50 IS NOT OLD | THE FEAR OF WEARING RED | FASHION OVER 40I was so happy to hear from so many of you yesterday. I think that my blog post (here) resonated with a lot of you because we all have fears. I haven’t found a way to rid myself of fears completely, but I have found a way to manage them. I know that it is my body’s natural tendency to try to protect me from a stressful or dangerous situation and I need to ask myself, “what is it protecting me from?”50 IS NOT OLD | THE FEAR OF WEARING RED | FASHION OVER 40If the worst thing that could happen is that I sit at a table by myself, then I can deal with that. If it is telling me not to follow a stranger back to their house, then I am going to listen to that. It is a matter of weighing the fear and deciding if it is a true “danger” situation versus a “stress” situation. When I started the blog, I didn’t tell anyone because I was afraid of what they might think. I was afraid that they might laugh at me when they found out, probably behind my back, and I am sure that some people did. However, when I think of all that I would have missed out on (meeting all of you), I am so glad that I didn’t listen to my fears. Is there anything that you are wanting to do but are letting fear keep you from trying?50 IS NOT OLD | THE FEAR OF WEARING RED | FASHION OVER 40 It is hard for me to believe that I used NEVER to wear the color red. Once I finally got up the nerve to try red, I have found that I love this color and that it looks good on me. Red is the color of love, passion, and desire. Red is also the color of fire and blood, but we will ignore that for the moment. Lol! This cowl-neck sweater is an old one that I bought from Ann Taylor several years ago. You don’t have to buy THIS sweater, but you do need to start looking for something in red because Valentine’s Day is coming soon and you will want to be prepared.

50 IS NOT OLD | THE FEAR OF WEARING RED | FASHION OVER 40 I love the Jewel earrings. You are probably getting tired of seeing me wear them so much here on the blog. Lol! I love the huge silver pearl, and then the crystals that surround it are very eye-catching. The Virginia necklace is not one that I wear very much. I can’t decide if I like the necklace or not. What are your honest thoughts? You won’t hurt my feelings if you hate it. Lol! The bracelets that I have on are the Ezra, (gray bling) the Becca, (large beads) the Maggie, (small silver beads) and the Essie. (black bling) I love wearing Plunder jewelry, and I wear it all the time even if I am not taking pictures for the blog. I did not start buying Plunder to sell it, I simply loved the jewelry, and the business came later. If you are interested in any of their jewelry, then go here and pick a party in my name.50 IS NOT OLD | THE FEAR OF WEARING RED | FASHION OVER 40 Try to ignore the mud that I got on my heels when I walked out in the yard to pick up a large flower that Emersyn had planted. It had blown over, and I picked it up and put it back on the porch. I didn’t even think about mud getting on my shoes until I looked at these photos. I guess it is hard to ignore something when “I” am pointing it out to you. Lol! My classic black pumps are by Coach, and I love the look. I wore these pumps with my jeans on my trip to San Francisco, and I wear them with dress pants and dresses. You can never go wrong with a classic pump.

50 IS NOT OLD | THE FEAR OF WEARING RED | FASHION OVER 40A small print is too cute in a pair of pants. I think the rule of thumb is that the smaller your frame, the smaller print you should wear. If you are larger in stature, then you should wear larger prints. I wear them both so that must mean that some days I am feeling my petite side and some days I must be feeling a little more on the Plus side. Lol! I do think that there is some truth in that rule, but I also think that you should try on your item and see how it looks on you. This pair of pants is older, and it was from Cato Fashions. Here are some cute ones that I found online.

50 IS NOT OLD | THE FEAR OF WEARING RED | FASHION OVER 40How many of you have seen the 10-year challenge going around? That is the one where you show a 10-year-old photo and a current photo of yourself. If your photo challenge looks like this, then the problem is that you are not getting enough hydration.

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  1. Love, love, love your sweater. I can honestly say that I do not own a single piece of red clothing other than a scarf. My mom’s favorite color was red and she dressed me in it frequently. My parochial school uniform sweater color was red, that = 8 years of a red sweater! By HS, I said “enough”. Goodness, I sound traumatized. LOL. The red looks beautiful on you. If that sweater was still available, I might be tempted. Truly lovely. The necklace is a wow piece. It’s a bit much for me but jewelry is a personal thing. What’s not for me is perfect for someone else. I think I like the sweater on it’s own with just your gorgeous earrings as it has a lot of detail action going on. Striking outfit!

    • Tania Reply

      You do sound a little traumatized, Kathy! Lol! Maybe you should give red another try, just something small.

  2. I actually own and wear red. I have a couple of red sweaters and a pair of red pants. I’m blonde like you and I think red is striking with the lighter hair so I’ve always enjoyed wearing it. I love your outfit! I have a pair of black and white pants that I often wear with one of my red sweaters. I like the necklace and think it would look great with the right outfit. I think it balances the detail in your sweater so it works

    • Tania Reply

      I have always worn pink because I thought it looked good on blondes but red was too daring for me. Now I embrace it as a beautiful color.

  3. I love red and have added many pieces. Even red pants. You look pretty in this outfit. I know stress works on me alot. I will think about your writing today. Is it stress or a true fear. The necklace looks good on you. I think you can pull off a bold look. Me not so much.

    • Tania Reply

      It is funny how our mind works. I know it tries to protect us but it also keeps us from doing and being more.

  4. I love red and have always worn it. Why a fear to wear red? Ditch the tacky necklace!

    • Tania Reply

      Lol! Gwen, you made me laugh this morning. I gather that you are one to speak your mind. Lol!

  5. Debbie Dawson Reply

    For years I shyed away from wearing red. For me, it was a silly reason. I live in a state where basketball is king and the in state rivalry teams are blue and red. My favorite team is blue so I would never dare wear red. LOL! I wear it all the time now and love the color. That color does look good on you and I love those print pants. I think the outfit can pull off a large necklace like the one you’re wearing but I’m not a fan of that one.

    • Tania Reply

      I know exactly what you mean. I don’t like to wear orange and maroon together for the same reason. Lol!

  6. Red is one of my favorite colors and it looks really good on you. Love the black pumps. Necklace, not so much. Too big and too much going on for me. But like the earrings. I have to say to anyone interested, get the active Hydration serum and cream. You’ll love them. Especially if you have dry skin.

  7. I love red – in fact I’m wearing it today! I love your outfit and red looks great on you. Also love the necklace! Think it looks really nice with the sweater.

  8. I LOVE that necklace!! It was the first thing that caught my eye after the red top. I wear a lot of red and black together. In fact, if you asked my family my favorite color, they’d say red, when it’s actually blue!

  9. Charlcy L Green Reply

    What a beautiful outfit for Valentine! Glad you showed us early what to wear! Red looks awesome on us blondes, altho I have not always been brave enough to wear it! That jewlery is so “eye catching”! I too love the Plunder jewelry! But was surprised when I got my Plunder Possee yesterday and it was nothing like the turquoise jewelry you got! What’s a little mud between friends!

    • Tania Reply

      This months Plunder Posse is wonderful! I love the turquoise.

  10. I’m an honest to goodness redhead and I have always avoided red or pink anything. I even shudder seeing other redheads wearing red or pink!! I can pull off some deep wine, burgundy shades but that’s about it. I love, love, love your necklace and your entire look today♡

    • Tania Reply

      Sue, I would think that the deeper colors would look great with your red hair.

  11. Love the outfit. You look great in red. I don’t care for the necklace though.

  12. Great look on you! I like the necklace and I think the scale works but the colors do not. I struggle with which metals and colors to wear with reds, which in my case are burgundies and maroons. I think silver metals and pearls with a little brighter shade of pink beading work best but I’m rarely ever really pleased with the results so the search continues. Pinterest searches have yielded nothing.

  13. Fantastic news hearing you say “I now wear the colour red”.
    Red is my favourite – it says so many things – I’m here – Sexy siren – I love life – I’m confident.
    You also feel ‘warm and cosy’ by just wearing red on a rainy or cold day. The bolder and brighter the red the better.

    Have a lovely day – Jill x

  14. I love your pretty outfit and I love red! I have never been afraid to wear red. I know that a lot people are afraid of bright vivid colors, not me. Coral is one color I have found looks great on me, bright or light I love it!

  15. Carole Prisk Reply

    Red looks great on you. I don’t think there are many colors you can’t wear. The necklace is not one of my favorites. In my opinion, the sweater’ s cowl neck, color and pattern already offer a lot of of visual interest, so the necklace is too much. Like the patterned pants and all the bracelets. I love bracelets and prefer an arm full.

  16. Brenda Johnson Reply

    There are places I would like to go and visit but I have a fear of traveling alone. I put it on my New Year’s list this year but not sure I can bring myself to do it.

    • Tania Reply

      It is hard to get over a fear of being alone. I understand how you feel.

  17. I’m 71 years old. I look good in red. My wardrobe is full of red and so is my underwear drawer. If it suites you, wear it no matter your age ❤️

  18. I’ve always loved red, and it does look good on you. That red, chenille sweater you linked from Bloomingdales is so pretty!!! And it’s on sale!

  19. sweetsouthernsass16 Reply

    I love red! I’m wearing it today. A simple t-shirt that says “On saturday we wear RED” Go Dawgs 🙂

  20. That shade works with your coloring! I have to lean towards a blue based red, vs warmer/yellow based red….finding your own shade is one way to start…another place to start is shoes. (I alway told my girls that every girl needs a pair.) I triple dog dare anyone to try red shoes & NOT strut! I can’t say I’m a fan of the necklace…not sure why, but I frequently find that when I have that reaction it’s because it’s one element too much in the design?

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