50 IS NOT OLD | WHY CHOOSE A BOATNECK NECKLINE | FASHION OVER 40Let’s try this again!!! I told you in yesterday’s post that I am traveling to San Francisco for fun and work. So, I am trying to get a few blog posts written ahead so that if I get slammed while I am out there, I won’t stress about getting a post done. Well, I messed up the “go live” scheduling dates. Lol! I am not used to writing ahead of time, so I scheduled two posts to go live at the same time. That is what I get for not paying attention. Anyway, if you had this post showed up in your email yesterday, but you couldn’t access it, that is because I had to un-publish it when I finally figured out there was a problem. I sure hope you enjoy this post after all of that trouble. Lol!!! Today “might” be an eventful day in the Stephen’s household. I used the word “might” because we have thought that this day would have already have happened before now. We are supposed to be adding ONE more to our already crazy household. In case you are thinking that I am going to become a NeeNee again, let me say that is not the case. Instead, you can start calling me the Crazy Cat Lady. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHY CHOOSE A BOATNECK NECKLINE | FASHION OVER 40Most people who are called “the crazy cat lady” are called that because they have more cats than people think they need or that they only talk to their cats instead of humans. I only own one cat, and she is probably 12 to 14 years old. However, I seem to have inherited 5 fur babies from my son next door. Yesterday morning I went outside to feed my cat along with the five others. (He feeds them too, but they like my food better) Lol! After I came inside and sat down to eat my breakfast, I looked outside and saw THREE other cats had slipped under my fence and were patiently waiting for there turn at the food bowls. Evidently, the word has gotten out that I serve the good stuff and all of the neighborhood cats are starting to stop by. Today, Thomas is making his way to the lower 48 from Alaska. My daughter has made the arrangements to have him flown (this is the 2nd time she has made the arrangements), and she hopes to have him back with her finally. I’ll let you know how he settles in with our family. Thomas came from the pound, and he is about as skittish as my Lucy so I might never actually get to see him. It is a good thing that I have this picture to know what he looks like. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | WHY CHOOSE A BOATNECK NECKLINE | FASHION OVER 40 I love this boat neck gray sweater, and it is new. However, even though I just ordered this top, it is already gone from the website. I struggle with this a lot, and I know so many of you want to purchase the “exact” item that I style. There are times when that isn’t possible unless your local store has the item in stock. So, let’s start with the brand of this top. It is by 1.STATE, and this came from Nordstrom. I love the unique cutout on the neckline; it makes this top special. I am also a fan of the boatneck neckline because I am built like a ruler. This neckline helps to create curves for me that don’t exist because it brings your eyes outward and makes my shoulders appear wider than they are. I am wearing a large in this top, and it seems to fit great.
UPDATE I had already given up on finding this top when I decided to look at Bloomingdales. YIPEE!!! HERE is the top, and it is on sale, and it also comes in antique white!50 IS NOT OLD | WHY CHOOSE A BOATNECK NECKLINE | FASHION OVER 40 These gorgeous suede boots by Treasure & Bond are striking. The dainty studs that run along the bottom catch your eye and give you a tiny bit of a chic rocker vibe. The large block style heel makes these boots comfortable to walk in, and you are steady on your feet. These ankle boots run true to size, and I am wearing my usual size. Click here to see all of the different colors that these are available if burgundy does not float your boat.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHY CHOOSE A BOATNECK NECKLINE | FASHION OVER 40It just isn’t my day for being able to link to my outfit pieces. I am wearing a pair of Glen plaid Pixie Pants from Old Navy that I bought in November. I had gone to visit my sister in the Atlanta area, and we went shopping. I did a video on some great finds that we came across called, “affordable fashions.” Even though these “pants” are still on the ON website, this pattern is no longer available, except in Plus Size. I am linking that one plus a couple of similar pants for you.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHY CHOOSE A BOATNECK NECKLINE | FASHION OVER 40I hope that you can read this screenshot that I uploaded about Iris Thomspon. Iris is a friend of mine that I met because of Rodan + Fields. It was funny that the first time I met Iris was in October 2016 when I flew out to Las Vegas for the R+F Convention. Iris didn’t know me, she had never even heard of me, and I was brand new to working the business but she still invited me to her Suite. She fixed lunch, sat around and talked and laughed, and was so warm and inviting. “I” am one of the people that this article talks about. “I” am one of the people that she has helped. “I” am one of those friendships that will last a lifetime. All because “she” said yes to partnering with Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, I am now a part of this special company. I can only hope that some of you reading this will one day show my picture and say that because “I” shared my love of the products and the business, “YOUR” life has been changed. Let’s talk, email me at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com

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  1. Love the outfit. Just wanted to say I didn’t get an e-mail this morning. I went to the blog to get the post. Have a great day! Thomas is beautiful.

  2. That sweater is just beautiful and those hot pink boots with the studs around the bottoms….looooove it!!! Oh my, you’re getting quite a collection of cats the way I seem to get a collection of dogs. lol I never know how many furry little heads I’m going to count when I look out the window each morning. lol Thomas is stunning with those bright blue eyes; hopefully he and Lucy will become besties before long. I look forward to reading your blog every day Tania, so if you want to post two or more per day, I’d be thrilled to read each and every one!

  3. I love this outfit! Your daughter’s cat is beautiful! Enjoy your time in San Francisco!

  4. I had a shorts suit in the plaid. LOVED it. You look fab!

    I just got a new furbaby today too!!! Wilson is 6.5 years old Golden Retriever. My son rescued him from someone at work. Wilson seems to think he belongs to my son now because he sat with his HUGE paw on my son’s shoulder all the way home.

    Thomas is gorgeous!!!

  5. The top isn’t in plus size. Sigh…. I have a blue eyed kitty as well! Thomas is gorgeous! You have inspired me to be a little more brave with fashion. Any info about the jewelry?

  6. On Monday AM I received this email (gray sweater) and right behind it was another email with the black and white sweater outfit. WOW, It was a Tania Two-fer! That said, I was not surprised when I received no emails this AM. Both sweaters are beautiful. The black and white with the red accessories is particularly striking.

  7. Charlcy Green Reply

    A very hic sweater and super cute outfit! Congrats on getting Ashleigh”s cat home! Hope he makes the trip eell!

  8. Dana Buckingham Reply

    I’m a cat person and think Thomas is really cute!! Beautiful eyes! This top is cute too!

  9. I was worried about you when I didn’t get an email this AM. I look forward to your posts. I tooam cat lover. He is beautiful

    • Tania Reply

      Aww, thanks, Mary. I appreciate that you worried about me. I thought that the email went out so I didn’t bother to go back and check. Lesson learned.

  10. Love the outfit! Good luck with Thomas! We have two kitties and they are so entertaining!

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