I am having a blast in San Francisco! I can already see that I will need to return and bring Joe with me. I think that he would love it here and exploring the city together would be a blast. Today was a FULL day of training and sharing. I learned so much from everyone here, and the theme seemed to all be about CARING for others. Wow! That is one of the words that I picked as a Word of the Year, so I take that as a sign. At the very end of the training session, we did a small exercise that I want ALL of you to do today. This is personal, and it is not something that I am going to ask you to share. We all took a small bottle (you can use a bag, a box, etc.) and we wrote down a dream or a goal that we wanted. The only catch is that you had to also put a time frame on receiving what you wrote down. Then we partnered up with someone we had never met before and shared our aspirations. We exchanged phone numbers, and now we will check in with each other periodically to see how things are going. I love this because it can be anything that you want it to be. It could be business related, financial related, marriage or relationship related, health-related, or anything else that comes to mind. While you work on this exercise, I am going to show you some of the past blog posts that I have done wearing a denim jacket. I keep telling you that it is a classic clothing item and that you can wear it will a lot of things, so I thought that I would show you what I have done in the past. Each outfit has the link to the post associated with it so feel free to read any of them that catch your eye. Also, if you haven’t entered into the drawing for a free Active Hydration Body Replenish from me, be sure to go here to enter. Is your favorite summer outfit? 

T-Shirt and Jeans.

How to style a dress.

Mustard will be a hot color.

Denim Jacket and a Maxi Dress

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  1. Loved the T shirt and Jean’s and with the Denim jacket!! Also, the Denim jacket with the maxi dress!!
    Both have a Refreshing look.

  2. Thought you ladies might like to know Old Navy is advertising $15 jean jackets today! Perfect timing.

  3. I love all of these so much but my heart paused at the white dress look.💗

    Keep having a fabulous time!!

  4. Good morning, Beautiful Girl! SO glad you’re having a blast in SanFran! Have you seen any of
    the pearl shops in Chinatown? I bet you’d ❤️that! GLAD your training program for R+F is going
    well! CARE!!!! We ALL care about YOU, Tania! 😘 I love your 1st, 3rd and 5th pictures the best!
    Have a great day!

  5. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    They are all perfect, Tania, but my favs are the “styling a dress” and the tshirt and jeans look! Thanks for so many ways to wear our jackets! And thanks for sharing your fun life w us, and for all your hard work to keep growing !

  6. Nancy Sudlow Reply

    Loved all the denim looks! I try to do a capsule wardrobe and have a lot of pieces go with each other. This is a great use of a jeans jacket! Enjoy San Francisco. Fisherman’s Wharf!

  7. Mutton_style Reply

    Hi Tanya

    Love all the outfits. All so much what I’d wear but I really wouldn’t have thought of mustard and burgundy . it goes really well. I saw your make up video and commented on it yesterday btw. Great fun.


  8. Carole Prisk Reply

    You are right. Each of these cute looks was enhanced with the denim jacket.

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