50 IS NOT OLD | YOU CAN SEE THE SOFTNESS | FASHION OVER 40I have a question for you gurls. When you travel with your husband, do you drive or does he? The trip to North Myrtle Beach is at least 7 hours long traveling from Grundy. That is a long trip, but when you are used to traveling 2 hours to get to a shopping mall, it doesn’t seem that bad. Since I have started my blog, I use the traveling time to work on the next day’s post. I think that is a smart use of what would be downtime, but it also gets me out of driving. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | YOU CAN SEE THE SOFTNESS | FASHION OVER 40Joe was one who thought that the “man” should be the one who did the driving. He would look at other men who let their wives drive and wonder what was wrong with them. I have been happy to let him drive since that meant I could enjoy the scenery and not have to pay attention to where we were going. HOWEVER, something has switched in him, and he is now embracing the fact that I am capable of driving after all. Who knew??? He now asks me to drive so he can take a nap, but I know what the real reason is; it is that he wants to play on his phone. Lol! If he does decide to take a little nap while I am driving, then I might have to slide over on the rumble-strip a time or two. LOL! I don’t want him thinking that I am a “good” driver or I might never get to play on “my” phone. Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | YOU CAN SEE THE SOFTNESS | FASHION OVER 40 If you have read my blog very long, then you know that I love soft items. This shirt is so soft that you can almost “see” the softness in the photo. This top is a combination of a sweatshirt, a fleece pullover, and loungewear, all in one. I bought this top when I was Christmas shopping (I needed a present too) at a local boutique in town., and it is by a brand called Cherish.  As soon as I saw the top, I picked it up to purchase it. When it got time to check out, I asked my daughter if she had found anything that she wanted. She came to the counter and said just one top. Yep, it was the same top, so we decided to share. Lol! Like mother, like daughter.

50 IS NOT OLD | YOU CAN SEE THE SOFTNESS | FASHION OVER 40 If I am running around town or going out for a small errand, then I will add a tiny bit of jewelry to my casual look. Today, I added the Becca bracelet with its large gray marbled beads on an elastic cord and the Maggie bracelet that features small silver beads on an elastic cord. The Maggie is sold out at the moment, but keep checking back because Plunder does a fantastic job at restocking their inventory. The gray pearl stud earrings are a discontinued item from Plunder. I love these earrings, and I wear them all the time, so I tried to find a similar option for you.

50 IS NOT OLD | YOU CAN SEE THE SOFTNESS | FASHION OVER 40I added my wine colored suede ankle boots by Isaac Mizrahi because I love wearing these boots. I look for every opportunity to wear these boots, and since my top had a similar color in it, I grabbed them off the shelf. I wear a size nine in shoes, and I can remember being made fun of for having large feet. “Do you have to back up to the door” was one of the jokes that I remember kids asking me. I would never wear shoes that called attention to my feet when I was younger because of that. Age is a wonderful thing if for no other reason than to let us conclude that we are perfect just the way we are made. Wear the bright shoes if you want and then laugh at the jokes with them. My feet allow me to stand upright and walk from place to place. They are just right for me!

50 IS NOT OLD | YOU CAN SEE THE SOFTNESS | FASHION OVER 40I honestly can’t tell you which pair of skinny black pants that I have on. I have several pairs and because black does not photograph well I can’t see enough of the detail on the pants to distinguish them apart. I decided to wear black pants to go with the charcoal in the top, but a regular blue denim pair of jeans would have worked just as well. I think that these are a pair of Pixie Pants from Old Navy which is a go-to style pant for me. Pixie Pants come in a wide variety of colors and prints, so you are bound to find one or more that you have to have. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | YOU CAN SEE THE SOFTNESS | FASHION OVER 40Did you read my Saturday blog post? I told you that I would be meeting a blog reader and Facebook friend. I was right about the part where you feel like you know the person even though we had never met face to face. She was a lot of fun, and as it turns out, we have a lot in common.50 IS NOT OLD | YOU CAN SEE THE SOFTNESS | FASHION OVER 40 We both love to shop, and she might like it even more than I do. She told me that she spent 4 hours in TJ Maxx the other day and I think that beats anything that I have ever done. Both of our husbands love to play golf. We are both blondes. And…50 IS NOT OLD | YOU CAN SEE THE SOFTNESS | FASHION OVER 40we have really good taste in handbags. LOL!!! It was great meeting Cindy, an I hope to meet some of the rest of you soon.

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  1. Love your wine colored booties!. I wear a 8.5 to 9, depending on the shoe. Nothing to be ashamed of. God knew our perfect size.

  2. In our family I am the main driver – that is because Mr Mc states “If he didn’t navigate e would never get anywhere” lol. So I tow our caravan on our excursions to France while Mr Mc tells me where to go. If I am honest I love driving and towing. One he dozed off and I was having such fun following a lorry at a steady pace that I just kept on following and ended up at a factory. Mr Mc has never dozed off since lol.

  3. My husband loves to drive and I’m happy to relax and navigate although for long drives we sometimes take turns. I commute all week so i like a break. I love soft clothes and I wish more material in clothes was softer but it is getting better. Love the booties. I have several colours.

  4. My husband does all the driving too. I like it very much because enjoy the scenery.

  5. Bernie McIntyre Reply

    Everyday driving in the city I’m the the driver I’m much calmer 🤣but the long trips are definitely him I like relaxing and enjoying the scenery and annoying him singing to the radio (my station)😂

  6. The only way my husband lets me drive is if he’s so sick he’s at deaths door! Love the top – I prefer soft things too. Plus, I have found an added bonus to that- my grandkids like my soft tops too, so I get extra cuddle time!

  7. My husband does most of the driving on long trips although I do offer to help. Love your relax but stylish look, keep up the good work!

  8. Hi …..My Husband almost Always drives….he would much rather drive than have anybody else drive.
    I love your cozy soft shirt!!!

  9. Cute outfit, No matter what I wear I always wear some type of jewelry. Today I am dressed very casual for work, jeans, a sweatshirt and tennis shoes. I have on my rings and some cute bracelets. You should always wear earrings. I enjoy your blog and I hope you continue. I will need help when I turn 60. lol

  10. Kim Brejcha Reply

    The Mr. drives most of the time, unless he has papers to grade and then I drive so he can work. AND…. Love those booties!!!

  11. Hubs does most of the driving which is fine by me. I do help with navigating especially when driving in Boston. Even GPS gets confused. LOL! Cute outfit. I must say I am jealous that you can get away with wearing booties. It’s freezing here in NH.

  12. If you ladies think you have big feet then mine must be huge.. I wear a UK size 8 which I believe is a 10.5 in the US. I really struggle to find shoes, and trousers for that matter as I am 5ft 11. I love your top Tania and also the boots, we need to keep warm here also as it was a chilly -2 this morning when I was leaving for work.

    • Tania Reply

      If I get to Texas, you can count on me giving you a call!

  13. I love everything about the outfit you are wearing today, and yes, I can see the softness!

  14. Cute outfit! It does look soft. I am perfectly capable of driving (except long trips or places I don’t know) I just let hubby drive me around like “Miss Daisy” LOL.

  15. Kelly Palmer Reply

    I just signed up for your daily emails a couple of days ago and I am really enjoying them, I can relate to the issue of having big feet because I too wear a size 9. Years ago my Grandfather told me an excellent reply for those that tease us about our big feet. Just tell them that it takes a bigger foundation to hold up a church than it does an outhouse 😉

    • Tania Reply

      Kelly, you should have warned me that a “spit your drink” comment was coming. Lol!!!

  16. My hubs does all the driving. He doesn’t like my driving, he says. I am a good driver, he doesn’t really like anyone else’s driving. We’re in our early 60’s now and recently, we went on a long trip and I kept asking if he wanted me to drive some, I still got a ‘no, it’s fine.’ OK then, I’ll play on my tablet, read, nap, etc. No problem!

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