50 IS NOT OLD | TAKE MY WIFE PLEASE | FASHION OVER 40Ever since I came home from San Francisco I have been in a cleaning mood. If you know anything about me at all, you know that I don’t like to clean. Monday morning I went to take a shower and I opened the linen closet to grab a towel when I was finished. There was so much crap (aka products that I no longer use) in the closet that things started falling out on the floor. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I dried off and then started going through all of the products setting them out to give away. Joe came into the bathroom to start getting dressed for the day and stopped in his tracks when he saw me. To say he was shocked was an understatement…I was cleaning and I was still naked. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | TAKE MY WIFE PLEASE | FASHION OVER 40 I am not sure which shocked him the most, but my guess would be the fact that I was cleaning. I continued the rest of the day to clean out drawers in my bathroom and I have a few more to go. This morning I decided to go through all of the books and magazines that are in the bathroom for our reading pleasure. Lol! We hadn’t looked at any of those books in years and you should have seen the dust fly when I got toward the bottom of the stack. I started a large pile of “get rid of” and I kept a few things to look at later. Joe came through and picked out a couple of his that I was getting rid of and I told him in ten years I would be throwing them out again. Lol! There was a book of jokes that was called, “Take My Wife, Please” and I told him that I was going to tell on him. The funny thing is that I was the one who bought the book. Lol! Want to hear a joke from it? Good, here it is.

An older gentleman placed an ad in the classified section of the newspaper: WIFE WANTED. He was flooded with hundreds of responses that all said the same thing: “You can have mine.” LOL!!!

50 IS NOT OLD | TAKE MY WIFE PLEASE | FASHION OVER 40Even though this dress looks red, it is more a wine color. I have no idea why it looks so bright unless I had a flash on or maybe it was really bright the day that I took the picture. I wore this to church the other day and then I came home and transformed the outfit into a casual outfit. You will see the casual outfit tomorrow so be sure to tune in. This t-shirt dress is long sleeved and is 95% rayon and 5% spandex. It also features an asymmetrical hemline even though you might be able to see that in the photos. This dress is casual and comfy and it is also my daughters. I love that I got to raid her closet instead of her raiding mine. Lol. 50 IS NOT OLD | TAKE MY WIFE PLEASE | FASHION OVER 40The earrings that I have on are called the Lucianna. They have burnt red fringe on a silver hoop that has a 3″ hoop. I love these earrings and they would be great to wear to ballgames, etc. if your team is a deep red or wine color. The bracelets that I have on are all vintage bakelite. I like the small bangle style and I will stack several different colors to get the effect that I want.50 IS NOT OLD | TAKE MY WIFE PLEASE | FASHION OVER 40 My funky print cardigan is one that I bought last year. I have worn it with yellows and with greens but I think that this is the first time that I have worn it with a wine color. I bought it because of all the different colors in the print. When a clothing item has lots of colors it makes it a lot easier to wear them with different things. I am going to get my monies worth from this item since it will go with a ton of clothes. The over the knee boots are a pair that I bought last year also. This might come as a shock to some of you, but I can’t buy new things for every post. Haha! I have to shop my closet just like you do and I throw in a new item every now and then. The boots are by Tommy Hilfiger (see the big TH) and I like the height of them. They are not too far up on my thigh which is the style I prefer.

50 IS NOT OLD | TAKE MY WIFE PLEASE | FASHION OVER 40I mentioned the Regimen/Hydration bundle that is being offered now through Jan. 31st. Today, I wanted to tell you about the savings. I am using the Redefine regimen as my example so the prices reflect that. If you purchased a Redefine regimen, an Active Hydration Serum, and an Active Hydration Body Replenish separately the price for retail would be 373.00 plus 11.95 shipping and the PC price would be 335.00 and free shipping. If you purchase the Redefine/Hydration bundle the retail price would be 298.00 plus 11.95 shipping and 268.00 with Free shipping. Wow, can you see the difference? That is a huge saving. Anyone who purchases TODAY as a new preferred customer, I will reimburse the 19.95 enrollment fee. I love being able to introduce R+F to as many people as possible. Go here to take the solutions tool if you are not sure which regimen you might need. Or, go here if you are ready to take advantage of this fantastic deal. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the casual version of this look. Also, tell ONE friend about my blog today, I am trying to grow my following. Also, pinning one of my photos to Pinterest is a great way to spread the word of my blog!!!

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  1. Jacqui Ross Reply

    Hi Tania
    If I purchase the R & F without the Hydration items will you still reimburse the PC fee? My cousin is using R & F with great results, and I would like to try it, but just the face things first.

    • Tania Reply

      Jacqui, yes I will reimburse the PC enrollment fee for ANY PC order placed today!!! To order, you go to my website, http://www.tstephens5.myrandf.com and go shopping. Pick out the items that you need (must be at least 80.00 to be a PC order) and then go to checkout. Once at checkout, there is a small box that you click on to Join PC Perks. Fill out the billing and shipping info and keep hitting continue until you get a confirmation. I will send you the 19.95 reimbursements either by PayPal, Venmo, or by check. Whichever you prefer, just let me know.

  2. I love this look, it reminds me of spring for some reason and with a storm inching towards us in WI it is a great start to my day. putting me in a positive mindset. have a great day and good luck cleaning and organizing!

  3. Love the outfit on you! The colors seem like happy colors!
    If you are like me, I HAVE to be in the mood to clean and throw away and when I am in the mood look out!
    Have an awesome day! AND thank you for 50 IS NOT OLD!

    • Tania Reply

      Yes, Pamela, I have to be in the mood to clean. Lol! Thankfully, those moods don’t happen too often.

  4. Pretty look today. I pinned this one because it’s something I’d wear. The cardigan is really nice and like you I like items with multiple colors so I can wear with several other items. Loved the joke. Can’t wait to repeat it.

  5. I meant to add to earlier comment that if I have something that I haven’t used or worn in 6 months out it goes. It helps keep clutter under control. And I think it’s a good rule of thumb when organizing.

  6. Sharon M Harrison Reply

    Hi Tania, I love this dress! You look great in it. I can relate to your cleaning! You should watch Tidying Up by Marie Kondo on Netflix. I’ve been using her methods to purge and tidy my house. It’s crazy how much stuff accumulates!

  7. Erin Rhodes Reply

    This was one of my favorite outfits on you. You’re stunning. And cleaning naked! That made me laugh out loud. 🙂

  8. You look great in your snazzy outfit! Looks like the cardigan was made for the dress! I love the boots because they are low heel. I have knee problems so no high heels for me ! Lord knows I need to clean out some closets!!!

  9. Charlcy L Green Reply

    That is such a cute outfit and looks like you bought it together! Good pairing! I love all my PD fringe earrings! We have to go thru and clear out all our excess every now & then! Makes me feel SO good to have accomplished it! Good way to start the new year, Tania! I can just see Joe’s eyes as he rounded the corner to find a naked wife cleaning! (Every man’s dream?!)

  10. I am a PC and due for a shipment. If I order this combo will it fulfill that shipment requirement?

    • Tania Reply

      Yes, Pat. All you have to do is login and pick the Hydration Bundle that you want.

  11. Girl, you are just too funny!!! I wish you could come and help me clean out all the accumulated stuff in my drawers and closets, but I’m afraid wearing clothing would be required…..so I guess this means you’re not coming, right? LOL!!!!!

  12. That outfit makes you glow! I’ve been watching Tidying Up on Netflix and subsequently cleaning out drawers, etc. I don’t normally like to clean, but this time I have to say I’m actually enjoying it (a little, lol).

  13. Cleaning naked!!! If I had false teeth, I’d have spit them out! I giggled thru the next 2 paragraphs! I hate cleaning…love the pretty stuff.

    Love your outfit today. You look great.

    Stay warm!

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