You know that we all have to start somewhere. Everyone has to learn how to walk, how to talk, and how to dress. As we get older, the things that we learn to do get more complicated and harder. We have to learn how to cook, how to drive, and for a young woman, it is important to learn the skills of applying makeup. Today, I am letting my budding makeup artist practice her skills on me. Emersyn Gray has come to visit NeeNee and we are playing with my makeup. Normally, I am the one applying a small amount of makeup for her but today, the shoe is on the other foot. Emersyn is going to attempt to apply eyeshadow, contour powder, blush, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, and mascara. It is worth watching, just set your coffee down and enjoy.

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  1. Best blog video ever! She is soooo adorable! And, you are the bestest grandma around!

  2. This is just too cute! My grandbaby is only 17 months old but I look forward to moments like this with her. Thanks for making me laugh. Your blog is so uplifting.

  3. I LOVE it!😁that is EXACTLY how my eyes look when I attempt to do a smoky eye! I would have been too nervous to turn her loose with the mascara tho! Reminds me when we were little and we had those big doll heads that we would fix their hair and apply their make up.

  4. Daria armstrong Reply

    Tania, that video was so precious. I was impressed that she knew where to put the different colors. You’re so blessed to have her so close. 💓

  5. Cheryl peffer Reply

    With three granddaughter’s I too have had my share of make ups. My good sport husband even let’s them put make up on him. But I do draw the line with mascara. Lol. Making memories. I love it.

  6. How adorable! Looks like you all a lot of fun! My oldest granddaughter (23) used to love playing with my makeup. I have a 3 1/2 year old granddaughter that I’m sure would love doing this. The other four grandchildren are all boys, at their ages it is hard to get them to do anything LOL.

  7. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    That was adorable and you are such a sweet NeeNee to.let her do that on a public video! I let my grandaughter, Payton, do my makeup one time when she was 5 and I ended up looking exactly like MiMi from the Drew Carey Show! Took me two days to get all that blue eyeshadow off and I had to go to work looking like that! It was a hoot! I love her sweet little Southern voice!

  8. That was hilarious! She’s adorable your Emerson Gray. This gave me an idea to do with my granddaughters!

  9. so cute and it does look like you have a black eye, before I read it I was worried you were in an accident! too funny but a great first attempt.

  10. OMG, that was the cutest! What a wonderful Grandma you are! This is the best!

  11. These are the experiences grandkids remember. You are a sweetheart.

  12. She is a lucky little girl to have such a loving grandma! I’m thinking in the future you should do one side and then have her copy what you just did on the other, step by step until you’re finished. That way, by the time she is old enough to wear it, she’ll be an expert :-).

  13. Oh , I did this with my sweet Claire when she was about this age. She would do my hair & nails too. I ended up with gorgeous makeup, barrettes in my hair & fabulous nails. It was such fun & special memories. I however,would have never let her do mascara. I wanted to be able to see the end product. Thank you for sharing. Brought back special memories & made me laugh.

  14. Best video ever! Having granddaughters myself, this just made me LAUGH out loud! It looks like you hd a fun day with your granddaughter!

  15. Janis Weems Reply

    You are the best GRANDMOTHER ever. You are so patient with her! How fun for here!

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