tickled that wide leg pants are returning. I enjoy tropical prints. I suppose that’s because I’ve lived in Florida my whole life.

    • Tania Reply

      I am sure that you see lots of tropical prints since you live in Florida!

  5. The high waist and wide legs just aren’t my thing. It took me a while to adjust to the mid & low rise pants but now I’m sticking with the mid-rise. I’m not very tall (5’3”) and feel like skinny and straight look better on me. You, however, seem to be able to wear everything! Love the shoes! Seeing you age backwards is what induced me to try R & F and I’m so happy I did. Highly recommend it to anyone out there who wants better and well protected skin. 😊

    • Tania Reply

      Johnna, you were such a skeptic! Lol!!! I am glad that you finally hopped on board the R+F express.

  6. The difference in your photos is amazing..your lashes are the.bomb.dot.com. Have a great day!!

    • Tania Reply

      Lashes make a huge difference in the appearance of the eyes. I got several compliments over the weekend about my lashes. Lol!

  7. Elizabeth Tyminski Reply

    Wow – you can definitely see the transformation with the R & D.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Elizabeth. I am beyond thrilled that I decided to try these products. They have made a huge difference in my skin!

  8. Not excited to hear that crop tops are returning—they’re not ideal for a curvy gal.

  9. I’m so glad you made it back home safely. I love how you always are willing to try on something new.

  10. Thank goodness you arrived home safely. Roads like that are so dangerous. No matter how much care you take there is always someone who thinks they are the best driver out there. Love – Jill x

  11. Charlcy L Green Reply

    Oh you KNOW I love those pants & that crop top! Can’t wait to find something similar to wear on my cruise! That is SO cute on you! Those wedges do add alot to the outfit as well. And the earrings just pop! Beautiful you has done it again!

  12. pekeapooyou Reply

    Love your color combo! I don’t know that I would call that a crop top since it doesn’t show tummy, but definitely a good choice with wide legged pants. I sure hate to hide my rockin’ legs in wide pants though. 🙁

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