50 IS NOT OLD | THE CITY BY THE BAY | FASHION OVER 40Today I will be boarding a jet plane and heading out on my journey to San Francisco. I mentioned that I was going on this trip on Monday, and a few of you were worried that I would be traveling alone. Thanks for your concern and for giving me tips about staying safe, I appreciate that. I am traveling with my Energizer Bunny Friend. We were both lucky enough to get this trip, and I am beyond grateful that we can travel together. The idea of traveling that far, staying that long, and having no one that I know is out there was terrifying for me. Whew, you should have seen my happy dance when it worked out that we would be going the same week. We were talking yesterday about the clothing that we would need while we were out there and she accused me of not having any “casual” clothing.50 IS NOT OLD | THE CITY BY THE BAY | FASHION OVER 40 What?!? She always laughs when we travel together that I can’t be comfy and cozy. I think that my idea of comfy and cozy is different than her idea. Her daughter called me on the phone with a list of instructions for the trip. She told me to get a pen and paper so that I didn’t forget what she wanted me to do, mind you; she is eleven going on twenty. First, I am supposed to pack leggings and an oversized sweatshirt from Joe. Second, I am supposed to watch the movie, “Escape From Alcatraz” with Clint Eastwood. Third, I am supposed to find an old backpack to carry all of my stuff in when we are out sightseeing. And finally, pack a pair of tennis shoes and a poncho or raincoat. She even made me off a checklist t make sure that I get it all completed. She might be disappointed since the only backpack that I own is one that I got as an incentive from Rodan + Fields, so I may have to take that. But, I am not wearing an oversized sweatshirt (Joe doesn’t even own one,) so she will have to get over her disappointment. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | THE CITY BY THE BAY | FASHION OVER 40How cute is this tee-shirt from Old Navy? My Energizer Bunny Friend decided to surprise me with this adorable shirt when it was confirmed that we would be going on this trip together. I love all the different aspects of San Francisco that are represented on this shirt like Karl the Fog and Coit Tower. We already have our tickets purchased for the day tour of Alcatraz (the night ones are not happening right now), and we have a LONG relaxing spa date already scheduled. After that, we intend to do as much as possible before having a nice dinner and getting packed to come home.50 IS NOT OLD | THE CITY BY THE BAY | FASHION OVER 40 I don’t wear a lot of jewelry when I wear a tee-shirt and jeans, but I usually try to wear earrings. I love earrings, and they bring the focus to your face. Earrings make your outfit complete. I know a lady who said that she never leaves home without her earrings. She was almost to where she was going and when she discovered that she didn’t put on her earrings so she turned around and drove all the way back home to get them. Yea, they are that important.

50 IS NOT OLD | THE CITY BY THE BAY | FASHION OVER 40See, I do have tennis shoes. These may not be “running” shoes, but I think that they still count. Lol! These are a really old pair that I bought right after I started this blog. These are Chuck Taylor knock-offs. Haha! They look like the real things, but I didn’t think that I would wear this style very much, so I bought this pair as a trial run. I did end up buying a pair of gray ones later, but I still don’t reach for either of them very often. I think they are cute and I love them on other people. They don’t look like me. Here is where you will find the real Chuck Taylors, but I am not sure where you will find the knock-offs. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | THE CITY BY THE BAY | FASHION OVER 40 So, what do you think about the boyfriend jean style? I’ll be honest; it is not my favorite style. This pair fits me through the waist, but as you can see, they are so baggy everywhere else. I see this style on tiny little skinny girls, and they look adorable. I look like my pants don’t fit me good. Lol! Maybe I need to try another pair since this pair was one of the first styles when boyfriend jeans were released three years ago. Has the fit improved?

50 IS NOT OLD | THE CITY BY THE BAY | FASHION OVER 40Just in case you are wondering, I am NOT going to be wearing this when I tour the Rodan + Fields headquarters. Lol! I don’t know what I will be wearing just yet but I know it won’t be this. I have been amazed at the number of ladies who have joined my Facebook group where I talk about the business of Rodan + Fields. This is a great group and you can feel to look at all the material I have posted and you can ask questions if you would like. There is no pressure or obligations to join. I just want to make sure that you know what the opportunity looks like before you make a decision. Here is the link if you would like to join.

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  1. You’ll have a great time. Love your tennies and T-shirt. My hubby would roll his eyes to the back of his head if I wore torn jeans – I think yours are cute but I’d have to sneak out of the house if I wanted to wear a pair LOL

    • I’m with you Julie! My husband has a fit everytime he sees these jeans!

  2. Hey, you’re in my neck of the woods!! I hope you have a lovely time! If you need any help or assistance, just email me. Blessings! 🙂

  3. How helpful your friends daughter is. She knows how to look after people lol. I hope you have took on board all her advice 🙂 Enjoy your visit and I look forward to reading about it.

  4. Have a great time in San Fran! It is a bit chilly right now & a poncho/very lightweight rain jacket/slicker is a good idea. My son is an USCG Officer & was stationed in Alameda from 2008-2010. My “extra-daughter” worked at GAP. One year they lived in San Fran & the next in an old house made into apartments in Oakland. Visited them both times. We did all the sights. Alcatraz is really very interesting(will need comfy shoes), the pier where the seals are, very noisy, cablecar ride, the curviest street, China Town just to name a few. But what took my breath away was the iconic Golden Gate Bridge!!! WOW! The fog is unlike any fog I have experienced. We also ate at a great Mexican place in Berkeley & saw the Haight-Ashberry district. Peace, Love, Groovy, & Flower Power. But being born in 1961, all of that s only “history” to me. My son is back stationed at the Coast Guard base. With 4 children now!!! Just was there for Christmas/Bew Years. Four of my 6 precious blessings! Ages 7, 5, 3, & today my youngest is 5 months. You might want to take some Vitamin C & hand sanitizer. I caught a nasty cold going out. Safe travels. Blessings too!

  5. What a cute laid back look! I need to add a couple graphic t shirts to my wardrobe!

  6. Be sure and try Boudin bread. The BEST sourdough bread in the world. Don’t miss Lombard Street,Golden Gate Park and Japanese Tea Gardens. The museums are amazing!
    My home state and San Francisco is where my daughter was born. ❤️
    Have a wonderful time!

  7. When I was in San Francisco a couple of years ago with three ladies we asked at the concierge about a driver to show us around. It was cheaper than us all paying for a tour. Joe took us every
    where we wanted to see and dropped us off at the door and picked us pack up. We wanted to be dropped off in Sausalito so we could spend a few hours and ride the ferry back. We had taken the ice bucket from our room to put some Champagne in to make Mamosa‘s which he poured and served us. Joe took the bucket all the way back to the hotel for us. It was a wonderful way to see the city. Have a great trip.

  8. Love the tshirt as for the boy style Jean’s I’m not to find of them and I would have to hide to wear torn Jean’s as my husband too does not approve of them on women my age look great on you enjoy your trip !

  9. Fonda Gantt Reply

    I enjoy seeing your outfits, but I totally agree your idea of casual is slightly above the average woman! Lol I am concerned about comments of you traveling alone. Last I looked you are younger than I am quite capable. If you were going to a third world county , perhaps yes. But just traveling in the states with a good brain of making wise decision ….well… going alone because it would be lonely ? Yes,

  10. Eventho you never said your EBF was going with you. I had feeling someone was, you would have been more freaked out and told us you were flying alone right away. This a super cute outfit. I do agree that you probably have better jean to wear than those. You have to be stick to look good in boyfriend jeans.

  11. I love this look on you!! That shade of blue jeans and the white printed tee work really well for you . The shoes and earrings are the perfect accessories to complete the ensemble. Short, trucker-style jackets are my favorites, but they sure are hard to find! You are lucky to be tall enough to be able to wear the longer styles that are so popular now. They make my legs look too short for my body. Buying petite tops and jackets helps only a little. That is true for most tops too :-(. UGH! I won’t miss this trend when it is gone.

    I hope you have a great time in SF with your friend. I’ve always wanted to go, maybe someday 😃.

  12. Kathryn Brown Reply

    Have a wonderful visit! Dress warm in layers! It has been very cold here!

  13. How exciting for you! Please be safe and have a wonderful time! Cute outfit! I don’t think I could pull off the torn jeans for myself. Love the tennies, I have a pair like that, they are pastel tartan plaid by Ralph Lauren, so cute!

  14. annie vanderven Reply

    Earrings are an absolute must.

    Have a wonderful time in San Francisco.

  15. Welcome to California! Not sure if SF weather is like mine (I am south of SF) but we are dreary and cloudy. Enjoy your stay and eat lots of good food!

  16. Happy Trails! I’m glad your friend is going along too, lots of fun memories for both of you.

  17. The key to San Francisco weather is to layer your outfits. If your headed to Alcatraz at this time of the year, the wind is cold coming off the bay. Its a tad rainy (you’ll probably think those are sprinkles, but to us it’s rain). A good water repellent wind busting jacket will serve you well. Ride the Cable Car, walk through Chinatown, go to Fisherman’s Wharf, take a ride over the GGB, hike up to Coit Tower, and by all means have anI Irish coffee at the Buena Vista. Have fun and stay warm

  18. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    Oh what a cute fun tshirt and SO nice of EBF to get it for you. Its crazy that you best friends are both so good at selling R&F! That jacket and shorter boyfriends jeans make that outfit so comfy chic! And of course I love those red feathery earrings and tennis shoes! Good job! Hope you have a blast in that crazy city!

  19. What a fabulous look! I wear jeans like that and I’m slightly older than you! We enjoyed 5 days in San Francisco about 4 years ago on our way home to Australia. We were staying at a lovely hotel in a very central area which was great. One night we were sitting in the hotel bar having a drink & got talking to some locals. When we went to pay for our drinks and meal the gentleman at the next table had already paid for us. We went to thank him for his generosity and he said ‘Welcome to America’ in his fabulous American accent. I will always remember that fondly.
    Have a fabulous time.

  20. I got City by the Bay post today but it’s same as yesterday’s. Oops! Hope you arrived safely.

  21. Yes to earrings everyday, no to boyfriend jeans on my heavy legs. You look great. Have a terrific time!

  22. Patti Cullen Reply

    Boyfriends jeans are comfortable and flattering. May depend on the brand. I find Banana Republic to be a good choice.

    If you have never taken a solo trip, I think it is something everyone should do at least once in their adult life. Nothing crazy long…3 or 4 days. You will be surprised at how much you enjoy your own company and how relaxing and liberating it is.

    Enjoy SanFran.

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