50 IS NOT OLD | GETTING READY FOR SPRING WITH BRIGHT COLORS | FASHION OVER 40I had the best lunch yesterday. The food was fine, but nothing great. I ordered a grilled chicken salad because I am still looking at low carb, and it was filling and tasty, but that is not why I had a great lunch. My lunch was great because of the company that I was with. A friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in probably a year came over to Grundy, and we went out for a lunch date. I had expected it to last at least an hour, but two hours later we were still talking away. I have no idea how long we would have stayed there and talked if her babysitter hadn’t texted wanting to know how much longer she was going to be out.50 IS NOT OLD | GETTING READY FOR SPRING WITH BRIGHT COLORS | FASHION OVER 40 Isn’t that the way it is sometimes? There are some people that you don’t have to see every day, or even talk to every day to be terrific friends. Whenever you find the time to sit and talk, the words flow, and it is so much fun to get to catch up with what is going on in each other’s lives. There were moments when we snorted because we were laughing so hard and there were a few times when tears welled up in our eyes. After you have so much fun, you will think to yourself that you are not going to let that much time pass before you get together again. But, we all know what happens next. It is called “life” and before we even blink an eye, another year will have passed by. I am grateful for the time we spent together yesterday, and I truly look forward to the next time we get together, no matter how long it might be.50 IS NOT OLD | GETTING READY FOR SPRING WITH BRIGHT COLORS | FASHION OVER 40 Until I see snow flurries flying about, I am sticking with my theory that Spring is coming soon! And, as long as the weather is cooperating, I am going to take the opportunity to wear clothing that is lighter in weight and brighter in color. Hopefully, both of those things will combine to brighten my spirit as well. You can see the look on my face that says it all; colors make the difference. This light pink tunic has a leopard print but with a twist. The leopard print is not in the normal browns and black, but instead, with light turquoise and a faded black to soften the look. I have had this top for a while, and I have worn this top on multiple occasions. But, for some reason, I haven’t taken pictures with this top on and put it on the blog. I bought the top back in late summer from a local boutique, and I must not have liked the tag that was in it because I can see where I cut it out. Don’t you hate those tags that scratch and make your neck irritated? I sure wish they would all go to the printed on the material labeling, that would be so much nicer.

50 IS NOT OLD | GETTING READY FOR SPRING WITH BRIGHT COLORS | FASHION OVER 40I am sorry that I didn’t get a good picture of my earrings. They were a present from my Energizer Bunny Friend, and they are bright pink lips. Lol! They are not something that I would have ever bought for myself, but they are too cute and fun. Everyone needs a little fun in their life. I need to go through my jewelry when I get finished with all of the other organizing projects that I have going because my shorter necklaces tend to get lost in a mess. I had forgotten about this cute short Challis necklace. It features a marbled turquoise rectangle on a 22″ gold chain. The Serena necklace is another one that I had forgotten about. It has lots of tiny turquoise beads on a brown cord with a cream stone pendant and a bright fuschia bead. To purchase Plunder Design, go here.50 IS NOT OLD | GETTING READY FOR SPRING WITH BRIGHT COLORS | FASHION OVER 40 The bright turquoise waterfall cardigan that I have on is one from Cato Fashions that I bought last year. I love bright colors so even though I didn’t have anything specific that I was buying this to wear with, I knew that I would be able to find plenty of things in my wardrobe that it would match. I went with dark jeans since I was wearing a brighter color cardigan. My jeans today are by NYDJ, and I have a couple of jeans by this brand that I absolutely love. They are soft, and I love the way that they give but don’t stretch out and sag. I have visions of the day when we used to wear stirrup pants and had baggy knees when we would stand up. Lol! Anyone else remember those days. Lol!!!

50 IS NOT OLD | GETTING READY FOR SPRING WITH BRIGHT COLORS | FASHION OVER 40I am not sure what type people you think join Rodan + Fields, but I bet the answer would shock you. Yes, there are a lot of stay-at-home moms in R+F, but there are a ton of professional people involved also. These are the type of person that you would never think would join a direct sales company, but R+F is different. It has the credibility that no other direct sales company can match, at least IMHO. I am looking at just one professional segment today…nurses. Nurses love helping others; it is in their blood. I am going to link to several stories from nurses about why they joined Rodan + Fields. If any of these stories spark an interest in you, send me an email to fiftyisnotold@gmail.com, and we will hop on the phone with EBF today!

Kristen Ludwig – The Stars Were Aligned

Jennifer Williams – Dreaming Even Bigger Beyond Fear

Kelli Chunn – Legacy and Impact

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  1. Friendships like the one you mentioned are the best. It may be 12 months or more since you meet or talk but when you do meet it is as though you only saw each other yesterday. Have a great day – Love – Jill x

    • Tania Reply

      I know! It is amazing, Jill, we had so much fun catching up with each other.

  2. Deborah L. McDonough Reply

    Tania, that is so true! We are all so busy and need more time with our friends. You look amazing in that blue, by the way. It really makes your blue eyes “pop!” XOXO Debbie

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Deborah! I loved the blue, and it made me feel happy!

  3. Theresa Douglas Reply

    It’s hard to think about sting when you wake u and the temperature is -29F and the wind chill makes it -45F. Please send some of the sunshine and warm weather north to Canada 🇨🇦. We could use some. 😃

    • Tania Reply

      Oh my goodness! The thoughts of temps that cold is unimaginable to me. Holy Cow!!!

  4. Cheryl Peffer Reply

    I too have an old friend I met 52 yrs ago. We don’t live close so it’s so nice to chat now thru emails. Last fall we met for lunch. Hours went by when we finally parted. I wish we could do it more often.
    Keep thinking spring.

    • Tania Reply

      Cheryl, it sounds like you have a wonderful friend and I know it was a blast getting together with them.

  5. Loving your lipstick girl!!!

    This is operation jewelry clean out and organize week for me. Super overwhelming but I’m getting there. 2 sandwich baggies of earings are gone, gone, gone!! So….when will Plunder make it to Canada? I’m making room, lol!

    • Tania Reply

      I am heading out of town again this weekend, so my operation cleanout has eased off for a day or two. I have heard whisperings that Plunder might launch into Canada, but I have no idea for sure.

  6. Seeing an old friend is always a good time, so many memories and laughter.
    I love your color and haircut! Turquoise is a great color on you and I really like that leopard print, it pops with the duster.
    PS – the outfit is very slimming! I give it 👍👍👍!!😊

  7. Good morning! Wow! Long and lean in your tunic and cardigan! Gorgeous pink lips! Beautiful,
    Twinkling eyes! Wonderful lunch with your pal! Banner Day, Miss Tania! ❤️

  8. Can you show us a 7 day vacation mix and match wardrobe? It is hard to pack for 7 days, to much luggage!

    • Tania Reply

      Oh my, Patti! I struggle with that too. I have gotten better about taking too much, and I do try to pack things that will mix and match.

  9. I gave s sister that lives across the country from me and only see her once a year maybe but when we’re together it’s like I saw her yesterday and no time has passed. It’s a wonderful feeling. The color of your cardigan looks great on you and the lips earrings are too cute.

  10. anne catherine main Reply

    Your use of colour is one of the reasons I enjoy your blog. It means even more to me today in the midst of our week of snow, freezing rain and cabin fever! Colour offers hope and a window. Thank you for that.

  11. Your Hair looks GREAT! Did you recently get it cut? I just love it!

  12. Charlcy L Green Reply

    That is so precious that you have such a dear friend who took the time to come visit & you got t spend 2 hrs. laughing & talking! we girls so need that! I really wanted that top you linked to but alas on in size S or XL. SO cute tho! And so is your outfit! I love the twist on the leopard color scheme & am off to see what I can find!

  13. Your hair\cut is fantastic! Very youthful! :D. And turquoise is an amazing color on you – the closeup pic reflects it back in your eyes and they look turquoise too!

  14. Kelly Palmer Reply

    I agree that the turquoise brings out the color of your eyes 🙂 I was wondering if you have any tips on how to organize your jewelry?

    • Tania Reply

      Kelly, I have way too much jewelry and if I get around to getting rid of what I don’t wear, then I’ll be sure to let you know what I find.

  15. I enjoy your posts so much. This one was timely – I’m meeting up with a friend of 21 years on Saturday; we met through a “Mentor Moms” program when she was a 19 year old mom and I was a “mentor” mom (haha!) at 27. We’ve loved and supported each other through the years and, although our kids are grown and we now live in different cities, the friendship is priceless. Thank you again for your fun, interesting, and inspiring blog. 50 is just around the corner for me and I love that you promote happiness, joy, and beauty while keeping it real.

    • Tania Reply

      Wow! Talk about timing! I love that story and isn’t it funny that at 27 you were a mentor? lol!

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