50 IS NOT OLD | A FAUX WRAP IS A FLATTERING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I could break out singing, “Spring is in the air, it’s everywhere, it everywhere.” Ahhh, good old Love Boat, who all remembers that show? I guess that we might be showing our age if you know and loved that show. When Spring comes around, it does something in my soul that I can’t explain. I feel the urge to clean, I feel lighter and happier, I want to start wearing brighter colors, and I have to change up my hairstyle. Normally, I tend to let it grow longer in the Spring and Summer, and then I will cut it in the fall and winter. But, I have changed it up this year and yesterday I cut off a ton of hair!!!50 IS NOT OLD | A FAUX WRAP IS A FLATTERING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40 It will take me a few days to decide if I like the new cut or if I am calling and asking my hairdresser if she can glue my hair back on. Lol! I never stress too much about hair since it will grow back eventually. I went to the hairdresser yesterday, and I told her it was time to change it up some. She is used to me and will go with the flow. “What are we going to do?” was the first thing out of her mouth. She knows that I might go pink, shave it off, or add extensions to my hair. I have never done extensions, but I have threatened to do them before. Lol! Anyway, it must have rubbed off on Joe because he came home tonight sporting a new haircut also. And, to keep it all in the family, Lucy has an appointment tomorrow. I didn’t want her to feel left out. Hahaha! What is your Spring and Summer routine; do you go shorter or longer?50 IS NOT OLD | A FAUX WRAP IS A FLATTERING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40 This mauve colored draped tope is one that I bought on a trip to visit my sister down in the Atlanta area. I can’t even remember the name of the boutique that I bought this from, but I remember that my sister bought it first. When we went home that night, I tried it on and loved the flattering style, so the next day I went a purchased one for myself. I was afraid that the muted color would wash me out, but I think it looks fine against my skin tone. The faux wrap is a very, very flattering look. You need to try one and see what you think.

50 IS NOT OLD | A FAUX WRAP IS A FLATTERING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40If you are not a member of the Plunder Posse, today is the day that you NEED to become one! This necklace and earring set is the February Posse, and the entire set, tax, and shipping included are only 25.00! That is a fantastic deal, and you don’t want to let this month’s sell out before you get yours. The Posse is a subscription service where you will receive one to three pieces of jewelry every month. There is no sign-up or cancellation fee for the service. The jewelry will ship out on the same day of the month that you enroll in every month. After you have been a Posse member for three months, then you will receive a 20.00 reward to use toward your next purchase. It is like getting one month free! To become a Posse member, click on this link50 IS NOT OLD | A FAUX WRAP IS A FLATTERING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40The Kut from the Kloth Diana jeans is a pair that I have enjoyed since I bought them. I had never tried the Kut from the Kloth brand before this pair of jeans, but now I have bought several other pairs. The jeans are nice quality, they wash up well without shrinking, and they fit perfectly. I order my normal size, and so far I haven’t had any problems with the fit. I like the dark color of this pair, and I think they look great against the lighter top.

50 IS NOT OLD | A FAUX WRAP IS A FLATTERING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I thought you might like to see my hair closer, so here are a couple of pics for you.50 IS NOT OLD | A FAUX WRAP IS A FLATTERING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40 I love the color, look at those highlights!!! Way to go Jessica MeMitt from Salon Venus, you are the bomb!

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  1. Your new hair style and colour is great. You are so lucky to have thick hair. Mine broke off in 2 places last september and I am in a mess having to hide the sections whilst the hair grows back! That is a never again experience with hair straighteners!!!

  2. Really like your new hair. I am too scared to have mine cut as it has been long for 25 years and straightening it has taken its toll. Love the top too, the crossover style is one of my favourites. Reading your blog makes me think about how to dress each day and I think I look more put together than I used to.. Thank you

  3. You look FABULOUS!! Love the outfit! I can’t believe how well that necklace goes with the top, it was like it was made for it!! I have a pair of Diana jeans also and I really like them. Your hair looks great , I love the color and cut. I have fine hair, so the best cut for me is a short one. Sometimes you just have to go with a shorter style, hair always grows back! 😊

  4. Love your new haircut & color! VERY flattering and I think the shorter cut took several years off as well!! You always look amazing anyway, but it’s really cute!! Love the top too. 👍🏻

  5. Jewelry is perfect for that new top, love the look! New hair is beautiful as well! Have a great day.

  6. I love your hair this way! Great colour in the top and jewelery! My hair never changes. It is baby fine so short and tousled.

  7. I didn’t think it looked like you had much cut off…LOL I just went shorter last week otherwise it gets too long and I start looking “witchy”.

  8. The crossover style is one of my favorites and this one is so pretty. Love the color. Your necklace matches perfectly. Kut from Kloth some of my favorite jeans. They fit like glove but aren’t too tight. Your hair always looks good. You’re blessed with thick hair.

  9. Teresa Bolling Reply

    You look AMAZING – love the top and the jewelry. I get the Plunder Posse monthly and when I saw this I got all excited. Can’t wait to get mine.

  10. What drew me to your blog in the first place was the asymmetrical bob you used to have. I loved it! Fast forward several years and I’m sporting an asymmetrical pixie! I adore it and get compliments all the time on how cute it is. My hairdresser asked if I get a lot of comments on it and when I said yes, she said that a lot of women like short hair but are too afraid to take the plunge. My hairstyles go from short to long to medium to short to long…..I can’t stick with one style very long – I get bored! And I feel the same way as you, Tania…it’ll grow if it’s a bit short! I’ve never gotten extensions. I just grow it out the old-fashioned way instead. By the way, do you still have your two best friends who worked with you or have they retired and moved on elsewhere? I miss seeing them on the blog with you!

  11. I just ordered Plunder Posse. That color looks beautiful on you! You have motivated me to think a little harder about my outfits everyday.

  12. Jayne Finkbohner Reply

    I love your top! Beautiful color as well. I agree with you about this time of year, with cleaning out and changing out our wardrobe with bright happy colors! You are inspiring!
    I have to say thank you for the hair update. I love to change up my hair as well and I have a fairly new hair dresser who just hasn’t been able to capture the style I want. I love your new do but I’ve been wanting an asymmetrical bob, and there was the perfect picture and link at the bottom of your post/blog. Your tutorial from 2016! Thank you for it being there because that is exactly what I’ve been trying to convey and obtain with my 2 visits so far to no avail. So hoping your perfect bob from 2016 will show my stylish exactly what I want. I must say you have awesome hair and the best stylist! So thank you!!

  13. Cathy Jackson Reply

    It suits you well! Your are gorgeous. I been using hair extension from ONYC. It is easy to style and it’s really beautiful. You can try it too maybe.

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