50 IS NOT OLD | CHANEL ESPADRILLES AT A BARGIN PRICE | FASHION OVER 40Hello from North Myrtle Beach! First off, don’t be too jealous that I am at the beach because it is pretty dang cold. It is still enjoyable being here since it is a change in scenery, and it is gorgeous. I love sitting on the couch and looking out the sliding doors at the ocean. It is too cold to open the door to listen to the waves, but that is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. Joe went golfing on Friday, and he has once again given me something to talk about on the blog. I probably should rename my blog, the crazy antics of Joe. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | CHANEL ESPADRILLES AT A BARGIN PRICE | FASHION OVER 40 Joe had his golf clubs in the back of the car that he drove here, but he was going to drive my car to the golf course, so he took both keys to the vehicles when he left. I didn’t have any plans to go anywhere, so it didn’t matter to me that he had both of the keys. Once he finished golfing, he went back to my vehicle and put his clubs inside the back. He forgot that he had put the keys to my vehicle inside a pocket on his golf bag, and when he lowered the back gate down, the car locked!!! My vehicle is the type that you can lock and unlock the doors if the key is nearby, so when Joe got to the car, all he had to do was put his had on the handle for the back to open. However, once it locked it wouldn’t open back up. He called me asking if I had an extra key in my handbag, but I didn’t have a car to drive since he had taken both sets of keys. LOL! Thankfully, I do subscribe to OnStar, so I called in the issue, and they opened the vehicle remotely. I had to laugh at him though, and then I thanked him for giving me blog fodder. Hahaha! I don’t know what I would write about if it wasn’t for his faux pas!
50 IS NOT OLD | CHANEL ESPADRILLES AT A BARGIN PRICE | FASHION OVER 40I bought this gorgeous fleece jacket the other day when I was shopping at the horse show. I can find something cute to buy almost everywhere I go. Lol! (Go here to see the other top that I bought) I spotted this jacket as we were walking back from watching dressage, and I went over to get a better look. Once I tried it on I knew that I wanted this jacket. Did you notice the dark panels running down the inner arms and sides? I look for options that make me look thinner (other than diet and exercise), and this jacket does exactly that. The jacket fits like a yoga jacket, and it has lots of stretch and give. I like the all-over funky geometric pattern as it gives a nice contrast to the solid panels. Here is a link where you can find this Horze jacket. 50 IS NOT OLD | CHANEL ESPADRILLES AT A BARGIN PRICE | FASHION OVER 40My relaxed outfit called for my pull on black jeans by NYDJ. These are so comfortable, and I love how they hug you in all the right areas. I haven’t been wearing jeans by this brand very long, but I like the ones that I have gotten. The stretch in the material makes these jeans easy to wear, even if you are traveling on long trips. Like all NYDJ jeans, this style uses Lift Tuck® Technology, a  proprietary slimming panel with a patented criss-cross design trims for a smooth, slender silhouette that enhances any look.

50 IS NOT OLD | CHANEL ESPADRILLES AT A BARGIN PRICE | FASHION OVER 40I like looking good and spending the least amount that I can at the same time. I scour sales and websites like eBay and Etsy to try and find the best deals. That is especially true if I am shopping for a high-end or expensive item. If I can find something that I want (lightly used or worn) from a reputable seller, and a lot cheaper than buying it new, then I am all in. These shoes would be something that I would shop those sites for. These are Chanel espadrilles, and there is no way that I would pay the original price for these shoes! I was lucky and stumbled across them for free, and you can’t get any better than that. However, you can go here to find your own Chanel espadrilles.
50 IS NOT OLD | CHANEL ESPADRILLES AT A BARGIN PRICE | FASHION OVER 40Ever since I started buying products from Rodan + Fields, the prices have been the same. The other day they announced that they would be having a 4% price increase on their products beginning March 1st. I love that they are open about their price increase and that they give you time to place your order for products that you might be wanting before they increase in price. The prices have been rising in other brands, food, gas, etc., but you usually have no warning until you go to make the purchase. If you have been thinking about hopping onboard R+F to start this amazing skincare line, now would be the time to make the plunge especially if you are wanting to purchase a bundle (regimen + lash boost, etc. set) because they are at a 20% discount from buying each item separately. Also, if you purchase as a Preferred Customer, then you will also receive an extra 10% off and free shipping. Message me (fiftyisnotold@gmail.com) for details or questions. Go HERE to take the Solutions Tool to see what products the doctors would recommend for you.

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  1. Love hearing about Joe’s antics as that would be something I would do lol. It looks lovely in Myrtle Beach. We are having unusually mild weather here in the Uk. Love today’s casual look, perfect for the beach. Cant wait until R&F is the Uk, maybe I can save money on Botox then 😂 x

    • Tania Reply

      Joe is crazy and I laugh at him all the time. He is a good sport and doesn’t care for me telling all about his antics on the blog. Lol!

  2. I keep meaning to mention that you are looking very slim and trim these days! Looking good!!

    • Tania Reply

      Wendy, I promise you that my slim and trim is mostly due to clothing choices and how to stand when taking a picture. I’ll take it though!

    • Tania Reply

      I loved talking to you for so long the other day!!! It was way overdue.

  3. You are right, that fleece jacket is very slimming. Most fleece isn’t, I find. My husband and I bought the same vehicles one year apart. You would think we could figure out how to operate them but they are a bit different and start and lock differently. We have locked ourselves out and frequently the automatic locks don’t lock because we have both sets of keys with us which apparently confuses it and we have to lock manually. We look like idiots waiting to see if the car locks.

    • Tania Reply

      Janet, I am glad to know that Joe and I aren’t the only ones out there pulling some of these stunts. Lol!

  4. Enjoy the antics of Joe. Really like that jacket, but scoring the shoes for free -wow! Good job, no GREAT job!!

    • Tania Reply

      I know, Dana! My sister about died when she found out what she had given me. Lol!

  5. Cheryl Peffer Reply

    What would they do without us?? It’s 17 degrees here this morning. But the sun is shining. I still would rather be at the beach, cold or not.

  6. Elizabeth Taylor Reply

    You nailed the outfit again! Who knew Chanel espadrilles existed?! Definitely getting the jacket.
    Great picture of you and Joe. Love the way your outfits coordinate. Lol. I think you have a lot of EB in you!

    • Tania Reply

      Goodness, Jill! That is NOT going to happen. Lol! I can’t keep up with the one that I have now.

  7. You look adorable! You and Joe cracked me up–a wonderful picture of real life marriage!!!!

  8. Cold or not – what a wonderful place to be. Seeing the dunes and the stair walkway -its like they are yelling at me to get the heck down there!!!!

    • Tania Reply

      It is so pretty down here, Sharon. I really love just sitting and looking outside.

  9. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    Joe is such a good sport letting you air his crazy antics! But truthfully, that can happen to anyone driving someone else’s car! Im so glad youre enjoying the beach even tho its cold. I guess its cold everywhere! It snowed here today! I never imagined you bought 2nd hand items but glad to know it! I love high end 2nd hand shops!

  10. Julia Purtill Reply

    It has been a cold rainy winter in Texas but at least no ice! Enjoy the time away from home chores, and keep up your subscription to OnStar!

  11. Yay, I live here! You’ve had a little bit of sunshine, but the weather hasn’t been really great. We’ve had a really mild winter though, which makes me happy because I don’t like the cold. I just found your blog about a month ago and am thoroughly enjoying it. You have great style! Plus, we girls don’t want to dress like we’re 100 years old just because we’re half way there or, in my case, over half way, lol… Keep up the good work, chick!

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