50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BLUSH FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40Holy Cow! Have you ever seen a plant this huge??? I have no idea what this sucker is, but it looks like an Aloe plant on steroids. Joe and I had a couple of friends come and visit with us for a few days. Joe went golfing with Troup and I went shopping with Lilliana. We had a beautiful day to stroll the streets and shop in some of the local boutiques. We crossed the street to head back to the resort and I spotted these humongous plants. I told Lilliana that I had to go and have my pictures made with these things to show them to all of you.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BLUSH FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40 I had to be careful when I was posing though because at the end of each leaf was a long spike. I turned my head once and came within inches of that spike poking me in the face. I was a whole lot more careful after that experience. Lol! I bought a few things, mostly clutches, and handbags, but Lillanna really racked up. She bought a lot of things and they all looked great on her. We have already made plans for another trip in March and have been scoping out all of the shops that we will hit next. Lol! Joe and Troup are happy to let us go shopping as long as they can go golfing. I love it when everyone is happy and each gets to go their separate ways. I don’t want to have to go riding around in the golf cart and I know for a fact that Joe has no interest in going with me shopping. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BLUSH FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40 I bought this cocoon cardigan while I was visiting my sister last week. We went to have a manicure and pedicure and then she needed to run in Target to buy a few things to take home for supper. Gurls, I have told you that I can find things to buy almost anywhere, and Target had a LOT that I ended up buying. I loved the pale pink or blush color of the cardigan, but the way it is draped is what really sold me on the sweater. This cozy cocoon style wraps around your body and hugs your legs for a flattering look. The open style cardigan is easy to wear since you don’t have to worry about buttons or hooks and you can wear this with a lot of different looks. It comes in a lot of different colors and at the price, 22.99, you can afford to buy several. Go here for the link. 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BLUSH FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40This cute white clutch was one of my purchases today. I have a large white handbag, but I have been wanting something smaller to be able to carry with me in the Spring and Summer. This came with a shoulder strap inside the clutch, so I will be able to wear this easily when I am shopping or doing something where I need my hands free. I can see me carrying this to church, to lunch dates, summer weddings, etc., because it is so versatile. I caught this on the clearance rack and I bought it for half price!!! It doesn’t have a brand name on it but I found a couple of nice clutches online.

These two plants were planted side by side in a small park-like area right off the street. I am still just amazed at how large these plants were. I haven’t seen anything like these unless they were in a Tropical Rainforest.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BLUSH FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40 These quilted sneakers matched my cardigan perfectly, and they were so comfortable for walking and shopping. I don’t wear this style shoe often, but I have to admit that they were great while we were out and about. I was a little worried that they would rub my ankle because I hate wearing socks, but they didn’t bother me in any way. I can’t believe that I am going to say this…I might have to look into a few more “dress” sneakers for my everyday looks. What do you gurls think? Are shoes like this a yes or a no? Here is where you can get your own pair of Reese quilted sneakers under 25.00. 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BLUSH FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40Here is a photo tip…don’t take the photos from a perspective lower than yourself. These plants were on an incline, and the lighting for taking the pictures meant that my friend had to be below me. The issue is that your chin (double or triple) is highlighted and makes it look even more noticeable than it normally would be if the same photograph were taken on an even surface or from above.

Tomorrow is the big day when Spotless is available to be purchased. I have already had a huge response to this new 2-step product for teens and young adults. I was amazed when I read the stats that said 85% of teens and young adults have acne and that acne is their number one skin concern. I have had a lot of moms and grandmothers reaching out to me to see how they can get this for their loved ones. That makes me so happy to think that I could play a small part in a child having clear skin and their confidence level being elevated. Email me if you want more information. fiftyisnotold@gmail.com

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  1. I believe you have discovered the Agave plant. They grow well in south Texas.
    Love your sweater and sneakers.

  2. Love the outfit! Yes, to the sneakers. I have a black pair, different brand, I purchased for fall transition. Wasn’t sure how much I’d wear them. Well…turns out I wore them a bunch. Even in winter I put them on to run over to workout cuz they are easy on/off. Comfy too. Look great with full length skinny jeans and ankle jeans. They clean up quick with a wipe of a damp towel. The white edging I keep scuff free by lightly dabbing with a Magic Eraser.

  3. The sweater and sneakers are a lovely colour. However, I cannot get to grips with wearing sneakers to a dress or skirt, this seems so un natural although my challenge to you is – let us see how you rock it, If anyone can, you can. Love – Jill x

  4. The ‘pumps’ as they are called in the UK are very in. I know this because my daughter wears them all the time with everything including dresses!! I don’t like socks either so have to make sure they don’t make my feet sweat. It looks very sunny where you are. Spring looks to be in the air here too. Happy hump day 🙂

  5. Yes to the slip on sneakers as long as they are pretty and not clunky, just not wirh anything dressy. They aren’t always easy for me to find though because many don’t have arch support , arent flexible or slip off my heels. I’m on the hunt!

  6. I may be the wrong person to ask since I have 3 pair of a different brand. I always use to wear flats, but my daughter got me hooked on dressy sneakers. Very cute outfit today.

  7. Ann Pavlicek Reply

    First of all, I love the pink/blush! Thank you so much for showing styles in all price ranges. I have looked at other blogs, but they are styling high end products ALL the time. You mix it up and show us how to look good no matter what our economic status is. You are my favorite.

  8. Love the sneakers! I’ve been looking at some almost identical to those for four the amount. Target here I come. 👟

  9. I LOVE these sneakers!!!! I have black, tan, denim, and leopard print. I wear them with jeans and leggings. Perfect for all my casual outfits.

  10. Love the blush sweater and shoes. Interested to see how else you will style them.

  11. I love this outfit especially your shoes. And blush is also a favorite color of mine. And yes, please show outfits with casual shoes similar to these. I don’t where heels too often. The sunshine looks so nice! It’s rained for three days here.

  12. Love the sweater! Here in Florida, we call those Century plants. They get huge. They have a huge stalk that grows out the middle and blooms. However, once they bloom, unfortunately they die.

  13. I believe that is a Century Plant and it’s said they only bloom once every century, I could be wrong. Love any color that has to do with Pink, Love Love the casual outfit.

  14. I love your cocoon wrap and wear blush color alot!! Love the shoes too♡ Arent those plants beautiful? They are agave and all over here in Fla, we have several as they are zero maintenance and tolerate the heat! Sounds like you and Joe are having a great time♡

  15. Linda Bunger Reply

    I love the blush wrap and shoes. Your outfit is so cute and looks so comfy. I need to buy a pair (or two). My daughter and I are going to San Francisco in April and comfy shoes are a must!

  16. Sherry Jackson Reply

    Love the outfit!! I am in love with the blush color ! The plant is the agave & those “needles” on the tips were used by native americans for sewing. You can break off the tip & there is a thread-like string attached. As a child in CA this plant destroyed everyrubber ball it made contact with!

  17. Love the outfit! What size are you wearing in the cardigan? Thanks!

  18. Hi Tania!
    Personally, I really like these type of sneakers. I have a couple pairs of Skechers that are really cute AND comfortable. I live in white ankle length jeans in the Summer and my light grey ones look really nice with them. Gives me another Summer look to wear besides sandals.

  19. Charlcy L Green Reply

    I just love that look & color! I recently saw it in one of my fav shows on Netflix “Grace & Frankie” and the diva was wearing a similar outfit & I decided then I had to get that color sweater! Your outfit clinched the deal! I have one pair of fancy sneakers & love them so maybe I’ll go look for those blush ones for my upcoming cruise! So fun that you got a special girls’ day out of town!

  20. Hey! We are twinsies! I wore the same color combination to church last Sunday. I wore my denim pencil skirt, my basic white button up blouse, and the SAME cocoon blush sweater. I wore a long silver pendant and since the weather had just dropped 9 fresh new inches of snow I wore my fur lined tan winter boots. (I put the outfit together, because I was tired of all my winter stuff, so I was “hoping for Spring” except for my boots (and the nude hose I wore, because I wanted a layer over my legs.). I love the color combo.

  21. “Aloe on steroids”–love your descriptions. Cute stuff from target too. Shoes already in my cart!

  22. Love the way you put together the whole outfit, especially the blush color. I just wish sneakers would have a more neutral color sole, like off white or beige, instead of white.

  23. Vicki Gretsky Reply

    Where did you get the t-shirt underneath the cardigan? I love to layer and need thin shirts like the one you had on?

    • Tania Reply

      Vicki, I have several in this style. I like the ones that I find at Cato Fashions, if I can get the ones that are the slinky material, not the thick cotton ones.

  24. You are speaking my love language with the blush color. All the heart eyes on that sweater! (I have a similar pair of shoes by Vionic that I got a year ago. I’m about to by a replacement pair because I love them soooooo much!)

  25. What a cute blush cardi! I’d love something like this for our cooler weather – still a summer heatwave here in Brisbane although there’s a cyclone off the coast we are hoping will cool things down a little, haha! 🙂

    Hope that your week is going well and you have a nice weekend ahead of you!

    Away From The Blue

    • Tania Reply

      I know several ladies who live in your part of the world and they have been telling me how hot it has been there this year! I hope your weekend will have a cool wind blowing through. Lol!

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