50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! I feel like I have been celebrating Valentine’s Day for weeks. I have been wearing red for days gearing up for the BIG day. Now that I am an old married woman, Joe and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. There are no fancy restaurants in town to go out to dinner, and a trip to the Dairy Queen is not where I would want to go. I was thinking about romance and how Valentine’s Day brings out the Cupid in so many people, so I thought that I would share one of the most romantic gestures that Joe did.50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40 We had gone to a UT Football game, and we went out to dinner before the game. It wasn’t a wine and candles kind of dinner, but we were in love, and that was all that mattered. The conversation turned to his old girlfriends, and somehow we started talking about little black books. You know what I am talking about, the book that men had where they kept all of the phone numbers of their girlfriends before the days of cell phones. I thought that those were a myth and didn’t exist, but sure enough, he pulled his out from his pocket. While we were sitting there, he tore out all of the pages and ripped them into shreds. A couple was sitting at the table next to us, and the man looked at Joe and what he was doing. He shook his head and said, “big mistake buddy, big mistake.” Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40Valentine’s Day calls for a touch of red. I added red with my blazer, and also with my shoes. This blazer is a true red, and it is a short blazer that hits at my hips. The one button style blazer is my favorite style, and I like the ruched sleeves on this one. The way the blazer is made with the points in the front, it is very flattering and slimming.

50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40I added an old graphic tee that I’ve had for a while. This says LOVE, and I think it is perfect for Valentines. I love the plain design of the black letters on the white v-neck t-shirt. I will pick a v-neck over any other neckline if I have a choice because it helps to elongate my neck.

50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40I wanted to add the distressed/faded gray jeans to the look instead of going with a black or a blue pair. This gray pair of jeans is probably my favorite jean at this time, and I wear them all the time. It doesn’t matter what color I have on; I can somehow find a way to wear these. Lol! Here is the link for the jeans. The bright red pump by Michael Kors elevates the look, especially since the look is for Valentine’s Day. Red is the color of love, passion, and strawberries. Those are the things that I think of when I think of Valentine’s Day. Lol! I do want my strawberries to be chocolate covered though. Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40 I wanted my picture taken in front of this sign because I wanted you gurls to know that I love you all every day! 😘

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    Nice story about the ‘little black book”. Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Cute outfit! Just goes to show love is shown in so many ways. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Happy Valentines’s Day, Tania – and Joe! What a sweet story! (And you look so cute in your pix!)

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day! Cute ootd too! The link to the gray jeans didn’t work though. Thinking about getting a pair. I see them everywhere now.

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day! Perfect Valentine’s Day outfit and the pop of color with the shoes, you nailed it!

  6. I like the casual yet finished look of this ensemble.

    That story is sweet, Joe knew a good thing when he saw it! I think people who have been married for awhile don’t have to rely so much on over the top romantic gestures because their relationship has endured some trials and tribulations to arrive at a place of appreciation and renewed commitment. That clarity is priceless! At our house we exchange cards with carefully written sweet messages and a small but thoughtful token of love and appreciation. I feel blessed!

  7. Dawn Whatley Reply

    My husband loved cars and in his little black book, he listed the girls by the car they drove. I drove a Rambler America, possibly the worst kind of car but In the end I got the man.

  8. Looks like you are standing in front of Henry’s Louisiana Grill in one of those pictures – is that true? I know you mentioned visiting your sister in Georgia – I am a Georgia girl & we love that restaurant!

  9. Love the touch of tearing up the pages of the little black book. My Mr Mc and I will be celebrating with a nice meal at home and a bottle of fiz. Sending love to you both. Jill x

  10. The red pumps make the outfit. But I’m a shoe girl as you know. The photo backgrounds were cool. Especially the Coca-Cola one. The story about Joe is one of the sweetest things I’ve heard. You got a good one in him. My husband and I don’t normally celebrate Valentine’s Day in big way but he’s taking me out of town and to dinner today. After 30 years he’s still a romantic. I’m lucky. 💕😊

  11. What a great story. It’s the little things in life that matter now, not gifts.
    So thankful we still have each other after all these years. He’s my Valentine😍 every day of the year.
    You look great in red and I love the storefronts! Looks like a quaint town.
    Happy Valentine’s Day friend! 😊

  12. I think that was a very romantic gesture on Joe’s part! And it’s exactly what younger people need to hear about romance. Romance is heating up your car for you on a cold morning. Romance is always taking care of your car, so you don’t have to think about it. (Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I had to take my car for an oil change myself, or pump gas for that matter. I do take it to get washed though.) Romance is bathing that squirmy toddler so you can finish reading a book, or maybe take a bubble bath yourself. And we need to find those things that speak to our husband’s heart as well. That’s real romance, not RomCom romance.

    LOVE all the photos from the stables, btw. Speaks to my Texas-girl heart.

  13. Charlcy Green Reply

    Thats a precious story! Cufe outfit too. We love your Valentines stories.

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