50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BOOTS ON THE BEACH | FASHION OVER 40Okay…who told on me? Yesterday afternoon after I had gotten home from helping out at the lumber company, Joe came home and said, “so, you think I want to nap is why I let you drive.” Oooops, I think that I was caught red-handed. Lol! Since it is in black and white all over the internet, I can’t exactly try to wiggle out of it. I just smiled sweetly, and said, “how was your day dear?” He didn’t fall for the, let me change the subject ploy though. Instead, he said, “by the way, I need you to drive me to Johnson City tomorrow, I need to read on the way over there. Dang! I guess I owe him one, so you know who will be driving tomorrow. Lol! Wish me luck since they are calling for a tiny bit of snow.  50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BOOTS ON THE BEACH | FASHION OVER 40It was chilly at the beach, so I am not exactly in beach attire. I put this outfit on, and Joe gave me one of “those” looks. He questioned my choice of this camo t-shirt that I bought the other day at Cato Fashions. I told him that he knew about airplanes and I wasn’t going to tell him about them, so he should leave the fashion choices to me. He laughed and laughed and laughed. In case you were wondering, camo is still very much in style, so don’t pay any attention to him. Hahaha! I liked this top because of the sleeves that are a solid charcoal color. I should have taken a picture without the cardigan, but you can see it on their website by going here50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BOOTS ON THE BEACH | FASHION OVER 40I can’t believe I went to the beach for a week and only took two pairs of shoes. This pair of over-the-knee boots and the pair of boots that I am wearing in this post. Joe wanted to go walking on the beach, but when he saw my shoe choice, he nixed that idea. Instead, he drove me to Walmart and told me to buy a pair of shoes that I could walk on the beach in. Here is what I chose, but we never made it down to the beach after all. I left the shoes there in the owner closet so I will always have something that I can take a stroll in. Lol! In case you don’t live at the beach, I’ll link to a few OTK boots.

50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BOOTS ON THE BEACH | FASHION OVER 40It was windy the whole time we were there, but it was gorgeous. My hair was blowing in every direction so I finally just gave up on trying to keep it out of my eyes. I added the cashmere cocoon cardigan by Isaac Mizrahi that I bought several years ago. It has a shawl collar that gives it a unique detail I like. The softness is what I love about cashmere, but the price is not as loveable. I do look at the sales racks for cashmere, but if all else fails, I buy something else that is soft. Here are a few that look amazing.

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  1. Thank you for your articles and your willingness to share. You have helped me think outside the box when putting together my outfit choices. Where did you get your purse and pants ? Thank you again.

  2. Khaki works very well for you, the pants and cardigan are great with those boots and could be paired with a lot of different colors. I think shades of blue would be my first choice for you, though.

  3. Kim in Minnesota Reply

    Your copper shoes are really stylish. When we travel to Oregon I find that a pair of knee-high rain boots (mine are similar to Hunters) are great for fall or spring walks on the beach. I can just hose them off before putting them back in the car trunk! (Best of all, of course, are days you can walk barefoot on the beach. But that does’t always happen!)

  4. I love this camo and camel look! I would wear that in a heart beat at the beach and everywhere else.

  5. You look good in your over the knee boots. Like you so many people are wearing them and as yet I have not seen anyone who the don’t suit. Why then can I not buy a pair for myself – because every time I think of going for a pair at the back of my mind is a whisper saying “pantomime wear – principal boy” lol. So for now I will just admire others looking trendy. have a lovely day – Jill x

  6. I’ve never thought to put camo with camel before and I really like this look! Cashmere and over the knee boots really dresses it up. I can’t imagine wearing those boots to walk on the beach though. That could’ve been a face plant in the sand waiting to happen. ha I am so enjoying the Active Hydration Serum these days! It really gives my face moisture and plump in this cold dry air we’re having. Have a great week!

  7. kristin greene Reply

    I so want to go shopping with you. You find great things! I also like how you put it together. I am enjoying getting my daily email from you!

  8. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    I’m laughing That you took 2 pair of boots to the beach! Girl, flip flops, water shoes or tennis shoes! Glad you got away tho!

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